Journal 7/27/11

Got a message via Silver that Ulf wanted to talk to me. We met in Lenfa's Place again, at the Bazaar.

It turns out he was concerned, about Camille. Some of the attitudes she has. Her lack of empathy for other people. I told him it was probably that we were talking about the idea of people, and as a child, she probably just can't really connect with that. Something along those lines. I've seen how much she cares about people she does know, people she is connected to.

Truth is, I wonder sometimes myself, about her. Not in a bad way, but I suspect that she might be capable of a lot, maybe of greatness, of one kind or another. Or perhaps she will just be the universe's first Marine doctor pilot in Mordu's Legion.

Ulf had other questions, of a different nature. About the kinds of things women like. He had been getting rather exotic ideas from a book he was reading. I recommended he check out the non-fiction section, once I stopped laughing.

We chatted a bit more, about this and that. Family - well, not my family, unless you count Cia - crew, friends, that kind of stuff. The uncle, Uncle Keld, that he learned some of his woodcraft from, how we didn't lose nearly any crew when we announced the change to EM, a woman that Ulf had been helping who isn't in the best way now.

I think it's a good thing that Ulf is a podder, really, and a bit pretty for me.

Mata showed up. She's well into her second trimester now, and the topic came up. Pregnancy, and her and Jonny (which seems a bit of a complicated situation) and all. I wonder what it would be like, sometimes. Of course, I can't, and I'm not the mothering type anyway, but I wonder sometimes what I lost out on.

I can see a bit how Cia must have felt, being a bit confused about creches and things when we first talked about them too. I never had a mother, or any of that, and I just don't really get it, I guess.

I also need to remember to ask a bit more about their clan, Ulf's and Mata's. Atamahara. I'll make a note of it.

Employee Records: Takosha Nari

Name: Nari, Takosha
Rank: Major
Position: Chief Medical Officer, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Medbay, Office located in compartment number 3MB
EID: OM194836
DOB: 12.2.25
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Saisio III
Citizenship: Caldari State
Age: 85
Height: 167cm
Mass: 60kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/Grey
Bloodtype: AB+
Augmentations: -
  • 47: Tolaskita University, College of Biology, Graduate
  • 53: MD, PhD, Tobirda Medical School
  • 76: Zainou Institute of Applied Medicine
  • 54: Private practice, Saisio III
  • 76: Sukuuvestaa, Office of Development
  • 78: Chief of Medicine, 0-R5TS II colony. (Colony unprofitable, funding terminated. Survivors evacced 7/81)
  • 82: Deputy Medical Officer, Akora's Promise, Osprey-class
  • 84: Medical Officer, Profit in Adversity, Badger-class
  • 87: Ship's Doctor, Living Wage, Exequror-class
  • 90: Chief Medical Officer, Halcyon Night, Megathron-class
  • 93: 3rd Medical Officer, Divine Countenance, Revelation-class
  • 100: DMO, Laughter's Children, Thanatos-class
  • 108: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:

Dr Nari's bedside manner is not popular. Despite that he has been an extremely effective physician and administrator of the Medical section for the Ideal.

Journal 7/26/11

Adazai in engineering and Tukaya in supply were butting heads again. After putting out that little fire, I had Sarakai and the training rotations to worry about, made a bit more tricky by the hand we are lending Fisk. Then a safety drill, with a simulated breach on the main hangar deck. I had nearly forgotten I scheduled it, and I was tempted to change it, coming so soon after we moved. That's the point of drills though, you have to be ready any time.

In any case, it could have gone better. Had it been the real deal, the computer tells me we would have lost a substantial majority of the hangar staff, and had significant casualties through most of the rest of the ship. Including, for some reason, everyone who was in the galley. Go figure.

Arranged an hour or two to myself, so I took the short hop over to Rens. Wandered the Bazaar a bit, mostly just soaked it in. Stumbled on a great little sort of cafe, Lenfa's Place. Ulf was there, and I got another chance to have a sit down with him. Since I've grilled him more than a bit, I told him about myself. Just the regular stuff, old jobs, that kinda thing. He's easy to talk to.

He said if Cia- If things don't work out, with him and Cia, I would owe him a beer. I think I'd like that, maybe maintaining a friendship. Even if it seems like he might have... stronger views, about certain things. Right and wrong and all that. Camille wandered in, apparently Cia is letting her look at furniture for their new place. Anyway, I think she alarmed Ulf, a bit.

First we were talking about business, though I think I convinced her that taking over a station air supply and running it as a monopoly, where the options would be pay or suffocate, would be more trouble than it's worth. Then she started talking about controlling people, and TCMCs, and well. I'm not sure how upset Ulf got about it. I talked to her about it though, after he left, and hopefully it won't be a problem in the future.

She's hiding a lot, a lot of the effects from what happened to her and Cia, trying to be brave. She felt like it was wrong, that she was scared, that she's still scared, and I tried to tell her it's ok, and that she and Cia and I are all safe now. I don't know if it worked. Hearing that little girl say things like, "I tried. And I couldn't do anything. And she was screaming."

Well, just thinking about it makes me want to kill the bastard that put her through this all over again.

I took her back to the Fortune's Smile. Cia's officially in Re-Aw now, so we'll be working for the same corporation! I'm a bit excited about it. We got Cami in bed, and had a few drinks to celebrate, and got to talking, and... Well, I feel a little bad. I've been trying to not interfere with what's been going on with Cia. She's an adult, what she does with her life, it is all up to her. At the same time, I don't want to see her get hurt. We talked it over, and I hope the decision she came to is the right one. I think it is, at least for her to be happy longer term. I hope she can stick to it.

Journal 7/25/11

Hit the Gate, saw Math there and managed to talk to him about that present for Sarakai. Pretty sure she'll appreciate it. That Reimei guy was there too, with a nosebleed. He said something about implants, who hasn't used that excuse. I think he probably just needs to cut down on the crash.

Talked with Cia. Seems she and Camille are still kinda getting over shit. Which is understandable. Spirits know the nightmares can follow you. I think she is hesitant to get any, well, professional help, since what happened to Harefnem. Don't blame her, really, but I think she should get the help anyway. Me advocating using a shrink. Maybe time will do though, if she doesn't.

Went to Luisa's birthday party. Luisa, Cia's XO. I don't think Luisa was entirely approving, but I think it helped when Cia trotted out Luisa's family. she had flown them over on the Interbus for the festivities. The whole thing kinda made me miss the days when Silver had a crew small enough most of them could fit in one place.

Was almost a bit of trouble when Nerila, the CMO, and Mitch, the head engineer, made it overly evident that they were in a relationship. I think Luisa was about to rip them a new one for violating standing orders so, uh, publicly. It's been going on for months, but Luisa had been turning a blind eye, I suspect. And Cia didn't have a clue, apparently. I mean, how does that work, if you are your ship, I would think you would know about people, uh, being involved aboard.

Cia intervened before Luisa could really start to reprimand them, which, well. A captain publicly interfering with her XO is not, as Ulf observed, a good thing. It worked out in the end, and we got a surprise wedding! I think Luisa was happy for them, once they weren't breaking regs anymore. And Cia got to perform a wedding. I hope things between them work out, cause that should be one hell of a story for the kids. Anyway, after that I think everyone had a much better time.

Ulf got them a stay at a hotel as a gift, I'm a bit jealous I didn't think of it. I just got them fishing rods, since apparently that is a hobby of Mitch's. I've Fisk to thank for the tip. Fisk showed me something a bit more worrying too, at one point. He is concerned, I think personally and professionally, with some of the company Cia has been keeping. My hands are a little tied though. I mean, she's a grown up, and at this point I don't think it is something she doesn't want, though she might be, I don't know, waffling. Well, whatever happens, I'll just try to point her in the right direction and be there for her.

The more I deal with Ulf, the more I'm warming up to him. We had a lot of chances to talk at the party, about things. Family and that kind of stuff. I explained to him, about creches, and corporation. About how Silver is a bit traditional in some of his views. He's told me a bit about himself, and well. We all have pasts. His concern for Cia, and the way he looks at her, do him credit. My feeling is that she could be happy with him, though I don't know if he realizes what he would be in for. Still, he wouldn't be the first person that was able to put up a good front, so I'll keep an eye. I don't think Fisk likes him either, but, well. That probably isn't out of concern for the security threat he poses.

Journal 7/24/11

Everything is moved, and as far as I can tell Silver seems to be settling in well with the Re-Aw folks. Always a bit nervous when we have to move the Ideal of course. Went smoothly though, a quick jump and we were in our new home. Well, sort of. ReAwakened apparently bases mostly in high sec. More pigs to deal with, but I guess we all gotta make sacrifices. So, Silver's gonna still have to move ships around. He's a bit woozy from all the clone jumping, but I'm sure he'll be fine.

Journal 7/21/11

Well, I managed to corner Silver about where we might be headed in the future. Looks like he will be joining Electus Matari. They seem like a nice bunch, little straight-laced for my tastes, but Silver should fit in just fine. Not sure what I'm going to do with my podder status, not that it really matters, since I don't much fly anyway. Regardless, a new corporation means new opportunities I suppose.

Cia might end up there too, in the same corp even, Reawakened Technologies. She was talking about some of her options - among other things - with me at Fit to Fly. The pool there is open, and it's lovely.

Cia - well, she's managed to get herself in a bit of a situation, I guess. One which she's asked me not to do anything about, and I guess I won't, for now. If she wants it to be a personal matter, I have to respect that. Still, I just don't think she understands - really understands - what people can be like. She's so innocent.

If anyone does anything to take that away from her, I will do everything in my power to make sure they beg for a 'locking. As it is, I'm just going to resort to Silver's strategy for now. I will be very polite.

I do hope her second date with Ulf goes well though.

Anyway, with this corporate move, need to get things all bundled up, ready to be transferred. Need to make sure the crew knows what to expect, get them familiar with new guidelines, though thankfully there won't be too much oversight from RE-AW, from what I understand, on a crew level. At least we aren't losing many this time to the escape clause. Most of the crew seem to find the idea of working for the Republic more palatable than they did working for the Nation. Go figure.

Now, I have a shit-ton of work to do for this corporate change-over. Until next time journal.

Journal 7/19/11

Cia and I went to the memorial for Dr Harefnem. It was at the same bar her father tried to poison her at, all that time ago. Least, it seems a long time ago. Harefnem's long time partner spoke. It's a fucking tragedy that couples like them have to keep things under wraps, and aren't treated better in the State. Hell, that right there accounts for a good chunk of Guristas recruitment. I've gotten a few decent employees that way myself, when we head out that way. People who don't 'fit in.'

It seems that the funeral customs from Debreth and some of those in the State have something in common too. The coins, for the dead, for one. Anyway, the ceremony reminded me a bit of Jan, of what I couldn't go and see because of who I was. I spoke a few words to my ancestors, for Harefnem. He's a good man, he should have the best reception in the afterlife. Oh! And Ciarente started a scholarship fund in Harefnem's name, I'll need to talk to Silver about contributing. Need to talk to him in general.

In happier news, Cia has officially left WRS. And she went on a date with Ulf. Plus she is talking about a second date without Cami around. I've gotta say, I'm awfully happy for her. Glad things are getting more, well, normal for her. Reminds me I could probably do a bit better in that area myself. Just seems like I'm so spirits-damned busy all the time. Speaking of, need to go.

Journal 7/17/11

Ran into CJ Walker at the Rens Bazaar. She seems like a good sort, though with her own scars from the past. Probably one reason she and Cia seem to get along so well. She had just been speaking to Cia actually, who I apparently managed to just miss.

From what CJ said, Cia is leaving White Rose. Happy to hear it honestly, I have some suspicions about Vikarion. Probably the war and everything finally tipped it for her. Need to talk to her, see what she might get up to next.

Meantime Silver's told me we are going to be looking for a new home of our own. He won't share why though. I need to corner him and get it out of him somehow. Beat him up or something. He has become much more closed lately, it's a pain in my ass.

The yearly crew marksmanship competition went off without a hitch, though it's beginning to seem like Sarakai is never destined for first place. She came in second this year, by all of a millimeter, in the hybrids category. The new girl - Taya Ruomi - managed to nab first. She's a natural I guess, and not even a marine. Works down in engineering. Might have to feel her out, see if she wants a change of pace.

Feel a bit sorry for Sarakai though. Losing again, and not even to a professional. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even think about how second place means she beat everyone else, including the guy who won last year. I know it wouldn't make me feel better about losing. Her birthday is coming up, I might have to ask Math'ra again about where he got that rifle he gave me, see if that won't cheer her up.

Journal 7/15/11

I'm buried under paperowrk and more than a little bored. I've begun 'missing' the days when things were happening. Never a good sign.

At least the yearly marksmanship competition is coming up. I've got a few bets riding on Sarakai for the long range rail and projectile categories. Something to do, at the very least. With any luck, this year will be her year, though there is supposed to be a newbie who is pretty good. Guess we'll see if Sara is up to it.

Journal 7/13/11

Wanted to get some spares and take it easy, so I headed to the Rens Bazaar. Always something new to see, or someone new to meet there. Found my spares no problem. It's one of those places, you know? Where you could buy a Zainou made (or knockoff) actuator right next to a stand selling kofte in that delicious sauce.

Anyway, had my spares, was doing a bit of window shopping - not that anywhere there has real windows exactly - and ran into Cia. She's finally decided to do a bit of redecorating. Everything from the plates to the couch. It will be nice to be able to walk into her place without the visual assault that Camille managed to put together. And Cia met a guy!

His name's Ulf, he is Matariki Rain's cousin, I guess? Except not exactly? Sort of like creche-mates might not really be siblings, but we called each-other brother and sister. So, they are clan-cousins.

Ulf seemed very nice. He was helping Cia pick things out. He managed to convince Cia to take her hat off, told her that the injuries from what happened, and from the surgeries, that they are battlescars. Not a bad notion, true enough as far as I'm concerned. Cia still looked a little selfconcious, but it's for the best, I think. I'm afraid I did grill the man a bit, but he seemed to take it alright. Want to make sure anyone who's got Cia blushing checks out alright. EM are a stand up bunch from what I've heard, and I think he's a good guy.

Anyway, he had to leave, Cia and I were figuring out a plan for the furniture swap, and Fisk showed up. He's been taking his duties as Cia's head bodyguard seriously - very seriously. She had slipped away and he was nearly in a panic by the time he found us. He was having trouble handling it, the crowds. Saw threats everwhere. I'm beginning to think this isn't a simple matter of being a little jumpy after everything that has happened. I told him to see Nerila or a shrink. I'm not even sure he is fit for duty.

Journal 7/9/11

Went to the Gate for the first time in a long time, and it was great. Something about going back to a regular bar, it's like going home. Ran into Jack Madison, who was entertaining as always, particularly when he was making Cia blush. It is good, seeing her alive like that. Jack seems to be doing well. Getting into creative cargo running, like he was born doing it I'm sure.

Fisk was there too, and I took him aside to have a chat with him. told him he needed to dial it back, and that we would get him and his people training in close personal protection. I don't know if it helped, I don't know if he can dial it back. From what he said, he has been on edge, ever since Cia got back. Seeing threats everywhere. I don't know if it is what Vikarion did or what happened, but I don't think Fisk's quite right anymore. He said people 'all look wrong' to him now. At least overprotective isn't as bad as the alternative. I just hope he doesn't pop some civvie.

Anyway, I'm going to have Sarakai coordinate with him, get his people up to speed. There aren't that many of them, so it shouldn't be hard. Also means that they each have to do more, in a way, though. I just hope they're up to it. Hope that what happen helped the with resolve rather than destroying morale. Maybe it's something I should check for myself. Fisk might not be the only shook up one.

Journal 7/8/11

Ran into Cia and Cami talking with CJ at the Bazaar in Rens today. Cami seems to have just bounced back, like nothing ever happened. It's incredible. Cia...

Cia seemed to be doing well. She was wearing a hat, to hide the scars, I guess. When I found her, back in the tunnels, when she told me what had happened to her, what he did to her to try and find out secrets. My secrets.

I told her once secrets could eat you up. I didn't mean it quite so literally. She's doing a lot better now, I think. I don't think she's dwelling on it much. I'm glad she came out alive, and not too... that she's ok.

Fisk is a different matter. He was there too, and I need to have a talk with him. Protective is good, on a personal security detail, but you can overdo it. He's jumpy, and newly wired, and that's no good at all. That's how bystanders get hurt.

Cami and CJ seemed to be getting along really well, at least. CJ took her to a shooting range while I was talking with Cia. It is going to be a wonder if we can keep that girl from getting ahold of a gun until she is ten, much less any longer. Apparently she has a bit of a knack. She won that animal at the festival on Debreth too.

I wonder, sometimes, if we're on the right path, Silver and I. When someone like CJ is on the 'other side.' Not my job to worry about it, I guess.

Anyway, had to break the news about Harefnem to Cia. Noone had told her yet. She was talking about maybe starting a foundation in his memory. I think that is something he would have liked. I hope whoever killed him gets what's coming to them.

Journal 7/3/11

I just got the news, someone got to Harefnem. Killed him in his apartment. I'm going to kill the head of his security detail. Were they just standing around with their thumbs up their asses?

In any case, it's a tragedy. He was, I think, a good man, and a good doctor. Not to mention I don't know who's going to help keep Cia's head on straight. Nothing yet on trying to track down who was responsible, but I have my suspicions. Not a long list, the people who might have been concerned about his influence over Cia. In fact, right now it has exactly two people on it. Here I was thinking things would be easier. I wonder if Cia has heard or if I'll need to tell her?

In any case, we're heading home soon, with luck it will be sorted then. I was... well, I was a little worried that Cia and Camille would be staying here. It is terrible, because it is so dangerous out here, but I would have missed them. I'm glad they are staying where they are easy to visit. Looking forward to having a few drinks in the Gate ASAP I must say.

Journal 7/2/11

It's over. At least, I think it is. We found Cia and Camille, and they are both going to be ok. Jorion put a bunch of shit in Cia's head, and her implants got burned out, all of them. Sanik fixed her all up though, took all the broken pieces out. They were being kept in tunnels, and then there was the flood and... Well, it got a little hairy there for a bit. Everyone came out alive though. Well, not Jorion or his weird Cia-doll, but everyone that matters. Seeing what Roth did to Cia....

When I find him, he is going to regret ever laying a finger on her.

But, happier things. Food at the Roth house was as good as I remembered, after we were checked out of the hospital. Got a good night sleep, felt as good as new. Or at least as good as factory refurbished.

The festival was everything Cia had described, even if we missed the start - being underground at the time.

Alain's was still being rebuilt, but after eating there again, I must say it was one of the better things I have ever spent my money on. Sarakai won a stuffed animal that was, I'll not exaggerate, twice her size. Camille and I caught some rides too. The whole thing was a blast. Cami is a wonder, she just bounced back from the whole thing.

Still, it'll be nice to be back in my own bunk, with no huge crisis going on.

Journal 6/28/11

We got a call from Cami. She's sharp enough to cut with. She not only grabbed Fisk's ear piece, she managed to get it working. From her description, she's in tunnels under Debreth. That bastard Jorion went home when he ran. We're in transit now. I need to let Luisa know the latest. I've got Sarakai and most of Safe and Sound's available personnel. The Utopian Pattern will be providing support overhead. Spirits grant we're in time.

Journal 6/25/11

I saw Fisk today, and he isn't coping very well. Feels like he failed. He's been watching the feed I sent, of his last few moments, over and over. Asked if there was a way to get the memories from the dead body copied into his current brain. I told him what our experts told me, that no, there isn't. Not sure I wouldn't have lied if there was. Guy is already fucked up enough without adding that to it.

Still, I guess if he wasn't beating himself up over it, he wouldn't be such a good CTO for Cia. I'm sure things'll get a lot better for him once we get her back.

Journal 6/24/11

The autopsies are done. The one that Nerila did was pretty much as expected: All 6 marines were shot. She found something weird though, so she sent us Alpassi's head. Now, Alpassi was the one who shot the other five before someone - we're pretty sure Jorion - killed her with a bullet to the head at point blank range. Old Takosha - that is, CMO Takosha Nari aboard the Ideal here, did a more thorough examination of what was in Alpassi's head. Turns out the poor girl had a TCMC in there. Spirits but I wouldn't want to be in her shoes when she wakes up. I hope she copes alright.

As far as the trail goes, it went cold. Or something. We weren't that far behind, but the possibilities multiplied. First there were ten ships they could have been on, then a hundred, then thousands. So, we're good and fucked on that front.

Fisk will be back in action a little later, I need to make sure and swing by, talk to him. Make sure he's doing alright. Guy deserves a medal already.

Journal 6/20/11

Spirits what a cluster fuck. This whole damn thing is my fault.

Cia and Camille are gone, kidnapped, and six of Cia's marines are dead. And it was that son of a bitch Jorion that did it. Fisk managed to get that out, before he died. Half his head all over the...

Jorion did it, and he managed to turn one of Cia's people to do it somehow, and now he has disappeared. Forensics says the woman that helped him - Alpassi - was shot in the head after she shot all her squad-mates. What a fucking mess. We had the station practically torn apart, but they must have been off already by the time we go there. I should have dealt with that bastard when I had him. Obviously the warning wasn't enough. We're trying to track down all the departures, but Ancestors help me, I don't know if it will be enough.

It doesn't matter, we'll get something.

I'm going to review the feed I stored when I was talking to Fisk again, see if there's something, anything. I don't know how that tough bastard was even still alive.

We'll save them, Cia and Cami both. We have to.