Journal 8/30/13

We're all having dinner soon. I see a lot of potential for disaster.

Of course, that's to the degree Silver dying of embarrassment or Cia and Dr Toin having an awkward cross-cultural mis-communication is a disaster.

Those are really the sorts of disasters I can live with.

Journal 8/11/13

Well, Dr. Toin is safely ensconced in one of the labs. Silver's popped off to Gulf, and told me to 'make sure she feels welcome'. Great.

Journal 8/10/13

He brought her back with him.

Journal 8/8/13

Fedos, always the spirits-damned Fedos around here.

Plus, someone has apparently been bypassing internal sensors and stealing superconducting conduit from a few of the ships that haven't undocked in a while. Of course if they did undock, they'd be completely fucked sideways. I'm going to find whoever did it and have a chat with them.

On top of that, they tell me that a full broadside from the Utopian River would have had about a thirty percent chance of killing everyone in the number two battery room, and the whole things going to need a full tear-down.

This might take a little while.

Journal 8/6/13

Silver at that conference. Maybe they'll get drunk and stuff will get really crazy - first names and smiles or something.

Not betting on it, because Silver is Silver, and from what I saw Dr Toin probably isn't much better, but I guess there's always hope.

Going to take the chance while he's gone to get some over-due maintenance done, since the ships don't have to be on semi-ready status for a few days.