Journal 4/18/13

They sent the shrub along. I have it set up on my desk.

Let's see if anyone can bring themselves to asking the XO about talking to her plants.

Journal 4/14/13

They surprised me for my birthday. Silver said there was a new factory we needed to look at. I should have been suspicious when Cami and Cia and the twins came along. I guess I'm getting complacent, in my old age.

It was a planet where they grow things - like a whole planet that's a garden. Or a bunch of gardens, I suppose. They have plants that don't exist anywhere else, anymore.

Flowers that bloom when you breath on them, and plants that need an atmosphere toxic to humans that look like a Gallente party city with all the colors, and plants that talk to eachother, and carnivorous plants big enough to eat a cow.

It was incredible.

Cami had an allergic reaction, and we had to leave early. Cia was a bit worried, but it all got sorted out alright.

I think I'm going to get one of the intelligent shrubs for my desk.

Journal 4/13/13

Went to the Daredevil's Lounge, met up with Jude and a couple of newer corporation members: Laria Raven and Iurnan Mileghere.

I like the new folks in the corp recently, least the ones I've met.

Journal 4/11/13

Silver wants me to go with him to inspect yet another factory he might buy. Something in Eygfe, I think.

Don't we have enough factories, already?