Journal 3/9/15

Saw Nolikka at the I-Red lounge. We talked about the wedding, things like that. Silver invited her to go with him, which is interesting. It's good to see her a little further out of her shell. We're even going to go on a little shopping trip.

Journal 2/23/15

Been a while since I wrote here. I guess things get away from you sometimes. We have the nephews and niece over, we're watching them while Cia and Charlie are on their trip. They are currently no doubt making a mess of the hold. Hopefully the trip goes well. I'm going to feel a little bad if I gave Charlie poor advice. If it goes well - well, it'll be pretty exciting. I haven't been to Debreth in a bit.

I think it'll be fine. Particularly now that he graduated. I have trouble seeing him as a lawyer, but apparently that's what he's going for.

Silver and Nolikka are thick as thieves. Sending flowers, going on trips. I think there might be real progress there. Though with them, who knows if it'll ever come to anything?

Journal 8/4/14

Having to drag Cami from the pod to surgery was rough. She's so bright, it's easy to forget, sometimes, just exactly how young she is. Of course she would look for a way to be a pilot, what else has she wanted to be? She doesn't understand the danger, and didn't understand why we were forcing her to have the implants taken out, and it's hard to focus on the fact it's the best thing for her when she was screaming to be let go and begging not have them removed. She just wanted to be like her family.

Now Dr Sanik is pulling the fucking things out, and I'm making sure there are quarters secure enough that she can't go and do it again, and she's probably going to hate all of us when she wakes up. At least she isn't going to end up a vegetable, though.

And some terminally greedy asshole took her money and put in the implants. In a child. My sister. I'm going to find whoever it was.

Journal 8/3/14

Fucking ancestors, what a mess.

Journal 7/29/14

Took Noli a plant, as a quarters-warming present. She actually has room for it, now.

We really have only had a few chances to talk, so it was nice. I feel like I'm getting to know her better, which is certainly good considering the way things are going.

She asked for some advice on setting up some gardens at TNR's HQ. I'm going to go over and take a look and help. I'm looking forward to it, and it means a lot that she asked.

NEOCOM SYSTEM FILE: Passive Monitoring, Security: 25.7.114Utopian Ideal




AMIETA INVELEN:   Saer? Hope I'm not interrupting?
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  No, just finishing some incident reports. What can I help you with, Commander?
AMIETA INVELEN:   You've spent some time with Dr. Akell - Hiri, right?
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  Yes. I visited her clan lands with her, learning about Minmatar culture, and I also assisted with an incident with her sister. We're friends.
AMIETA INVELEN:   Right. Well. She's still having a lot of trouble, with what happened to her. It's been years, and I don't think it's getting better the way it should. She's a shrink, and I guess it's like one of those stage magicians, right? She knows where the hidden mirrors and holoprojectors are, so the normal treatment doesn't work because she doesn't believe it will. I was hoping you might have some ideas? Something she would believe in?
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  The dancers.
AMIETA INVELEN:   The dancers? What do you mean?
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  It's part of her... religion? Culture? They have members of the clan who are dancers. There is a ceremony. It's to heal people. I don't entirely understand it, but I know Hiri believes in it. They healed her a little bit, when I went there with her. I'm not sure if it would work, though.
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  There are some restrictions. I don't know the details, but she is considered poisoned, because of the vitoxin. They won't shed her blood on the land, won't do the ceremony properly, because of that. 
AMIETA INVELEN:   Well, that sounds like part of the problem, right there.
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  The one who was in charge, who tried to heal her last time, was called Tia Akell. If she's still alive. 
AMIETA INVELEN:   Thank you, Saer. If you can give me a write up of what you remember, maybe we can help Hiri. 
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  I'll see what I can remember.



Journal 7/24/114

Talked to Hiri. I don't think things that should be getting better for her are getting better for her. The things that work for everyone else don't work so well, I guess, when you really know what's going on like she does.

She knows about it all, but that means she doesn't believe it, they way she should.

I'm going to talk to Saer, she's spent time with Hiri, and they went down-planet. Maybe she knows more about what Hiri does believe.