Journal 3/9/15

Saw Nolikka at the I-Red lounge. We talked about the wedding, things like that. Silver invited her to go with him, which is interesting. It's good to see her a little further out of her shell. We're even going to go on a little shopping trip.

Journal 2/23/15

Been a while since I wrote here. I guess things get away from you sometimes. We have the nephews and niece over, we're watching them while Cia and Charlie are on their trip. They are currently no doubt making a mess of the hold. Hopefully the trip goes well. I'm going to feel a little bad if I gave Charlie poor advice. If it goes well - well, it'll be pretty exciting. I haven't been to Debreth in a bit.

I think it'll be fine. Particularly now that he graduated. I have trouble seeing him as a lawyer, but apparently that's what he's going for.

Silver and Nolikka are thick as thieves. Sending flowers, going on trips. I think there might be real progress there. Though with them, who knows if it'll ever come to anything?