Journal 6/28/12

It's like noone wants to get anything done. Always asking and verifying and covering ass.

Is everyone fucking incompetent?

I'm going throw the next person to ask me a question out an airlock.

Journal 6/26/12

I think I went out, to a bar? It's a bit blurry, and I'm a bit afraid to look at what my optics might have stored. Alpassi might have been there? Was there singing?

Journal 6/25/12

Everything's fine.

Journal 6/24/12

Surprised Cia with Luc, today.

I think maybe I got a little carried away. It might have been better to talk to her first. Let her know he'd been relocated. Leave it up to her when she wanted to see him.

Anyway, he'll be on the Ideal for now. Hopefully our people can get him to stop slouching so much. And mumbling.

Journal 6/22/12

Feel good, feel back.

Had to up the 'sayer a little, but that's the way it goes. Need to see if I can get some of the stuff Silver's collected over the years transferred here. A pallet would set me up as long as I needed, right?

Saer's been giving me funny looks, but maybe that's just her, or her new situation.

I've started spending more time around the ship, out of my office. Not to avoid her, just cause that's what an XO should do. Keep in touch with what's going on. Run surprise inspections, stuff like that. XO stuff.

Journal 6/20/12

The trip was good, even if I was a little worn out toward the end.

Settling back in. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

I'm worried if I see Saer she'll know.

Journal 6/18/12

Felt like hell this morning. Got some extra sleep though, felt better after that. Just needed the extra rest.

I guess I've been overdoing it a little. Maybe I'll dial back on the stims, a little. At least for a while.

Journal 6/17/12

Went to a cold zone, sledding and stuff. After all the excitement in the snow, I'm starting to feel a little stretched thin. A good night's sleep. That's all I probably need. I'll feel fine after that.

Journal 6/16/12

Went to a zone that was more like the weather from Debreth in the spring - temperate, they call it. It was nice, all trees and fields and everything, and sort of calm. It must have been nice for Cia and Cami - I wonder sometimes how it must be, for them, coming from a place like that - Debreth, I mean - up to stations where it's all corridors and compartments, and hardly a window in sight.

We ate near some trees, and a little river.

Cia found a frog in her pocket, which was very funny. It was a lovely day, really.

Journal 6/15/12b

Parasailing was awesome. I even tricked Cia into going, she thought that Silver wouldn't go, but I made her a deal she would if he did, then I went and convinced him, which wasn't that hard. He used to be a test pilot, so it wasn't like it's anything new. He probably used to do dangerous stuff all the time, and this isn't even dangerous it can just seem that way.

The parasailing, though. It was awesome. Could see practically everything in the dome from up there. Cami went with Silver, think she had a really good time. Cia I think maybe had her eyes closed the entire time, which sort of defeats the point, but what are you gonna do? I guess heights aren't entirely her thing.

We went to check out the little gliders after that, which was cool too. Almost time for dinner, I think someone said the restaurant is in a tree which hardly makes sense, I mean, how would that work? Trees don't, like, have thing in them. Well, little animals, I guess. Maybe it's more like a tree theme? I guess I'll see.

Journal 6/15/12a

Went to do paintball with Camille. We were on the same team, and we won in the end. Of course a couple rich kids didn't stand a chance against us, even if they got a couple good shots in.

Cami was maybe a little over-eager, but she did good for her first time. We'll have to get her gloves that fit, she's gonna have a nasty bruise on her hand. Cia didn't seem too upset.

We're gonna go do gliders, need to keep my energy up. More later.

Journal 6/14/12

Vacation's been great so far. Went to the beach, all of us, even Silver, and Cami went in the water again but this time I got her out, then we went and swam around in the lagoon and there were crabs and then even Cia came over to swim with us, but Silver just read though.

Dinner was good.

Journal 6/13/12

Went to a corp kite-flying thing. Kites are big, I guess, in the Republic.

It was fun. I didn't fly any myself, but Cami had a good time. It was good to get out, to feel good enough to be out and about. I slept a lot.

Cami got in a little trouble in the surf, it was fine though. Cia's such a strong swimmer. She took care of it.

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 12.6.112

To: Ciarente Roth, Fortune's Firefly
From: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
At: 19:51 12.6.112
Status: Sent


I will make sure Dr Sanik and her people are at your disposal, and I would of course be more than happy to help as I can.

On the subject of the trip, I think I should be able to take the time and I look forward to it.


Journal 6/11/12

I saw Nerila in the hangar, started talking with her, we were discussing something - plans? I think. She thought it was false labor, at first, but then just a second later there was blood everywhere and she she was on the ground.

Something went wrong, with the baby. No word yet on if either of them are gonna make it through - all the way through.

I guess these days that stuff still happens, sometimes. When safer methods aren't used.

Cia seems to be managing ok, considering. I've tried to keep steady for her.

Journal 6/10/12

Charlie had to leave today, he could only get the couple days off.

Cia seemed very pleased with the visit, though.

I should surprise her more often.

Journal 6/9/12

Charlie Etay got here this morning. Cia was so surprised. Happy, though. It was great.

We all went to the Rens Bazaar and got some apple trees, then went to have some coffee. I went with Cami to get some goats, give Cia and Charlie a bit of alone time.

There were some slaver hounds there, but it was fine. Cami didn't get too close, or anything, I mean. She is so damn curious.

Discussed this vacation more, too, once Cami and I got back to the cafe. Think one of the goats might have been trying to eat Charlie's pant-leg.

Success all around.

Journal 6/6/12b

Talked to Silver today.

He came over, brought Cami back. It was good, seeing them both. Very good.

He didn't... I was afraid he'd... Well, I still have a job, in any case. I didn't have to worry. It didn't change things, what happened.

He says that he'll help, he says that Ishukone will take it seriously, and that his connections are good enough. Spirits know he's shed enough blood for them.

So, they'll believe me. They have to.


One way or another, he said.

Journal 6/6/12

Silver's going to come over, soon. I told Cia I was ready. I hope I am. I hope he... I hope I still have a job.

Saer's going to be out this way soon too. I just shouldn't be around when she is. She can be so difficult sometimes.

Journal 6/5/12

Planning a surprise for Cia.

Journal 6/4/12

Things are great.

Journal 6/2/12

It worked. I swapped out the stims Cia's been taking for headache pills. They were in the top drawer of her dresser, for ancestor's sake. Cia isn't cut out for this shit. At least she hasn't been taking them long enough for it to be serious. I don't think she has.

So Cia got a good night's sleep, and I told her she doesn't need to worry as much. I told her how much better I'm doing. It's good to have things under control. Things are how they were before; how they should be. Even talking to Silver won't be too bad.

Journal 6/1/12

Cia - the stims are getting to her. She isn't equipped to keep something like that under control. She'll keep taking 'em and it'll be to the point where it's hard to break out soon. I'm gonna see if I can't do something to help convince her that I'm going to be ok. Something so she knows she doesn't need to keep staying up.