Journal 9/27/11

I ran into Cia at Fit to Fly, and good thing too. Silver had mentioned she was talking about feeling tired when they last flew together, and she was getting out of breath just on the treadmill at the gym. I got her to take a break and sit down. Anyway, long story short, she seemed woozy, nearly fainted when she went to get up, so we got her back to her ship and Nerila.

Apparently she was severely anemic. Nerila gave her some blood, so she would feel better, and said she would look for the underlying cause. I need to stop by and see how Cia is doing and find out if Nerila figured it out.

I had a talk with Helmi, she hasn't been close to Cia long enough to realize there was something unusual going on. Maybe if I'd made more time to see how Cia was doing I would have realized something was wrong sooner. I had my people run down what might have caused it and they came up long term exposure to radiation or toxins. I've sent the info to Nerila, but she was already checking into the same stuff. Just further confirmation she knows her shit.

I wish there was something else I could do.

Journal 9/26/11

Sara and I got dinner with some corp-mates last night. Cia and Camille were there, which was nice. Quite a bit was new too, like Ulf and Sara making eyes at each other across the table, and Helmi sitting next to Cia keeping an eye out.

Camille has some interests in playing the market it turns out. We all tried to convince Cia it was a good idea to give Cami a little seed money to play around with. I don't think we sold her on it. She might learn some things. I don't really see the harm, it isn't as if she would actually end up stealing a titan or anything.

Though it would be pretty impressive if she did.

I'm really looking forward to Cia's party. I'm going to have to force Sarakai to have a little get-together soonish too, since her birthday just went by. She and Ulf had tea, and I suspect it is a kind of thing with them.

Anyway, it was good to unwind a bit with friends. Not that I've been working that hard. The quiet won't last though, never does.

Journal 9/11/11

Silver's been off doing something with a frigate for a few days - a stealth bomber, I think - so I've had a chance to run a lot of crew exercises in his absence, which is good. Need it with ships scattered half across the Republic these days. Far as I can tell, everyone is about ready for anything.

Got a chance to talk to Cia, at Fit to Fly. I guess she and some other alliance pilots went to The Athena, the podder bar in Gallente space, trying to build bridges and the like. Apparently it didn't quite work out that way, which I'm not real surprised over, once I heard Jonny Damordred - what with him supposedly running for President and his background and all. Cia seemed pretty disappointed.

Asked her about Fortune at Dawn, on Debreth. Why she didn't go in. She said that the, the priests, they said that podders have stepped outside of the 'river', away from fortune, by choosing not to die. I tried to convince her it wasn't so bad, but I don't know how much good it did.

We're born by Fortune's grace, and we, well, we die when the coin falls that way. Except me, and you, and the rest of us, capsuleers.

Sounds to me like the priests, the Parieurs she called them, are just scared of new things.

Helmi Alpassi was there too. She was Jadat's pick to help Cia with close protection, and I'm glad that Cia took his advice. I think she has the knack. Reminds me of myself at that age a bit, too, except she isn't a tubey. Awful young, but then, so is Cia I guess. When you really think about it.

Journal 9/9/11

Ran into Cia and Agnes at the Bazaar again. We got to tell Agnes about the statue of Silver and we started planning a party too, which sounds fun, so that Cia and I will have an opportunity to wear the jewelry that Agnes has made for us. Cia's birthday and Dry Day being right around the same time. Which reminds me, I need to make sure and pick up Sarakai's birthday present.

Agnes has maybe found herself a guy, and it's Fisk! Small cluster, and all that. Said he's the silent type, which is pretty funny. Wish them both the best of luck from it, though I'm not sure Fisk...

Well, I'm not the one going out with him.

Talked about that Narath guy too, the one with the chaplain who's a Blooder. Cia talked to him, and apparently he not only knows, he doesn't care. What the hell is wrong with people? I mean, what the fuck?

I'm sure he'll change his tune when all his crew start disappearing. Course, if I run into her first, we'll just see.

Journal 9/4/11

Cia invited Silver and I down to Debreth again. A welcome break, after all the work on the Awakening Ideal. We told Silver it was to 'see Debreth in the summertime' which was true enough as far as it went. It really is beautiful in summer down there.

The reason Cia and I wanted to get him down there at this specific time was because the officials in the city apparently got a little over-enthusiastic about his performance during the incident and decided to put up a statue of him! His face when he realized why he was a 'guest of honor' at the unveiling ceremony and who exactly the statue under that sheet was, it was just about as good as the time we set him and Ulf up.

We all got to walk around Debreth a bit afterward, it's always strange how much things change on planets, at different times of year. Debreth though, it's just a slightly different kind of pretty each time. In summer it's hot, but everything is green and everyone seems to be outside enjoying the weather. The food was delicious as always, dinner was some kind of little roast animal in a salad, and I helped Camille pick apples for a tart. She's quite a climber.

The day we had to leave, we went to see the statue of Fortune of Dawn church. For a month, during summer, at dawn, the light from the sun hits it, and the statue glows like it's lit from within. There is music too, like flutes playing. I thought it was a hidden speaker at first, but apparently it is done with little holes in the rock, and the air moving when it's heated makes the sound.

Cia didn't come into the church with us, I need to remember to ask her about it.