Personal Correspondence: Incoming 30.7.112

TO: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Yaski Taruma; Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri; Korama 3-10 Ishukone Corporation Factory
AT: 11:32 29.7.112

Mr Night,

Progress continues. Official preparation has begun. Evidence is being complied, with certain organizations acting on our behalf to assist authorities and keep the activities suitably modest.

On the subject of evidence: A third party contractor has passed on a request for certain information (see attached) to assist their research. Anything that you might be able to share would be of assistance. The contractor in question is a known quantity, and the firm vouches for them. The scope of the information would be tailored to satisfy their specific requirements before being passed on. Should you be in any way dissatisfied, the firm would of course assume responsibility for rectifying the situation.

I will notify you personally of any further developments.

Yaski Taruma
Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri

(See Attachment?)

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 29.7.112

TO: Ciarente Roth; Fortune's Firefly
FROM: Silver Night; Utopian Ideal
AT: 16:22 29.7.112


Luc has been attending his classes with greater regularity. Camille is really no trouble at all, and possesses her usual enthusiasm in all things. I hope that you are enjoying your trip.

Have you heard from Ami? Despite her abrupt departure, I am optimistic that the time away will be good for her.

Your siblings, as always, send their best wishes.


Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 21.7.112

FROM: Amieta Invelen
TO: Ciarente Roth
AT: 20:09 21.7.112


I'm sorry I was so short with you before. I just, I think I need a break. I need to clear my head. I'm going to go visit some places in the State. I should be back the 8th of next month. Please let Cami know I'm not mad, not at you or her, and give my love to her and Silver.


Journal 7/20/12

My head's fucking killing me. I don't even know how I got here. I'm such a fucking mess. I need to go. I can't be around them, not right now. I shouldn't have said - shouldn't have said what I said to Cia.

Even if she doesn't get it. I started for her, so she wouldn't have to take care of me.

I just can't deal with all this right now. I can't do everything they expect me to, and be everyone they expect me to, and they'll pry and - I need to go.

Journal 7/18/12

Cia shouldn't have- she's always so spirits-damned nosy. Sometimes it's just none of her fucking business. She's soft, she doesn't understand what it's like. Silver's almost as bad. Fucking sick of it. Fuck it.

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 15.7.112

FROM: Silver Night; Utopian Ideal
TO: Yaski Taruma;
Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri; Korama 3-10 Ishukone Corporation Factory
AT: 08:45 15.7.112

Mr. Taruma,

The update is appreciated. Allow me to reiterate that expenses incurred are an entirely secondary concern. The case should be pursued by the proper corporate authorities. As long as the unfortunate delay in following it up is brought to their attention and rectified, and measures are taken to ensure that any pertinent evidence is available to them, that will be more than satisfactory. Your firm's discretion and efficacy are valued.

Silver Night

Journal 7/17/12

Really cut back, doin' good. Started getting headaches though, and getting a little shaky toward the end of yesterday. Think I'll take just a bit more, to help. Just a bit more.

Journal 7/14/12

Cami's martial arts meet was earlier. I missed it. I was a little too messed up, lost track of-

Lost track of things, for a while.

Cia called. I told her an operation came up, last minute. Told her to let Cami know I was sorry.

Maybe I should cut back some, for a bit. Make sure I've got things under control.

Journal 7/7/12

Three days? Has it been three days since my last entry?

I guess I lost track of time there a little.

Journal 7/4/12

Had to fire my assistant. I know I'm not the one that fucked those reports up.

Better, anyway. Not having him out there watching all the time. Keeping track of when I leave. Asking questions. Looking at me.

Journal 7/3/12

Cia showed up for dinner last night - Silver commed me. I wasn't prepared, still a little blasted, but I think I mostly did ok. Cia noticed though, said I should see about toning down my prescription.

During dinner, Hiri came up, Cia suggested I see her. Don't think that's a good idea. Anyway, it's not like I need her anymore. I'm doing fine. Doing just fine.