Journal 10/28/12

I started to talk with Cami, but there was an interruption. Need to continue the talk later. Think it was going ok.

Journal 10/28/12

I went to talk to Hiri. She had a cut on her cheek; she said it was ceremonial.

I told her about Ishukone, and we talked a little about my jumping back to my body, and I told her she should talk to Cia and Charlie.

We talked about Cami too. She said I should talk to her. I guess she's probably right.

Journal 10/23/12c

Cia lost the Firefly. Rogue drones.

She hadn't JCed or anything. She was in the same body. The pregnant body.

They don't usually go for pods, Rogue Drones. What if they had, though, this time? Or if some other enemy had shown up. That would have been it.

I'm glad she's alright. Glad she got her people out. It does kind of make me want to shake her till her teeth rattle though.

Journal 10/23/12b


It's called a bripbrip, and Saer named it Lucky.

Journal 10/23/12

Saer came back from her trip with Hiri.

She has a pet.

Saer. With a pet.

Journal 10/22/12

I met up with Cia at the museum in Illuin.

Talked to her about the stuff she's having some trouble with talking to Charlie about. Told her I'd help her talk to him about it, if she wants.

I also let slip it was twins. I guess the doctors hadn't told her, yet.


She seemed happy.

Journal 10/20/12

Silver told me he got a message. It's over. The people who got my platoon killed are gone.

Personal Correspondence: Incoming 20.10.112

TO: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Yaski Taruma; Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri; Korama 3-10 Ishukone Corporation Factory
AT: 09:37 20.10.112

Mr Night,

The official proceedings have been 'temporarily halted' as the targets of the legal action 'cannot be located'.

This is likely the conclusion of the matter.

The Firm appreciates your business, and if there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know.

Yaski Taruma
Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri

Journal 10/16/12b

Had a talk with Charlie. Also, he made an omelette for Cia, but she fell asleep, so I got to eat it.

Seems like there are things he wants - I'd be worried if there weren't - but mostly he wants Cia to be happy, and he'll go with what she says. At least, that's what he says. Won't hurt to keep an eye on things, of course. It's good to know that family is important to him.

It sounds like Cia might be having some trouble with things that have happened, too. Things she won't talk about with Charlie. I'm going to try and talk to her about that. I think Charlie is a good guy, and it'd be good to have him in the kids' lives, but it's up to Cia in the end, and I'll support whatever she decides.

Journal 10/16/12

Cia and Camille's birthday party was today. Quite a few podders showed up, from inside and outside Re-Aw. Apparently there was some tension, since Esna is in the Mary Militia now, but I didn't see what happened. I can see how it'd be awkward, I guess.

Speaking of awkward.

Charlie showed up, just as Camille yelled something about Cia sexing a policeman and getting pregnant.

So, that's how he found out.

Cami ran into the house, and CJ went in after her, so I stayed to help Cia with, well, whatever. Cami came back out a bit later and apologized. Whatever CJ said to her must have done the trick.

Anyway, Charlie is going to be here a bit longer, so I'm sure and Cia will work on working things out. Even if he found out in a less than ideal way, the point is that he knows now.

Journal 10/15/12

I talked with Cia about jumping back to my own body. I worried that - I don't know - I worried that she might prefer me this way. More like most people. More like regular people. Safer.

It'll be nice to have you back to normal.

It was good to hear her say that. I sort of knew I was worrying about nothing, but still.

She says she's going to move soon, to Gulf. It'll be nice, everyone being so close.

Journal 10/7/12

Camille ran away. To join the militia, apparently.

She ended up with Eliza - Dame Death, I guess she's called.

She's safe, though. Cia got a message, in the middle of the night, and wanted to fly off right then. We managed to get her to wait, to do it carefully and properly.

She almost fainted, and we get medical in and they checked up on her.

There's good news, at least, from everything. Two heartbeats. Twins. I guess it's hereditary in Cia's family.

Still, Camille is going to get a serious talking to when she gets back here.

Journal 10/4/12

So, Cia announced it today - that she's pregnant. I guess it's been long enough now that she can talk about it without tempting Fortune.

Camille wasn't exactly thrilled, but I'm sure she'll come around. I guess she just isn't looking forward to having to share Cia with someone else. Silver talked to her and seemed optimistic. Well, optimistic for Silver anyway.

He's been reading up, I guess, which is just what you'd expect. No problem that can't be fixed by reading the right book or manual or paper.

I'm still so happy for Cia. With everything that's happened, she deserves soemthing she wants as much as she wants this.

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 29.9.12

TO: Col Saernal Teirild, CTO, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
AT: 09:33 29.9.112

Col. Teirild,

Dr Iorthan is no longer in Captain Roth's employ. Please table any plans for supplementary training for the time being.

However, as he was privy to certain private information, please monitor the situation and act to ensure the containment of such information as needed.

Captain Silver Night

Ferault & Dulain Booksellers - Recent Order (23.9.12)

The following is confirmation of your order as of 23.9.12.
  • Primagravida, Gestation, and Parturition - Dr. Tominen, et al.; Zainou-Wiyrkomi College of Medicine Press
  • If She's Happy, Why Won't She Stop crying?: A Guide to Your Partner's Pregnancy - Dr. Jani Aylls
  • Best Baby Products, YC 112 - Luminaire Consumer Council Report
  • Baby's First Year - Aunas Silera and Dr. Uphan Eadirjun
  • Dr. Alken's Infant Care - Dr. Alken and Ikurdur Larmante
  • Causes and Management of Hyperemesis in the Human Gravida Female: A Dissertation - Saut Amlane
  • From Rivalry to Rapport: How to Help Your Older Child Adjust to a New Sibling - Peciete Natone
  • Sibling Relationships: A Longitudinal Study of Psychological and Emotional Outcomes in Mulitparity Households, YC 62 - 94, Caille by Professor Gaulierre, Dr Shinnoen, et al.
As always, Ferault & Dulain appreciates your business, Mr. Night.