Journal 3/28/13b

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now it doesn't, and it won't last, even if it was.

Journal 3/28/13

Had dinner with Cia, Camille, and Silver. It was nice. I mean, we all see each other around the office, but I guess it's different. Plus the food was really good.

Would have been nicer if I didn't have to take a call from Saer in the middle of it.

SYSTEM FILE: Memo: CTO Saernal Teirild

To: XO Amieta Invelen
From: CTO Saernal Teirild

A supplier issue has arisen with requisition JR-38464A. I recommend we reassess the contract as per the contingency we discussed.

Journal 3/16/13

Madlen's surgery went well. Perfectly, Dr Gephi said. Madi even smiled at me, her first smile Cia says, afterward. I guess she's like her aunt - happy about eating properly.

Cia - and Charlie - interviewed the candidates for nanny. I guess Cia really doesn't have to pick just one.

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 113.03.13

Hey Cia, here's that shortlist of potential candidates. They all have good records, which is to say that the people they were responsible for stayed alive and didn't get kidnapped:

Avi Kasonen

Place of Birth: Cat 6-12 NOH Corp. Dev. Studio
DOB: 72.07.14
  • Internal Security Combat Training 89-101
  • Graduate of the Internal Security Intensive CPP Training Course 97-98
  • RN, NOH University Josameto 102
  • Bachelor of Science in Child Development, NOH University Josameto 104
  • Internal Security 89-97
  • NOH Executive Protection Detail 97-101
  • Team 3 Leader, Wyrasen Security 101-113

Supposed to be great with kids, and he was raised in the Federation. Word is he's pretty good for an ISec guy. Reportedly he once killed three kidnappers with nothing but a ballpoint pen and a shoelace. Seemed to know his shit when I talked with him. Speaks Caldari and Gallente fluently.

Iddulf Vilmark

Place of Birth: Baviasi III
DOB: 64.02.21
  • Graduate, personal guard training, Imperial Academy 73
  • RN, Davit Medical College, Tash-Murkon Prime 77
  • Personal bodyguard for the Holder Bakan and family 78-105
  • RSS, Personal Security, 106-112

Iddulf was selected at an early age to protect the children of the Bakan family. She successfully raised the better part of two generations, even with some major feuds going on, then promptly engineered the escape of herself and a number of other slaves. She's a bodyguard with RSS, but says she'd like to work with kids again. A little reserved.

Jayenne Avacort

Place of Birth: Intaki Prime
DOB: 79.09.26
  • Master's in Biomedical Science, Seyron University, Intaki Prime 100
  • Mordu's Legion CPP Course Graduate 101
  • Mordu's Legion Combat Training 101-113
  • MD PhD, Intaki Syndicate Academy Medical School, 5-FGQI 5-13 108
  • Mordu's Legion 101-113

Went into the Legion after she graduated, and ended up doing CPP work for them, mostly in and around Syndicate. They put her through medical school - she specialized in helping kids. She's just recently mustered out. Kinda young, and comes across a touch bubbly, but she has an impressive track record. Just a heads up, the scars stand out a lot more in person. I'm sure the kids would get used to them, though. She got them protecting her clients from a whole mess of trouble.

Sing Teolu

Place of Birth: Thukker Ship Vestri
DOB: 67.11.06
  • Certified Medical Tech, Serpentis Corporation, 88
  • See Notes
  • Private Security 86-111

Sing has relatively little formal training, but she served the role of nanny for the children of several ranking members of the Angel Cartel, and it's a very results-oriented business. She made enough to retire, but found not working wasn't her style. Comes across a little unprofessional, but I'm confident that's just a cover.

Touhn Cienc

Place of Birth: Lirsautton III
DOB: 57.04.17
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Chakaux University 79
  • Masters in Child Development, Chakaux University 93
  • Certified Nurse Practitioner, Pediatrics, Chakaux University Medical School, 100
  • Chakaux Planetary Police, 79-85
  • Personal Retainer, Anzoel Family (Sang Do) 85-112

Ran out of kids to raise for the Anzoel family. A touch light on direct security experience, but seems solid overall. What I can find on the kids he's supervised speaks well of him.

Journal 3/12/13

It seems like time flies, sometimes. It doesn't seem like so long ago Silver and I were leaving Naqam for ReAw. Hell, it seems it wasn't long ago that that Cia was entirely new to the pod.

At least, until I think of all the things that have happened. then it seems like it couldn't possibly have been such a short amount of time.

Journal 3/7/13

Talked to Cia about, business stuff mostly. Also, need to see to getting her a shortlist for nannies.

Journal 3/2/13

I'm setting up some planetary factories of my own. Just stuff for the corp, mostly. Plus making some of my own spare parts, so I don't have to special order them.

Had to bail out half of the fighter wing this morning. They had an eventful night. Time to double up on drills for a little while.

Journal 2/28/13

Silver is going to start producing some kind of computers. Luckily not in Gulf, since some of the components are the kind of things that recall our time in Naqam.

Journal 2/25/13

Spent most of today smoothing things out between Logistics and Maintenance. Logistics always thinks Maintenance spends too much, and Maintenance always thinks Logistics are tightwads.

Journal 2/23/13

Cia and the twins seem to be adjusting to being back in Gulf. Word is that everything turned out okay in Debreth, too, thank the Ancestors.

I've got a bit of work piled up, I best get to it.