Journal 8/4/14

Having to drag Cami from the pod to surgery was rough. She's so bright, it's easy to forget, sometimes, just exactly how young she is. Of course she would look for a way to be a pilot, what else has she wanted to be? She doesn't understand the danger, and didn't understand why we were forcing her to have the implants taken out, and it's hard to focus on the fact it's the best thing for her when she was screaming to be let go and begging not have them removed. She just wanted to be like her family.

Now Dr Sanik is pulling the fucking things out, and I'm making sure there are quarters secure enough that she can't go and do it again, and she's probably going to hate all of us when she wakes up. At least she isn't going to end up a vegetable, though.

And some terminally greedy asshole took her money and put in the implants. In a child. My sister. I'm going to find whoever it was.

Journal 8/3/14

Fucking ancestors, what a mess.

Journal 7/29/14

Took Noli a plant, as a quarters-warming present. She actually has room for it, now.

We really have only had a few chances to talk, so it was nice. I feel like I'm getting to know her better, which is certainly good considering the way things are going.

She asked for some advice on setting up some gardens at TNR's HQ. I'm going to go over and take a look and help. I'm looking forward to it, and it means a lot that she asked.

NEOCOM SYSTEM FILE: Passive Monitoring, Security: 25.7.114Utopian Ideal




AMIETA INVELEN:   Saer? Hope I'm not interrupting?
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  No, just finishing some incident reports. What can I help you with, Commander?
AMIETA INVELEN:   You've spent some time with Dr. Akell - Hiri, right?
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  Yes. I visited her clan lands with her, learning about Minmatar culture, and I also assisted with an incident with her sister. We're friends.
AMIETA INVELEN:   Right. Well. She's still having a lot of trouble, with what happened to her. It's been years, and I don't think it's getting better the way it should. She's a shrink, and I guess it's like one of those stage magicians, right? She knows where the hidden mirrors and holoprojectors are, so the normal treatment doesn't work because she doesn't believe it will. I was hoping you might have some ideas? Something she would believe in?
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  The dancers.
AMIETA INVELEN:   The dancers? What do you mean?
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  It's part of her... religion? Culture? They have members of the clan who are dancers. There is a ceremony. It's to heal people. I don't entirely understand it, but I know Hiri believes in it. They healed her a little bit, when I went there with her. I'm not sure if it would work, though.
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  There are some restrictions. I don't know the details, but she is considered poisoned, because of the vitoxin. They won't shed her blood on the land, won't do the ceremony properly, because of that. 
AMIETA INVELEN:   Well, that sounds like part of the problem, right there.
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  The one who was in charge, who tried to heal her last time, was called Tia Akell. If she's still alive. 
AMIETA INVELEN:   Thank you, Saer. If you can give me a write up of what you remember, maybe we can help Hiri. 
SAERNAL TEIRILD:  I'll see what I can remember.



Journal 7/24/114

Talked to Hiri. I don't think things that should be getting better for her are getting better for her. The things that work for everyone else don't work so well, I guess, when you really know what's going on like she does.

She knows about it all, but that means she doesn't believe it, they way she should.

I'm going to talk to Saer, she's spent time with Hiri, and they went down-planet. Maybe she knows more about what Hiri does believe.

Personal Correspondence: Incoming 25.7.114

Captain Night, 

RE: Request for background check on Haraila Jakanen

DOB: 19.4.80

POB: Ishukone Corporation Factory Penirgman V Moon 3
Family: Mother,  Mitkonen Jakanen, Engineer, Ishukone Corporation, currently residing Kourmonen V – Ishukone Corporation Factory; 

Father: Somon Iwahiri, Major (rtd) Ishukone Watch, medically retired, currently  residing Kourmonen V – Ishukone Corporation Factory; 

Sister : Tisa Iwahiri (dec.)

Education: Ishukone Corporation General School : Ishukone Corporation Factory Penirgman V Moon 3 84 – 90 ; Ishukone Corporation Science School Kourmonen V – Ishukone Corporation Factory  91 – 96; Ishukone Corporation  Research Institute  Korama III - Moon 10 - Ishukone Corporation Factory 97 – 100: Academic Transcripts attached

Employment: Ishukone Corporation  Research Institute  Korama III - Moon 10 - Ishukone Corporation Factory 101 – 107; Ishukone Corporation Special Research Projects 107 – 110 ; Ishukone Corporation  Research Institute  Korama III - Moon 10 - Ishukone Corporation Factory 111 – present : Performance Evaluations attached 

Criminal Record: None

Civil Cases: Jakanen v Oi 112. Ms Jakanen sued Mr Oi for defamation. The matter was settled before adjudication and Ms Jakanen withdrew her suit. As the matter did not proceed, details of the defamatory remarks are not recorded on the record.

Disciplinary Reports: None

Additional Information:  Ms Jakanen resides with Oskunna Ukkila (Senior Scientist, Ishukone Corporation  Research Institute  Korama III - Moon 10 - Ishukone Corporation Factory) in a registered domestic partnership and has done so since 8.2.112. She has no children.  She appears well-liked by her colleagues. 

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 25.7.114

TO: Yaski Taruma; Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri; Korama 3-10 Ishukone Corporation Factory

FROM: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
AT: 11:32 25.7.114

Mr Taruma, Please do an in depth check on Haraila Jakanen (See our current file on her, attached). This has a high priority, and I would like complete information. Please utilize whatever resources are necessary. 

Silver Night 
Utopian Ideal

Journal 7/20/14

I had a talk with Dr Toin - Nolikka, today. I think we understand each other better? It's hard to tell. It's a hard talk to have when instilling a healthy fear of airlocks isn't really an option. At least I don't think she'd do anything to intentionally hurt Silver, though I was pretty sure already.

She gave him the stuffed animal - something called a Larry, I think? She won it at the fair in Debreth. He gave her earrings.

I should tell Cia.

Journal 7/19/14

I went into Silver office, and there's a stuffed animal. Right on the book shelf, next to first edition, paper books and museum-quality archaeological knick-knacks. A stuffed animal. 

Things are more serious than I'd realized.

Journal 7/16/14

Silver and Noli are on the way back. It sounds like they had a nice time in Debreth - I can see where they might have needed time to recuperate, particularly Dr Toin.

I do wonder what exactly they got up to. Silver asked me to find a place for a small animal to be taken care of somewhere on the Ideal or around the hangar.

Journal 7/7/12

Well, Silver and Noli are both recovering. They're talking about next time already. Ancestors help me, with these two.

Journal 7/6/14

I'm gonna skin Silver. Something went wrong with Noli's pod test, and so he back to Gulf with her in some kind of coma, and proceeds to link up with her pod (exposing his brain to whatever mess had her brain scrambled) to pull her out, and throughout, he doesn't think to give me a fucking call.

Cia was there, at least, to keep an eye on him. Still. I would have liked it if I'd known what was happening before it was already over. I'm going to have a talk with Silver about keeping me in the ancestors-damned loop.

Journal 7/3/14

Silver and Noli are leaving soon for her first shot at connecting to a real pod. Hopefully the modified one they made will work fine. Silver seems to thing the modifications are fairly simple - and pods are pretty safe these days.

Still, I'm not totally clear on how a blind person is supposed to fly one around, but she manages alright outside the pod, so I suppose they have it figured out. I mean, I can see and I can barely fly around.

Journal 7/2/14

I met Charlie's new partner today. With Eli retiring, I knew they were sending someone, but I didn't realize it would be so soon.

She comes on a bit strong. Well - really she comes off like an example of Gallente cultural excess and decay in one of those ridiculous Provist propaganda holo. I mean, I know she worked undercover with vice before, but really. She seems to have sort of 'gone native'. It's a bit difficult to believe, if she hadn't been wobbling there in front of us in stiletto heels.

Still, from what I've been able to find out, she's a decorated officer, so maybe it's at least partly a front. I hope so, for Charlie's sake.

Journal 7/1/14

Well, I've been neglecting this for a while. A lot's happened, too much to go over here. Silver and Noli have their heads together all the time on a new project. Silver's even doing a little flying for corporations in the State again. Cia isn't CEO anymore, and she seems a lot happier for it. Definitely for the best, I think. She'd probably be happier if Charlie was also around a bit more, but what can you do? Oh, and first names! About fucking time.

Journal 1/21/14

Business Partners? Why didn't they just get married, so much less potentially messy.

Journal 1/19/14

Well, back in Gulf, back to normal, sort of. As normal as it gets.

Journal 1/14/14

Can't let Silver out of my sight, or he gets in all kinds of trouble.

It's been nice, being on Debreth, staying at Cia's family home, playing in the snow with Cami. Strange, a little, sometimes. When I think about it. But nice.

Journal 1/12/14

Nicolas Roth. Nick? Nico? I think it's a good name.

Journal 1/11/14

It's a boy!

Journal 1/9/14

Arrived in Debreth, and it's cold as a Serp's soul. Still, it's pretty, with the snow everywhere, and plenty warm everywhere that's in-doors. They do some amazing things with hot chocolate here.

Cia looks about ready to pop, and they say any day now. Silver seems like he might be more nervous than she is. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago that Charlie was showing up here 'on a case' and borrowing a coat, and now look at us.

Journal 1/5/14

We're heading back home. Dr Toin is out of her contract, though her situation aboard the Ideal hasn't been finalized.

Not a new contract, though. I can see why should wouldn't want one, and I don't blame her, not wanting to let someone new hold a leash she only just escaped.

I need to follow up, too. Make sure she's seeing a shrink, cause she seems like she's still a little jumpy. Don't blame her for that, either, and she seems comfortable enough aboard the ship, but still. Have to make sure she's okay.

Journal 1/4/14

Well, Silver and Dr Toin did have a nice, if apparently very tiring trip. Maybe Dr Toin isn't recovered entirely from her injuries, yet.

The negotiations over her contract is in the final stages, and should be wrapped up soon, and we can get back. Not that the State isn't lovely, but I find that after so long elsewhere, it's mostly just lovely to visit. It doesn't feel like the place I belong, anymore. Though the food just isn't the same anywhere else.

Journal 1/3/14

Silver and Dr Toin are off, some Mountain Wind temple on New Caldari. Maybe all the time on a KK station has gotten to him. I know he thought about being a priest, way back when. Only briefly, thank the spirits.

Not a big fan of priests, as a rule. I know the ones on Debreth best not give us any more shit. I do wonder how Nualla's doing.

Journal 1/2/14

Dr Toin seems to have mostly recovered. Apparently she and Silver are going to do some sort of tourist thing to New Caldari, which sounds excruciating, so I'm going to stay here and 'maintain crew readiness' - which is mostly making sure that we don't end up with anyone on shore leave in prison.

Journal 1/1/14

New Year, in the State. It's sort of nice, at least for a visit.

Silver seems to be doing a good job of burying that slug Uagata. Pretty easy, I suppose, when you're the one who picked and paid for his lawyer.