Journal 12/31/11

Finally finished with the yearly review of the flight crews. With around thirty fighters on two different ships now, it's a bit more of a challenge than it was in the past, but overall things seem to be in good shape.

Sarakai resolved the Jemadar situation successfully. I'll have to let Hiri know, look up where we 'moved him' to and all that.

I went to dinner at Cia's, which Cami made under Cia's supervision. Veggies and lamb chops, which were delicious, and cake for desert. I went and offered to have Cia and Cami over for my cooking sometime, once everything's worked out. I hope Cia realizes that I'm not much of a cook - though I'm sure she'll be very polite about it.

Cia's not in a great place, right now. Things aren't going the way they should. I'm going to go lean on that doctor,Tarak Agiani, make sure he understands that it isn't just Cia's life that's depending on his work. I'm sure he would rather still be able to worry about his ethics, once this is all done.

NEOCOM SYSTEMS FILE:Incoming Correspondence: Sarakai Voutelen 21.12.111

TO: Sarakai Voutelen, CTO, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Amieta Invelen, XO, Utopian Ideal
AT: 9:00 21.12.111

Please resolve the situation we discussed, planetside. PD to be maintained, legend and cleanup info attached, subject to your modifications.

Handle it personally.

[Attached File]

Journal 12/21/11

Saw Cia at the Bazaar. She was wearing gloves, looked thin. Something wrong with the transplant. I'm having Nari go take a look at her. At least CJ came through with that geneticist - Tarak Agiani - convinced him to come work with us. He has taken a little persuading, but I'm sure that between him and Nari's team, they'll come up with something soon. There isn't any other choice.

At least Cia seems to finally be getting a bit of a fighting spirit. Not about herself, exactly, but she lost a ship. Lost crew - Mitch, his clone didn't work or something, ancestors shelter him. It'll be rough on Nerila, if she ever turns up, though depending on how Cia does, that might be the least of Nerila's problems. Anyway, Cia is seeing how it feels to be able to do something, to take the fight to the enemy after they take something from you. It's a little strange, Cia enjoying combat, but it's a start. Just so she doesn't overdo it. It's easy to get addicted to something like that - to get drunk with it and stupid, or to start to need it.

But, I mean, it's Cia. I'm sure she'll be fine.

We talked about gardening a bit too. I've got a plant I can't identify, which I bought from a booth at the Bazaar I can no longer find. It's a succulent, and not from Pator or Rens, or any other Minmatar system that I've checked. I was thinking about it though, and I realized maybe it was from one of the Ammatar worlds. So I'm investigating that now. I'm worried if I can't figure it out, I won't know if it has any special nutrient or climate requirements. Everything else in the garden seems to be doing wonderfully.

I talked to Hiri too. She's been having problems, with that ex of hers Jemadar Abrastin. I convinced her to let me give her a hand, she doesn't need to be distracted from her job when Cia might need her - and bullshit lawsuits down on the planet by the shithead don't help with that. I told her we would convince him to move away and take up mining on an asteroid or something. I guess people believe what they want to believe. Spirits know, I do sometimes.

Journal 12/12/11

Silver and I went to Cia's celebration - she's been up here a year, now. Hardly seems like just a year. It was a good year, though, I think.

It was quite a production, and as usual Cia's table didn't disappoint. There were a number of other people from the alliance there, too. Kj, Ken, CJ, Ulf, and Treyvn - that sort of strange fella from the Dry Day party.

Even Sara made it for a bit.

We had a sort of tomato dish, and then the duck, and dessert was chocolate mousse. It was all delicious!

Cia didn't eat enough, but she never does.

Talked to Ken - he wants to do the operation soon.

It was good - I think EM is good; Re-Aw is good. I think they might know something about what a corporation is supposed to be.

Journal 12/10/11

Grabbed a bite to eat with Cia at Michell's. I guess she was worried about this campaign EM is conducting, against the Mary and whatever Caldari are helping them - me and Silver being Caldari. I told her, not like it's CalNav or something. Just podders.

Nerila's gone - disappeared. Might be the drug thing, Tanith and S&S are on it.

Hiri has something going on too. Have to find out if it's related to her shithead ex.

Cia's serving duck at the party Saturday too. Should be great.

Journal 12/05/11

Went to the Rifter Hangar for the alliance thing. Cia was there and Ulf, CJ and Efrim, and Mata via holopresence. A number of other pilots too. Sarakai showed up, with a message.

Nari needs a geneticist. Most of the people we've got are normal medical staff or NHB folks - not much call for geneticists. Up till now though, they've managed, but trying to come up with a cure - a permanent cure - for Cia, they need a geneticist.

Best one in the region's a man named Tarak Agiani. He won't talk to us though. Won't talk to Nari. Only does academic work.

We don't have the time to cater to Agiani's quirks.

I had a talk with CJ while we were there - at the bar. She's going to help.

Journal 11/28/11

Ran into Hiri at the Bazaar.

Things are going ok, with her. She's still seeing Camille, and sometimes Cia. She wants me to come in more, and I guess I should.

The technique she gave me, it has helped with the bad dreams.

She said Camille really enjoyed learning in the simulator with Silver. I think Silver enjoyed it too. Kids aren't really his thing, but Hiri said that wasn't really always the important thing. People who aren't really good with kids can still teach them a great deal, and people who are good with them can ultimately be pretty useless, sometimes.

Maybe I'll see if I can get Silver to take Cami for a real HAS ride.

We had tea and talked more at Lenfa's. I wasn't that hungry, though.

I told Hiri about the time I lied to Cia, when I needed her to clone jump. She is good at listening, I guess it's the job. I didn't expect it to still bother me so much. Maybe it's because I had to bend the truth recently. Hiri wanted to tell me that Cia would understand this time, too, if she found out.

That doesn't make me feel much better about it.

Hiri has an ex who doesn't understand it's over. He's followed her up from the planet she's from. I've sent what info on him I got to Sarakai.

He's going to make himself a problem. I'll let Hiri try to resolve it her way - with the authorities - first. She's a friend though, and I'm certainly not going to allow anything that might get back to Cia and upset her unnecessarily.

In a way it was good though. I feel a little less frustrated with something concrete to work on.

Journal 11/25/11

Went and talked to Cia, about moving to the clone with the donor bone marrow.

Doctors say that it could give her years, if there aren't any complications.

Can't risk that there might be complications. They need to find a cure.

Journal 11/21/11

I decided I wasn't being much help leaning on the medical people, so I took a break. Went to the gym - Fit to Fly - to work out some frustration, I guess. Ran into Helmi and KJ there. Helmi says Cia is doing ok, in a new Jump Clone again, though. I let KJ know the sample he got is going to be tried out too. That it might give Cia the time she needs, while they figure out a cure.

KJ wanted to make a bet, that I couldn't crack his ribs. I haven't met many ribs I couldn't crack, but then, maybe he has some kind of real high end custom job, I don't know. Anyway, I told him I didn't want to damage a corporate director and went back to beating the shit out of a practice dummy.

Helmi didn't have my reservations, and they sparred. I wasn't paying a lot of attention at the time, but looking at it later, Helmi's style is very offense based. Strikes, mostly. KJ seemed to go more for throws. Disabling. Holds.

It was interesting, in any case. The gym was a good distraction, helped to get away for a few.

I'm going to go see how the lab coats are getting along.

Journal 11/18/11

They found it!

Or, at least, I think they did. They found out that something in that plant - the Tyndedhanah. It's toxic in some way to embryos. Only the ones with the gene pair though, and only embryos. That's why Jorion never got sick, and why Cia did.

It does something to the bone marrow, limits its lifetime to 21 years or so - makes it so after that, the cells stop working and dividing correctly. Now they know about the toxin, and the genes that allow it in, Nari says they can start working on a cure.

I told him to do whatever he needs to, hire whoever he needs to to get it out.

It has to be in time.

I should find out where Nerila is with those clones.

Journal 11/15/11

Silver's been involved in some stuff with this new war. He said he saw Cia out there. I'm not sure whether to be happy she had the energy, or furious she is taking the risk.

Journal 11/14/11

We raided Jorion's doctor's office while we were down-planet. It was a raid because of course the bastard was FIO - I should have guessed - and when I initially walked in to talk with him, security tried to grab me.

We got the doctor himself in transit, and he told us what he could remember - which wasn't much. We hit his office though, and pulled the files on Cia's family.

Analysis has come back, using the genetic workups from those files, the bone marrow samples, and the info they found about the genes that are responsible (though they still can't tell me exactly how).

Luc has the gene too. The one that means he will get sick. It means his bone marrow isn't going to do Cia any good either.

And Camille... she has it too. When she's Cia's age, whatever it is - however it works - it will switch on. Unless we find a way to fix this.

Jorion had - has - the gene too, and he didn't get sick. There must be something else to it. The gene is just the vulnerability.

Anyway, Nerila is setting up JCs with bone marrow grown from the other two donors - from Lorraine and whoever it is KJ got his sample from. With luck one will take.

I'm going to go make sure the eggheads are staying properly motivated.

Journal 11/10/11

They found the genes that Cia and the others - the bodies we exhumed - have in common! They are part of the way there, at least. They don't know quite what the connection is, between the genes they have isolated and the disease, but they know where to look now.

Ulf Atamahara has found Cia's family too, most of them. Not Jorion, of course. He got bone marrow samples and got them to Nerila. Killjoy Desher found an unrelated match too.

Nerila has tested them and that means 3 potential matches for Cia. Her mother, Lorraine; her brother, Luc; and KJ's unrelated sample. If even just one of them works out, it means maybe years more, at least. Time for a more permanent cure.

Journal 11/9/11

While I was down on Debreth, I went to the University there, trying to find family records and whatnot from Ciarente's family. I met a young man there who was very helpful. It turns out he knew Ciarente, before. When she was at school there. I can imagine her, studying in the library, doing coursework, probably worrying about her grades. I wonder if it would have been better if that had stayed her biggest worry.

Maybe it would have been, if it weren't for this disease.

There were some records there, in their archives, and some first hand accounts. A doctor, one of Cia's ancestors, whose daughters died, some others. There was a plant, too, the name was similar to another word - Tyndedhanah and tydenethanah. Anah is like soul, or spirit, I think. The Breill back then said there was no room in the colonists' children's hearts for Tydenethanah - whatever that means. There was a lot of talk about the Breill though, and that there might be some connection. So, I even took samples of the plant.

That's how desperate this is. Anything that might help. A plant sounds like a word mentioned by some doctor from 150 years ago? Grab some. Records? Bodies? Family doctor? FIO files? A parieur who says she was alive back then as someone else? All of them, take them.

I just hope one of them has what they need to help Cia.

Journal 11/7/11

It's good news.

When I was on Debreth I went to the church - Fortune on the Waters - almost first thing. I was looking for records, actually. That's where I met Nualla, the parieur I brought back. Anyway, she did get us access to the records. Record keeping on Debreth seems to be messy and more than a bit ineffecient. I guess they had to play with the hand they were dealt after colonization though.

Nualla also showed me the graveyard. Many of the people buried there were Cia's ancestors, and when you go back a little way, and awful lot of people died around Cia's age.

I didn't really want to cause a big mess, so I set people checking on those records and pursued other avenues. It became pretty apparent that the best way forward would be a mass exhumation of Debreth's ancestors, though. I did expect a bit of resistance. Aside from Nualla though, I hadn't found many parieurs worthwhile, and I wasn't exactly dreading making an example of a couple of them to keep the rest in line while we did our digging.

We showed up and the gaggle of old priests tried to make a nuisance of themselves as expected. It was Nualla that ended up handling the situation though. She fell, and when she got up, it was like Fortune Herself was talking through that girl's mouth. The other parieurs took it seriously enough, anyway. She told the head geezer Be Silent! and the old bitch listened.


I will be found among those who seek me. Do you seek me?

I'm not sure what that means, but I suspect it isn't very good, because none of them did. So, she told them Then go! All of you! There is work to be done here, and you are not the one to do it!

Like Fortune's own drill sergeant. And all the old parieurs ran away like their robes were on fire. It was damn impressive. Nualla claimed she didn't remember it all, afterward, and Rorkulo - the medic we had along - said that Nualla has epilepsy. Regardless, that little teenage girl standing down the crowd of glowering priests isn't something I'll soon forget.

And the good news!

It paid off. The techs say they've IDed the genes that all the people who died of the Stranger's Curse had in common, from those remains. That they have in common with Cia. They just have to figure out what the exact mechanism is, and they should be able to start working on a cure.

Journal 11/6/11

I got a report today, Cia nearly died. Did die, I think. They got her to the cloning bay in time though. This time, they did. Who knows about next time, though? I'm going to have a talk with old man Nari and see if they can speed things along. I'm sure they think they are working as fast as they can, but you never quite get that last bit of effort out until there is real pressure.

Journal 11/4/11b

Oh, forgot before. I saw Nerila too. She seemed... jumpy. I don't think she has been getting much sleep, so I sent over a few people to help her, and take shifts monitoring Cia so she can get sleep. Don't need her falling apart on us.

Journal 11/4/11

I finally finished with the debriefs and making sure everything we got on Debreth went to the proper teams with the proper priority.

After all that, I went to see Cia. I saw Camille first, and she was still Cami. She had a sort of rmote control giant lizard she was playing with in the hangar.

I didn't mean to be gone so long, down on the planet, and while I was gone- She isn't doing very well. Apparently Vikarion decided to respond to Cia's request for her original body back by strolling up in it. Shithead. From what I hear, Cia was pretty shook up. I can imagine how she might react anyway, cloning not being something she is really comfortable with. Ancestors abandon that bastard, he's either stupid or just a jackass.

Cia, she still wasn't well. Wasn't fighting. She was still set on giving up. Staying in the River. I told her about Nualla, that I brought her a parieur, but she didn't seem convinced it would help. She needs to fight though, so I got her to fight.

It made me feel like shit. What I told her was mostly the truth, and the rest... Well, it might be true. I made it sound true, I guess. She believed me. That if she didn't get better, her younger siblings wouldn't have a chance, if they got sick. That she had to live, had to maybe give up her soul, face nothingness - annihilation, for them. And she said she was tired. I told her it would just be a little longer.

It has to be just a little longer.

Journal 11/2/11

Just got back up from Debreth, along with the last of the stuff we found. The lab weenies have their work cut out for them. Bodies, analysis of a good ton of paper records, genetic stuff, what we got from that doctor, even some plants to test.

I told Cia I would get a parieur, too, and I did. She's not quite what I expected to bring back, but I hope she can help Cia. I hope Cia's been alright. With the operation to grab the doctor, things ended up running a lot longer than I expected. I think what we got will be enough though. It has to be.

Journal 10/22/11

I stopped by Cia's hangar, before I headed down to Debreth. I wanted to talk to Cami and Cia, as Hiri had suggested, and well. I wanted to see Cia, too, before I left. See how she was doing.

I saw Cami first, and told her it was ok to talk to Hiri about things. The things that happened in the tunnel. I made sure she understood that Sara and Cia and I wouldn't get in trouble over it. She seemed happy to agree. I wish things with Cia were so easy.

Cia said what I wanted her to say when I asked her of course: Yes, she is fighting against this... this thing that is k- that is making her sick. I pressed her though, and the truth is she's not. She thinks that she can get back in the river. By dying, probably. That fighting it would be the wrong thing to do.

I can't make her fight it at gunpoint, can I? I told her I would bring one of the priests, the parieurs, up from Debreth. This mess with Cia thinking she is some kind of damned soul is their fault, I'll make one of them fix it. They've never left the planet and I doubt any of them even really know how cloning works, but the feel alright fucking up Cia's life - her entire view of herself. We'll see.

Journal 10/19/11

Killjoy Tseng wanted to meet with me. I went and saw him in his office, which is way out in the middle of nowhere in the station's guts.

He was in demolitions in the service, I guess, and now he's the second to the Executor. Just goes to show you what those little implants can mean for helping people realize their potential, I guess.

We chatted a bit, but I think the real reason he wanted to talk to me was Cia. After getting a message from CJ, I'm starting to wonder if there is anyone who hasn't realized she's sick. He asked about Jorion, what we'd done with him. I think he accepted my answers - there are some things that are best left buried, and we got the tissue samples already. For the rest - what happened and what's happening - I told him that's mostly Cia's to share, or not.

Journal 10/16/11

Went to see Hiri. Talked about hounds and boosters - cheerful shit all around. Anyway, she showed me some drawing Camille had done, that had worried her teachers. Stuff about what happened in the tunnels. She didn't seem worried about it though, and she gave me one of the pictures - one that is supposed to be me and Cia. I put it on the wall. Hiri told me about something called 'guided thought'. She said it might help with the nightmares. I hope she's right.

She wanted me to talk to Cia and Cami too. Cami isn't talking to her much, about what happened, and Cia...

She thinks Cia might be giving up. Or, not giving up, but not really trying either. Back in the River and so things will turn out the way they're supposed to. That's not the way it works.

Journal 10/14/11

No solid results yet from the teams looking into Cia's problem. Silver and I went to have dinner with her, and she seemed... ok. For the moment anyway. That's the way Nerila said it would be. the food was good, as usual, and Silver and Camille even seemed to get along. Camille was well behaved, suspiciously well behaved. I wonder what Cia said to her.

Silver and I even got an impromptu lesson about the history of Debreth and the Breil - the original inhabitants - from Cami witha bit of help from Cia. Silver seemed concerned about cia afterward, and asked me about her eating so little. I've never really thought she ate enough, but with him pointing it out, I realized she is eating a lot less now, which I told him. Not that I really blame her, but she should keep her strength up.

Silver's talking about teaching Cami how to fly - in a simulator, but still, I'm not sure he realizes what he's in for.

I need to get down to Debreth soon, but maybe I'll see Hiri before I go.

Journal 10/10/11

Went to a little EM get-together at the Rens Bazaar. The usual suspects were there: Cia, Ulf, Cami, and now Helmi, of course. KJ Desher was there too, which is a little less usual, but now that he is the second-in-command of the alliance, it wouldn't hurt to know a bit more about him. He is teaching Camille about explosives too, which even in a 'safe,' controlled environment with a lot of rules seem... iffy. He sent me a mail, afterward, about meeting. I'm not sure what about though.

Kenpachi and a pilot named Duch Crystal were there too, briefly.

There was someone else there too, she walked by while we were having kofte and kaffe. Amarrian, I think. She had bodyguards and a whole fucking pack of slaver hounds. One of them kept going for us, tugging at the leash, and she just shot it. It was a tense moment, but then it was a bit tense when that thing was lunging at us too. It upset Cami, but after guns were re-holstered all-around, I was pretty relieved. I didn't realize how much it had bothered me until all the hounds and the woman were gone.

I wasn't really comfortable, with those hounds there. I guess I should talk to Hiri again soon.

Journal 10/06/11

Stopped by Cia's hangar today, and I think she set me up. She was sitting there with Hiri - that's the shrink she keeps on staff - when I walked in, and Cia just about ran out of there and left me with her.

I did promise Cia I would talk to Hiri though. If she would too.

So, we talked. I tried to keep it to other things: Cia, how I should approach my trip for info down to Debreth, more general stuff about how you cope with things. We ended up talking about me though, the things that Cia and Silver think I should talk to her about, and I guess I agreed with them. When I was sitting there, though, I just didn't feel sure.

But, I had promised Cia and Silver, so I told her about not liking small spaces, or slaver hounds. A bit about why I didn't like them, about being captured, and how I got my team killed. Some of the things that happened to me, and she had me focus on balancing a match while I did it. She wants me to write a report, too. She thinks she can help, and I hope she can.

She told me a bit about herself too, and at least she's been in a bad place herself, before. Still, I'm not sure. She's so young, and she doesn't know what it is, being a leader and failing your people. Doing nothing and failing them so completely.

I didn't tell her everything. I'm not sure I can. It's been a bit worse lately, and sometimes I wish there were more blooders in the Republic.

Journal 10/04/11

Cia's birthday party - well, she insists it was for Dry Day, which is a sort of festival from Debreth for the driest part of the year - was great. Well, mostly, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Cia was there, in this red dress. I don't know if she was entirely comfortable with it, but she looked good. I gave her a book with stories and stuff from across Matari culture, I hope she liked it. I think she did, though with how polite she is, it can be a little hard to tell sometimes.

Anyway, party went well, the decorations were impressive. Mitch (and Cami) rigged up the walls with flames, and made a 'river' of flame across the middle with 9 bridges - because they have nine bridges in Debreth, of course. Quite a few pilots from the alliance I'd never met before were there, and it's a shame Silver didn't make it, since he is likely to be flying with some of them.

Camille wanted to try walking on the forcefields that were over the river of fire, naturally. Someone managed to stop her, but Cia ran over, and then it was Cia that was having trouble. Whatever is causing this anemia she has, it isn't getting better. I had a talk with Nerila and then Nerila talked with Cia - with me maybe fouling up her arguments a little, but I can't just sit in the background for this shit. Anyway, Cia is going to take measures to maximize the time we have to find a cure for her.

I'm putting everyone I can get my hands on onto it, of course. Looking for the rest of her family, and going through records on Debreth, and all that. I'm going to have to get ahold of Rask again, because we might even need to test Jorion.

That was the less fun part of it. Still, we have time. Some time.

Journal 9/30/11

I'm still worried about Cia. Saw her at the Bazaar and she is doing better than she was that day at the gym, but still didn't seem well. I don't think she is taking it very seriously either. Maybe when I go in to see Hiri I'll stop by and have a chat with Nerila too.

Cami is learning poetry, something about growing up healthy and with your family this time, in Brellian.

Cia is making sure that Fisk is taken care of, trying to find him things to do while he's off active duty. It's good she's taking responsibility. I don't think she's blaming herself too much.

Really looking forward to the party.

Journal 9/27/11

I ran into Cia at Fit to Fly, and good thing too. Silver had mentioned she was talking about feeling tired when they last flew together, and she was getting out of breath just on the treadmill at the gym. I got her to take a break and sit down. Anyway, long story short, she seemed woozy, nearly fainted when she went to get up, so we got her back to her ship and Nerila.

Apparently she was severely anemic. Nerila gave her some blood, so she would feel better, and said she would look for the underlying cause. I need to stop by and see how Cia is doing and find out if Nerila figured it out.

I had a talk with Helmi, she hasn't been close to Cia long enough to realize there was something unusual going on. Maybe if I'd made more time to see how Cia was doing I would have realized something was wrong sooner. I had my people run down what might have caused it and they came up long term exposure to radiation or toxins. I've sent the info to Nerila, but she was already checking into the same stuff. Just further confirmation she knows her shit.

I wish there was something else I could do.

Journal 9/26/11

Sara and I got dinner with some corp-mates last night. Cia and Camille were there, which was nice. Quite a bit was new too, like Ulf and Sara making eyes at each other across the table, and Helmi sitting next to Cia keeping an eye out.

Camille has some interests in playing the market it turns out. We all tried to convince Cia it was a good idea to give Cami a little seed money to play around with. I don't think we sold her on it. She might learn some things. I don't really see the harm, it isn't as if she would actually end up stealing a titan or anything.

Though it would be pretty impressive if she did.

I'm really looking forward to Cia's party. I'm going to have to force Sarakai to have a little get-together soonish too, since her birthday just went by. She and Ulf had tea, and I suspect it is a kind of thing with them.

Anyway, it was good to unwind a bit with friends. Not that I've been working that hard. The quiet won't last though, never does.

Journal 9/11/11

Silver's been off doing something with a frigate for a few days - a stealth bomber, I think - so I've had a chance to run a lot of crew exercises in his absence, which is good. Need it with ships scattered half across the Republic these days. Far as I can tell, everyone is about ready for anything.

Got a chance to talk to Cia, at Fit to Fly. I guess she and some other alliance pilots went to The Athena, the podder bar in Gallente space, trying to build bridges and the like. Apparently it didn't quite work out that way, which I'm not real surprised over, once I heard Jonny Damordred - what with him supposedly running for President and his background and all. Cia seemed pretty disappointed.

Asked her about Fortune at Dawn, on Debreth. Why she didn't go in. She said that the, the priests, they said that podders have stepped outside of the 'river', away from fortune, by choosing not to die. I tried to convince her it wasn't so bad, but I don't know how much good it did.

We're born by Fortune's grace, and we, well, we die when the coin falls that way. Except me, and you, and the rest of us, capsuleers.

Sounds to me like the priests, the Parieurs she called them, are just scared of new things.

Helmi Alpassi was there too. She was Jadat's pick to help Cia with close protection, and I'm glad that Cia took his advice. I think she has the knack. Reminds me of myself at that age a bit, too, except she isn't a tubey. Awful young, but then, so is Cia I guess. When you really think about it.

Journal 9/9/11

Ran into Cia and Agnes at the Bazaar again. We got to tell Agnes about the statue of Silver and we started planning a party too, which sounds fun, so that Cia and I will have an opportunity to wear the jewelry that Agnes has made for us. Cia's birthday and Dry Day being right around the same time. Which reminds me, I need to make sure and pick up Sarakai's birthday present.

Agnes has maybe found herself a guy, and it's Fisk! Small cluster, and all that. Said he's the silent type, which is pretty funny. Wish them both the best of luck from it, though I'm not sure Fisk...

Well, I'm not the one going out with him.

Talked about that Narath guy too, the one with the chaplain who's a Blooder. Cia talked to him, and apparently he not only knows, he doesn't care. What the hell is wrong with people? I mean, what the fuck?

I'm sure he'll change his tune when all his crew start disappearing. Course, if I run into her first, we'll just see.

Journal 9/4/11

Cia invited Silver and I down to Debreth again. A welcome break, after all the work on the Awakening Ideal. We told Silver it was to 'see Debreth in the summertime' which was true enough as far as it went. It really is beautiful in summer down there.

The reason Cia and I wanted to get him down there at this specific time was because the officials in the city apparently got a little over-enthusiastic about his performance during the incident and decided to put up a statue of him! His face when he realized why he was a 'guest of honor' at the unveiling ceremony and who exactly the statue under that sheet was, it was just about as good as the time we set him and Ulf up.

We all got to walk around Debreth a bit afterward, it's always strange how much things change on planets, at different times of year. Debreth though, it's just a slightly different kind of pretty each time. In summer it's hot, but everything is green and everyone seems to be outside enjoying the weather. The food was delicious as always, dinner was some kind of little roast animal in a salad, and I helped Camille pick apples for a tart. She's quite a climber.

The day we had to leave, we went to see the statue of Fortune of Dawn church. For a month, during summer, at dawn, the light from the sun hits it, and the statue glows like it's lit from within. There is music too, like flutes playing. I thought it was a hidden speaker at first, but apparently it is done with little holes in the rock, and the air moving when it's heated makes the sound.

Cia didn't come into the church with us, I need to remember to ask her about it.

Journal 8/28/11

Prep is just about complete for the Awakening Ideal, that's the new Thanatos. Have her fully crewed, all systems check out, just waiting on Silver being around to give her a try.

When most of that was finally done, I hit the Bazaar to do some window shopping and relax. Saw Hiri again, apparently she got the job with Cia, I'm real happy for her, and she seems like she might be good. I hope she is, I'm just not sure how to tell, with a shrink. She has some odd ideas, about soldiering and such, but then, I guess what I think about shrinks might seem odd to them.

Hiri and I grabbed a bite to eat, to celebrate her getting the job. We had a chance to talk a bit, about the things she might do, to help Cia. Help her crew, all that. Agnes showed up too, and she had finished the necklace I commissioned. Says I should show more skin to show it off. We'll see about that.

There was another lady that was there. Name of Malaneth Serir. Amarr, a priest she said. Didn't seem pushy about it though, friendly, but looking back she did seem the sneaky sort. Had a knife too. Cia told me that she had run into this Malaneth before. The woman is a fucking Blooder. She was sitting right there, across from me at a table, and I didn't realize. She's a chaplain for some podder named Narath. Cia said she knows who he is too, and she was going to send to warn him. Let him know what Malaneth is. Lying bitch, can't believe she tricked me. Can't believe they can pass for real people.

Journal 8/26/11

Silver lost a Hurricane on an op this morning. Not many survivors. Went down too fast. His fault, he says. Course, he'll probably hold it together in public, but he can't fool me. I can tell he's hurting a bit.

Not as much as he would be if he had known any of the crew as more than faces.

Journal 8/25/11

Managed to get away for a couple hours from prepping the new Thanatos for active duty, hit the Bazaar.

I was mostly just window shopping when I ran into that shrink, Hiri, again. Apparently, the captain whose ship she is trying to get a job on is Cia! Bit of a surprise. Small cluster, I guess. she was pretty down on her chances, but hell, I'm tempted to offer her a job if she doesn't get a berth with Cia.

Saw Agnes Dei too. She makes jewelry and hauls. Kinda an odd combination, but I managed to make a deal with her, so she would make me a piece for free if Silver hired her for a job, which he did. Now I just have to wait for my piece to be completed.

Anyway, the three of us grabbed some Kofte, then hit Lenfa's Place. I'm sorry I had to leave early to get back to the Thant.

Journal 8/23/11

So, Cia and I played a bit of a dirty trick. Some tabloid had made up a rumor that Silver was going out with Ulf of all people. So, Cia and I bought 2 huge bouquets of roses and cards. Then we sent them to Silver and Ulf, each with the other man's name and something about looking forward to a 'close working relationship' on the card. Of course, I can make it look like something is sent from Silver, and tricking Silver into thinking something is sent from whoever I'd like is simple enough.

Silver's face when he got those roses and read the card! I made sure I was there, and I think I will treasure that recording forever. First the look of confusion, then shock. He actually set the card down, looked at the flowers, then walked to the other side of the room and back. I think he was hoping the bouquet would disappear while his back is turned. Two dozen pink and red roses guaranteed, the flower shop clerk assured Cia and me, to retain their fresh look for at least a week. Then his mouth sort of moved but nothing came out. It has clearly been too long since I did something like this to him.

It gets even better! I convinced Silver that the thing to do was contact Ulf and ask to meet, so that he could discuss it. Of course, Silver didn't know that Ulf had gotten a similar token, and would think he was being asked out. I 'helped' Silver word the note so that Ulf wouldn't just turn it down, and lemme tell you, keeping a straight face was tough.

Cia and I hid in a booth at the Shackled Amarr for the 'date', and hearing Silver say, "Not that I'm not flattered, but I'm afraid I'm not interested."

And then Ulf's expression, which I peeked out to see, when he replied, "I... that was what I was going to say."


Cia and I spent the entire time trying not to give ourselves away by laughing too loud.

I talked with Silver, afterward, and apparently Ulf thought it was a setup by the tabloids. I'm a bit worried about what Silver might pull if he finds out it was me, though all the paperwork for this new Thant that is supposed to be coming in might be revenge enough, unwitting or not.

Journal 8/22/11

So, Ulf was nice enough to let Sarakai go down and use the firing range on his clan lands. Apparently she had a good time. It's just so damn difficult to find decent sized firing ranges except on planets.

So, I was busy most of the day, without my CTO, but I managed. Even managed to go to the social event - I think she called it a shopping op - Cia organized for the alliance at the Rens Bazaar.

Really, I had to go, so I could talk with Cia. She sent me a message, someone had been causing her trouble. I passed it up to Silver, but I wanted to talk with her about it. Make sure she knew, we were there for her. Of course, the shopping was ok too.

Commissioned a pendant for myself, something that should match my arms, I hope. Cia and Cami got stuff from the same jeweler, think the woman's name was Agnes. Apparently she does hauling too, might have to mention to Silver. Met some other members of the alliance, and Math and another woman showed up, which was awkward, him being Amarr. Still, on the balance, a success, I think. Hope Cia organizes more of them.

Journal 8/21/11

I was shopping at one of the malls off the Crystal Boulevard for some new cloths in case I go down-planet somewhere - I guess I'm getting into this decadent podder thing - and I ran into Cia. It's ironic, but it seems sometimes like we don't see each other as much now that we're in the same corporation, sometimes.

Anyway, it was really nice to catch up. We moved along our rather insidious plan, which was irresistible after the gossip. I got to try Jin-Mei food, and a new sort of tea that seems like it has spices in it or something. In any case, it was quite good.

I told her a little about when I joined the Guristas, how fucked up I was at first, what with everything. How Sarakai helped me. Little about Sarakai too, for all I don't know all the details myself.

Apparently Killjoy Desher was taking Camille on a tour of some kind of explosives factory or something. I am a little... nervous, about that. Still, I suppose he is an expert, and Camille is sharp, for all her enthusiasm.

We talked about family. I guess Silver explained to Cia, about what family means. I'm surprised she didn't know. Apparently the way he put it was that there is family and everyone else is dust. I think it upset Cia, a little, but that's not going to stop me from doing what needs to be done, whatever the situation.

Journal 8/19/11

Talked with Ulf at Lenfa's Place again. I'm beginning to value it, being able to get away, sit, have some snacks and talk to someone. He was worried, about the things podders do - the things he does - and how he felt about it. I tried to help him talk it out, I hope it helped.

Then we talks about hobbies, and about his clan lands. They sound great, at least to visit. Planets still aren't the kind places I would want to live. A bit about his clan, which is run by the 'Aunties' who are mostly the older women in the clan. He invited me to go sailing too, which I should take him up on.

I'm also starting to wonder if he's sweet on Sarakai. Would certainly be an entertaining couple, and I guess the things he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Speaking of Sarakai, she and Tanith have detained a suspect in Kasa's murder. One of the enlisted guys from engineering. Apparently he was reprimanded for harassing another crew-member and he took it out on Kasa. What a stupid fucking waste. Kasa wasn't backed up, for religious reasons. I lost a friend, and a valuable officer just because this asshole - Eleges Appaer - was pissed about a black mark on his record. Well, he is going to have a hell of a lot more than a black mark to worry about now.

Journal 8/16/11

Went to Camille's birthday party. She seemed happy, and Cia seemed to be doing well too. I hadn't seen either of them in a while, with this damn murder investigation and all. I got Cami a book on some of the Legion's battles, which I hope she'll enjoy. I felt a bit outdone by some of the other presents, like the lovely quilt Matariki got her. That's alright though, I guess it isn't a competition.

Bunch of alliance folks were there. Carinelle, Killjoy, Isobel. Camille threw up on Seriphyn after she had too many cupcakes. Edthin, who is a friend of Seriphyn's apparently. Ulf wasn't there, and I can understand why, though it's still too bad.

I did see Ulf at the Shackled Amarr. Sarakai showed up to tell me that she has a suspect, who is being tailed, and she stayed for drinks. Water, in her case. We chatted a bit, conversation turned to family and money. All Sarakai said was that her mother died when she was young. Understatement, that is Sarakai. I'm afraid the money bit might have dredged some things up for her, but she seemed fine.

Ulf's clan lands sound beautiful. He said that they used to send off most of the men to be soldiers, but not so much anymore. All the money coming in from him and Matariki, I guess. Must be good, knowing you can help your family like that.

Jack Madison showed up too. In the spirit of entrepreneurship and not taking orders, he has started doing wrecking and salvage, which seems very much his sort of line. He's been freelancing, I knew he had done a bit for Silver and also doing some work for Cia.

KJ, who's a director and was also at the birthday party, joined us a bit before I left. He seems nice enough, but I didn't have the time to get much of a read on him.

Anyway, lots of new people, interesting times.

Journal 8/12/11

Someone killed Kasa Adazai in his quarters. One of the crew found him when they were bringing him his meal. He'd been stabbed, it was messy.

Tukaya would be the prime suspect of course, except he has been confined to quarters too. Still, hell of a coincidence. I don't know why anyone else would go to this length. I mean, as the chief of engineering, he had to make unpopular decisions sometimes, but killing him? The forensics team from Safe and Sound just got here, I need to get make sure they are up to date.

Starting to wonder if this ship is cursed or something.

Journal 8/9/11

Well, Cia dumped Ulf, and I'm not sure if it was the right or wrong thing for her to do. Ultimately, I guess it's up to her, and if boyfriend trouble is her biggest problem, that's alright by me.

Things started alright. The four of us (Cia, Ulf, Cami and me) were grabbing a bite at Michell's. It's a kind of fancy burger joint. Anyway, everything seemed fine. Lots of Camille being Camille mostly. Mention of a certain rumor involving Silver and Ulf. I mean, a good time with friends and family.

Not even sure how it happened, but next thing I know Cia is crying and Ulf is leaving. He seemed like a good guy. Solid, pretty dependable, loyal, has a good family, from what I understand. Still, I guess all that doesn't mean he is the right guy.

I started trying to talk Cia out of it, but mostly stopped myself I think. I mean, it's her decision, she's the one who was with the guy, right? You support family.

Journal 8/8/11

Gave Adazai and Tukaya a good little talk and they are confined to their quarters until I decide on thier final disposition. Tempted to just kick both of them off. Would be looking worse if Tukaya had thrown the first punch, since Adazai is a superior officer. I suspect leaving two Khanid citizens in the middle of the Republic just now would be punishment enough, though.

All comes from before they were hired. Turns out one of my people found them both in this backwater Khanid system, Baratar. Apparently someone's family did something to someone else's family and the rest is sordid history. They are both sure that the other has it in for them, and equally sure they didn't start it. Typical, I guess. I'll let them stew for now. Wish they wouldn't both be a pain in the ass to replace.

I need a drink.

Journal 8/7/11b

Had a drink at the Shackled Amarr with Cia and Ulf. Seems like things are going really well with them. Cia seemed to be drinking a bit, and Ulf was a little worried it might have been something he did, though he wasn't specific beyond assuring me it wasn't something intentional. Still, they seemed to be getting along fine, made plans for him to help her practice with a new ship - a Helios.

It was nice, having a drink with friends, where everyone just seemed to be pretty, you know, normal. No podder bullshit, for all piloting was the topic of conversation.

Silver showed up, and about then was when I had to leave to take care of a crew issue. Hope he is having a good time, spirits know he could unwind a little more often.

For now I need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with Tukaya and Kasa. I mean, a fist fight? Between senior officers? This isn't an intra-system cargo barge wallowing around with a hold full of garbage, that kind of shit is unacceptable. It's a spirits-damned carrier and these assholes think professionalism is out the lock. Just because we're a private organization doesn't mean they can do whatever the damn well please. I think it is obvious I'm going to need to fix discipline, starting with making an example of them.

Employee Records: Kasa Adazai

Name: Adazai, Kasa (Deceased 8.10.11)
Rank: Colonel
Position: Formerly Chief Engineering Officer, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Engineering, Office located in compartment number 83RS
EID: OE975293
DOB: 9.25.49
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Baratar X M9, Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support
Citizenship: Khanid Kingdom
Age: 61
Height: 177cm
Mass: 72kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/Grey
Bloodtype: O-
Augmentations: Minor memory and processing augmentations
  • 70: Kingdom Naval Academy, (Ensign)
  • 74: Kingdom Technical School, PhD, Particle Physics/PhD, Starship Engineering
  • 76: Lieutenant/Journeyman Reactor Technician.
  • 70: Ensign/Apprentice Reactor Tech, Scourge of Heretics, Maller-class
  • 73: Ensign/Apprentice Reactor Tech, Divine Sun, Apocalypse-class
  • 76: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned as Reactor Technician First Class, Orthodoxy, Archon-class
  • 84: Promoted, Lieutenant-Commander, Deputy Engineering Officer, Siege of Halenenfal, Armageddon-class
  • 89: Chief of Engineering, Siege of Halenenfal, Armageddon-class
  • 93: Chief of Engineering, Kahmi's Stand, Apocalypse-class
  • 97: Deputy Director, Office of Engineering and Maintenance, Baratar X M9, Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support
  • 103: Part-time Lecturer, Starship Engineering and Technology, Arani University
  • 105: Author, The Coming Age: How Caldari Technology and Khanid Know-How Will Change the Kingdom, Lai-Dai Press, 978-0553380958
  • 109: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:

Inter-personal conflict with Major Tukaya has been cause for concern. Performance otherwise exemplary.

Employee Records: Anzaki Tukaya

Name: Tukaya, Anzaki
Rank: Major
Position: Second Officer, Supply and Logistics, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Logistics, Office located in compartment number 2384G
EID: OSL975293
DOB: 5.13.64
Corporation of Birth: Tukaya and Associates
Place of Birth: Akunou, Tonana, Baratar IV
Citizenship: Khanid Kingdom
Age: 47
Height: 179cm
Mass: 75kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Bloodtype: O+
Augmentations: Memory and arithmetic processing augmentations
  • 86: Erava University, B.Sc Business
  • 86: Tukaya and Associates, Junior Partner
  • 88: Akunou Support, CEO
  • 92: Baratar Transport Inc., VP, Development
  • 100: Tukaya and Associates, CEO
  • 109: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:

Conflict with Col.. Adazai, apparently stemming from a family dispute, may become a problem. Record otherwise exemplary.

Journal 8/7/11

I met a shrink at the Bazaar. Hiri. Seemed nice enough, a little young. She manage to hold her own with Camille I think, which certainly says good things about her. Said she was on-station for an interview with a podder, to be on staff for their crew. Ancestors shelter the girl if she gets that job.

Thought about asking her about things, but, well. Need to find my own shrink, I guess. Sooner or later.

Silver's been out, flying combat with the new alliance. No real major engagements in the last couple days. He has been filling the time by buying ships left and right. I mean, honestly, I look at some of them and wonder why he needs them. He has five Hurricanes! Five!

He can only fly one spirits-damned ship at a time!

And of course each new ship has to be processed, checked for infestations, crewed, found a place in the hangar, added to a slot in the maintenance rotations.

Guess who has to do all that paperwork. I'll give you a hint: Not Silver!

Bit of irony, he got a set of those Sansha implants too, the ones that help a pilot interface with their armor systems? How about that, he waits until after leaving the Nation to get them. Still, anything that makes my crew a bit safer, I'm all for. Don't care if it comes with spikes.

Journal 8/4/11

Had dinner with Cia and Silver. Camille was staying over at a friend's house - it's great she is already making friends, I'll have to make sure that they have been properly vetted of course - so it was just the three of us.

The food was great as always, Cia's a great cook. Real chicken, too, though I can never tell the difference, though Silver claims he can. We had cake for dessert too.

We, well, we talked, about things. Cia had told Silver some things, and Silver had told Cia some things, and they wanted to talk to me about some things. I-

That they're there for me, it's something. I'm glad. I just don't think there is anything they can do.

Journal 7/27/11

Got a message via Silver that Ulf wanted to talk to me. We met in Lenfa's Place again, at the Bazaar.

It turns out he was concerned, about Camille. Some of the attitudes she has. Her lack of empathy for other people. I told him it was probably that we were talking about the idea of people, and as a child, she probably just can't really connect with that. Something along those lines. I've seen how much she cares about people she does know, people she is connected to.

Truth is, I wonder sometimes myself, about her. Not in a bad way, but I suspect that she might be capable of a lot, maybe of greatness, of one kind or another. Or perhaps she will just be the universe's first Marine doctor pilot in Mordu's Legion.

Ulf had other questions, of a different nature. About the kinds of things women like. He had been getting rather exotic ideas from a book he was reading. I recommended he check out the non-fiction section, once I stopped laughing.

We chatted a bit more, about this and that. Family - well, not my family, unless you count Cia - crew, friends, that kind of stuff. The uncle, Uncle Keld, that he learned some of his woodcraft from, how we didn't lose nearly any crew when we announced the change to EM, a woman that Ulf had been helping who isn't in the best way now.

I think it's a good thing that Ulf is a podder, really, and a bit pretty for me.

Mata showed up. She's well into her second trimester now, and the topic came up. Pregnancy, and her and Jonny (which seems a bit of a complicated situation) and all. I wonder what it would be like, sometimes. Of course, I can't, and I'm not the mothering type anyway, but I wonder sometimes what I lost out on.

I can see a bit how Cia must have felt, being a bit confused about creches and things when we first talked about them too. I never had a mother, or any of that, and I just don't really get it, I guess.

I also need to remember to ask a bit more about their clan, Ulf's and Mata's. Atamahara. I'll make a note of it.

Employee Records: Takosha Nari

Name: Nari, Takosha
Rank: Major
Position: Chief Medical Officer, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Medbay, Office located in compartment number 3MB
EID: OM194836
DOB: 12.2.25
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Saisio III
Citizenship: Caldari State
Age: 85
Height: 167cm
Mass: 60kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/Grey
Bloodtype: AB+
Augmentations: -
  • 47: Tolaskita University, College of Biology, Graduate
  • 53: MD, PhD, Tobirda Medical School
  • 76: Zainou Institute of Applied Medicine
  • 54: Private practice, Saisio III
  • 76: Sukuuvestaa, Office of Development
  • 78: Chief of Medicine, 0-R5TS II colony. (Colony unprofitable, funding terminated. Survivors evacced 7/81)
  • 82: Deputy Medical Officer, Akora's Promise, Osprey-class
  • 84: Medical Officer, Profit in Adversity, Badger-class
  • 87: Ship's Doctor, Living Wage, Exequror-class
  • 90: Chief Medical Officer, Halcyon Night, Megathron-class
  • 93: 3rd Medical Officer, Divine Countenance, Revelation-class
  • 100: DMO, Laughter's Children, Thanatos-class
  • 108: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:

Dr Nari's bedside manner is not popular. Despite that he has been an extremely effective physician and administrator of the Medical section for the Ideal.

Journal 7/26/11

Adazai in engineering and Tukaya in supply were butting heads again. After putting out that little fire, I had Sarakai and the training rotations to worry about, made a bit more tricky by the hand we are lending Fisk. Then a safety drill, with a simulated breach on the main hangar deck. I had nearly forgotten I scheduled it, and I was tempted to change it, coming so soon after we moved. That's the point of drills though, you have to be ready any time.

In any case, it could have gone better. Had it been the real deal, the computer tells me we would have lost a substantial majority of the hangar staff, and had significant casualties through most of the rest of the ship. Including, for some reason, everyone who was in the galley. Go figure.

Arranged an hour or two to myself, so I took the short hop over to Rens. Wandered the Bazaar a bit, mostly just soaked it in. Stumbled on a great little sort of cafe, Lenfa's Place. Ulf was there, and I got another chance to have a sit down with him. Since I've grilled him more than a bit, I told him about myself. Just the regular stuff, old jobs, that kinda thing. He's easy to talk to.

He said if Cia- If things don't work out, with him and Cia, I would owe him a beer. I think I'd like that, maybe maintaining a friendship. Even if it seems like he might have... stronger views, about certain things. Right and wrong and all that. Camille wandered in, apparently Cia is letting her look at furniture for their new place. Anyway, I think she alarmed Ulf, a bit.

First we were talking about business, though I think I convinced her that taking over a station air supply and running it as a monopoly, where the options would be pay or suffocate, would be more trouble than it's worth. Then she started talking about controlling people, and TCMCs, and well. I'm not sure how upset Ulf got about it. I talked to her about it though, after he left, and hopefully it won't be a problem in the future.

She's hiding a lot, a lot of the effects from what happened to her and Cia, trying to be brave. She felt like it was wrong, that she was scared, that she's still scared, and I tried to tell her it's ok, and that she and Cia and I are all safe now. I don't know if it worked. Hearing that little girl say things like, "I tried. And I couldn't do anything. And she was screaming."

Well, just thinking about it makes me want to kill the bastard that put her through this all over again.

I took her back to the Fortune's Smile. Cia's officially in Re-Aw now, so we'll be working for the same corporation! I'm a bit excited about it. We got Cami in bed, and had a few drinks to celebrate, and got to talking, and... Well, I feel a little bad. I've been trying to not interfere with what's been going on with Cia. She's an adult, what she does with her life, it is all up to her. At the same time, I don't want to see her get hurt. We talked it over, and I hope the decision she came to is the right one. I think it is, at least for her to be happy longer term. I hope she can stick to it.

Journal 7/25/11

Hit the Gate, saw Math there and managed to talk to him about that present for Sarakai. Pretty sure she'll appreciate it. That Reimei guy was there too, with a nosebleed. He said something about implants, who hasn't used that excuse. I think he probably just needs to cut down on the crash.

Talked with Cia. Seems she and Camille are still kinda getting over shit. Which is understandable. Spirits know the nightmares can follow you. I think she is hesitant to get any, well, professional help, since what happened to Harefnem. Don't blame her, really, but I think she should get the help anyway. Me advocating using a shrink. Maybe time will do though, if she doesn't.

Went to Luisa's birthday party. Luisa, Cia's XO. I don't think Luisa was entirely approving, but I think it helped when Cia trotted out Luisa's family. she had flown them over on the Interbus for the festivities. The whole thing kinda made me miss the days when Silver had a crew small enough most of them could fit in one place.

Was almost a bit of trouble when Nerila, the CMO, and Mitch, the head engineer, made it overly evident that they were in a relationship. I think Luisa was about to rip them a new one for violating standing orders so, uh, publicly. It's been going on for months, but Luisa had been turning a blind eye, I suspect. And Cia didn't have a clue, apparently. I mean, how does that work, if you are your ship, I would think you would know about people, uh, being involved aboard.

Cia intervened before Luisa could really start to reprimand them, which, well. A captain publicly interfering with her XO is not, as Ulf observed, a good thing. It worked out in the end, and we got a surprise wedding! I think Luisa was happy for them, once they weren't breaking regs anymore. And Cia got to perform a wedding. I hope things between them work out, cause that should be one hell of a story for the kids. Anyway, after that I think everyone had a much better time.

Ulf got them a stay at a hotel as a gift, I'm a bit jealous I didn't think of it. I just got them fishing rods, since apparently that is a hobby of Mitch's. I've Fisk to thank for the tip. Fisk showed me something a bit more worrying too, at one point. He is concerned, I think personally and professionally, with some of the company Cia has been keeping. My hands are a little tied though. I mean, she's a grown up, and at this point I don't think it is something she doesn't want, though she might be, I don't know, waffling. Well, whatever happens, I'll just try to point her in the right direction and be there for her.

The more I deal with Ulf, the more I'm warming up to him. We had a lot of chances to talk at the party, about things. Family and that kind of stuff. I explained to him, about creches, and corporation. About how Silver is a bit traditional in some of his views. He's told me a bit about himself, and well. We all have pasts. His concern for Cia, and the way he looks at her, do him credit. My feeling is that she could be happy with him, though I don't know if he realizes what he would be in for. Still, he wouldn't be the first person that was able to put up a good front, so I'll keep an eye. I don't think Fisk likes him either, but, well. That probably isn't out of concern for the security threat he poses.

Journal 7/24/11

Everything is moved, and as far as I can tell Silver seems to be settling in well with the Re-Aw folks. Always a bit nervous when we have to move the Ideal of course. Went smoothly though, a quick jump and we were in our new home. Well, sort of. ReAwakened apparently bases mostly in high sec. More pigs to deal with, but I guess we all gotta make sacrifices. So, Silver's gonna still have to move ships around. He's a bit woozy from all the clone jumping, but I'm sure he'll be fine.

Journal 7/21/11

Well, I managed to corner Silver about where we might be headed in the future. Looks like he will be joining Electus Matari. They seem like a nice bunch, little straight-laced for my tastes, but Silver should fit in just fine. Not sure what I'm going to do with my podder status, not that it really matters, since I don't much fly anyway. Regardless, a new corporation means new opportunities I suppose.

Cia might end up there too, in the same corp even, Reawakened Technologies. She was talking about some of her options - among other things - with me at Fit to Fly. The pool there is open, and it's lovely.

Cia - well, she's managed to get herself in a bit of a situation, I guess. One which she's asked me not to do anything about, and I guess I won't, for now. If she wants it to be a personal matter, I have to respect that. Still, I just don't think she understands - really understands - what people can be like. She's so innocent.

If anyone does anything to take that away from her, I will do everything in my power to make sure they beg for a 'locking. As it is, I'm just going to resort to Silver's strategy for now. I will be very polite.

I do hope her second date with Ulf goes well though.

Anyway, with this corporate move, need to get things all bundled up, ready to be transferred. Need to make sure the crew knows what to expect, get them familiar with new guidelines, though thankfully there won't be too much oversight from RE-AW, from what I understand, on a crew level. At least we aren't losing many this time to the escape clause. Most of the crew seem to find the idea of working for the Republic more palatable than they did working for the Nation. Go figure.

Now, I have a shit-ton of work to do for this corporate change-over. Until next time journal.

Journal 7/19/11

Cia and I went to the memorial for Dr Harefnem. It was at the same bar her father tried to poison her at, all that time ago. Least, it seems a long time ago. Harefnem's long time partner spoke. It's a fucking tragedy that couples like them have to keep things under wraps, and aren't treated better in the State. Hell, that right there accounts for a good chunk of Guristas recruitment. I've gotten a few decent employees that way myself, when we head out that way. People who don't 'fit in.'

It seems that the funeral customs from Debreth and some of those in the State have something in common too. The coins, for the dead, for one. Anyway, the ceremony reminded me a bit of Jan, of what I couldn't go and see because of who I was. I spoke a few words to my ancestors, for Harefnem. He's a good man, he should have the best reception in the afterlife. Oh! And Ciarente started a scholarship fund in Harefnem's name, I'll need to talk to Silver about contributing. Need to talk to him in general.

In happier news, Cia has officially left WRS. And she went on a date with Ulf. Plus she is talking about a second date without Cami around. I've gotta say, I'm awfully happy for her. Glad things are getting more, well, normal for her. Reminds me I could probably do a bit better in that area myself. Just seems like I'm so spirits-damned busy all the time. Speaking of, need to go.

Journal 7/17/11

Ran into CJ Walker at the Rens Bazaar. She seems like a good sort, though with her own scars from the past. Probably one reason she and Cia seem to get along so well. She had just been speaking to Cia actually, who I apparently managed to just miss.

From what CJ said, Cia is leaving White Rose. Happy to hear it honestly, I have some suspicions about Vikarion. Probably the war and everything finally tipped it for her. Need to talk to her, see what she might get up to next.

Meantime Silver's told me we are going to be looking for a new home of our own. He won't share why though. I need to corner him and get it out of him somehow. Beat him up or something. He has become much more closed lately, it's a pain in my ass.

The yearly crew marksmanship competition went off without a hitch, though it's beginning to seem like Sarakai is never destined for first place. She came in second this year, by all of a millimeter, in the hybrids category. The new girl - Taya Ruomi - managed to nab first. She's a natural I guess, and not even a marine. Works down in engineering. Might have to feel her out, see if she wants a change of pace.

Feel a bit sorry for Sarakai though. Losing again, and not even to a professional. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even think about how second place means she beat everyone else, including the guy who won last year. I know it wouldn't make me feel better about losing. Her birthday is coming up, I might have to ask Math'ra again about where he got that rifle he gave me, see if that won't cheer her up.

Journal 7/15/11

I'm buried under paperowrk and more than a little bored. I've begun 'missing' the days when things were happening. Never a good sign.

At least the yearly marksmanship competition is coming up. I've got a few bets riding on Sarakai for the long range rail and projectile categories. Something to do, at the very least. With any luck, this year will be her year, though there is supposed to be a newbie who is pretty good. Guess we'll see if Sara is up to it.

Journal 7/13/11

Wanted to get some spares and take it easy, so I headed to the Rens Bazaar. Always something new to see, or someone new to meet there. Found my spares no problem. It's one of those places, you know? Where you could buy a Zainou made (or knockoff) actuator right next to a stand selling kofte in that delicious sauce.

Anyway, had my spares, was doing a bit of window shopping - not that anywhere there has real windows exactly - and ran into Cia. She's finally decided to do a bit of redecorating. Everything from the plates to the couch. It will be nice to be able to walk into her place without the visual assault that Camille managed to put together. And Cia met a guy!

His name's Ulf, he is Matariki Rain's cousin, I guess? Except not exactly? Sort of like creche-mates might not really be siblings, but we called each-other brother and sister. So, they are clan-cousins.

Ulf seemed very nice. He was helping Cia pick things out. He managed to convince Cia to take her hat off, told her that the injuries from what happened, and from the surgeries, that they are battlescars. Not a bad notion, true enough as far as I'm concerned. Cia still looked a little selfconcious, but it's for the best, I think. I'm afraid I did grill the man a bit, but he seemed to take it alright. Want to make sure anyone who's got Cia blushing checks out alright. EM are a stand up bunch from what I've heard, and I think he's a good guy.

Anyway, he had to leave, Cia and I were figuring out a plan for the furniture swap, and Fisk showed up. He's been taking his duties as Cia's head bodyguard seriously - very seriously. She had slipped away and he was nearly in a panic by the time he found us. He was having trouble handling it, the crowds. Saw threats everwhere. I'm beginning to think this isn't a simple matter of being a little jumpy after everything that has happened. I told him to see Nerila or a shrink. I'm not even sure he is fit for duty.

Journal 7/9/11

Went to the Gate for the first time in a long time, and it was great. Something about going back to a regular bar, it's like going home. Ran into Jack Madison, who was entertaining as always, particularly when he was making Cia blush. It is good, seeing her alive like that. Jack seems to be doing well. Getting into creative cargo running, like he was born doing it I'm sure.

Fisk was there too, and I took him aside to have a chat with him. told him he needed to dial it back, and that we would get him and his people training in close personal protection. I don't know if it helped, I don't know if he can dial it back. From what he said, he has been on edge, ever since Cia got back. Seeing threats everywhere. I don't know if it is what Vikarion did or what happened, but I don't think Fisk's quite right anymore. He said people 'all look wrong' to him now. At least overprotective isn't as bad as the alternative. I just hope he doesn't pop some civvie.

Anyway, I'm going to have Sarakai coordinate with him, get his people up to speed. There aren't that many of them, so it shouldn't be hard. Also means that they each have to do more, in a way, though. I just hope they're up to it. Hope that what happen helped the with resolve rather than destroying morale. Maybe it's something I should check for myself. Fisk might not be the only shook up one.

Journal 7/8/11

Ran into Cia and Cami talking with CJ at the Bazaar in Rens today. Cami seems to have just bounced back, like nothing ever happened. It's incredible. Cia...

Cia seemed to be doing well. She was wearing a hat, to hide the scars, I guess. When I found her, back in the tunnels, when she told me what had happened to her, what he did to her to try and find out secrets. My secrets.

I told her once secrets could eat you up. I didn't mean it quite so literally. She's doing a lot better now, I think. I don't think she's dwelling on it much. I'm glad she came out alive, and not too... that she's ok.

Fisk is a different matter. He was there too, and I need to have a talk with him. Protective is good, on a personal security detail, but you can overdo it. He's jumpy, and newly wired, and that's no good at all. That's how bystanders get hurt.

Cami and CJ seemed to be getting along really well, at least. CJ took her to a shooting range while I was talking with Cia. It is going to be a wonder if we can keep that girl from getting ahold of a gun until she is ten, much less any longer. Apparently she has a bit of a knack. She won that animal at the festival on Debreth too.

I wonder, sometimes, if we're on the right path, Silver and I. When someone like CJ is on the 'other side.' Not my job to worry about it, I guess.

Anyway, had to break the news about Harefnem to Cia. Noone had told her yet. She was talking about maybe starting a foundation in his memory. I think that is something he would have liked. I hope whoever killed him gets what's coming to them.

Journal 7/3/11

I just got the news, someone got to Harefnem. Killed him in his apartment. I'm going to kill the head of his security detail. Were they just standing around with their thumbs up their asses?

In any case, it's a tragedy. He was, I think, a good man, and a good doctor. Not to mention I don't know who's going to help keep Cia's head on straight. Nothing yet on trying to track down who was responsible, but I have my suspicions. Not a long list, the people who might have been concerned about his influence over Cia. In fact, right now it has exactly two people on it. Here I was thinking things would be easier. I wonder if Cia has heard or if I'll need to tell her?

In any case, we're heading home soon, with luck it will be sorted then. I was... well, I was a little worried that Cia and Camille would be staying here. It is terrible, because it is so dangerous out here, but I would have missed them. I'm glad they are staying where they are easy to visit. Looking forward to having a few drinks in the Gate ASAP I must say.

Journal 7/2/11

It's over. At least, I think it is. We found Cia and Camille, and they are both going to be ok. Jorion put a bunch of shit in Cia's head, and her implants got burned out, all of them. Sanik fixed her all up though, took all the broken pieces out. They were being kept in tunnels, and then there was the flood and... Well, it got a little hairy there for a bit. Everyone came out alive though. Well, not Jorion or his weird Cia-doll, but everyone that matters. Seeing what Roth did to Cia....

When I find him, he is going to regret ever laying a finger on her.

But, happier things. Food at the Roth house was as good as I remembered, after we were checked out of the hospital. Got a good night sleep, felt as good as new. Or at least as good as factory refurbished.

The festival was everything Cia had described, even if we missed the start - being underground at the time.

Alain's was still being rebuilt, but after eating there again, I must say it was one of the better things I have ever spent my money on. Sarakai won a stuffed animal that was, I'll not exaggerate, twice her size. Camille and I caught some rides too. The whole thing was a blast. Cami is a wonder, she just bounced back from the whole thing.

Still, it'll be nice to be back in my own bunk, with no huge crisis going on.

Journal 6/28/11

We got a call from Cami. She's sharp enough to cut with. She not only grabbed Fisk's ear piece, she managed to get it working. From her description, she's in tunnels under Debreth. That bastard Jorion went home when he ran. We're in transit now. I need to let Luisa know the latest. I've got Sarakai and most of Safe and Sound's available personnel. The Utopian Pattern will be providing support overhead. Spirits grant we're in time.

Journal 6/25/11

I saw Fisk today, and he isn't coping very well. Feels like he failed. He's been watching the feed I sent, of his last few moments, over and over. Asked if there was a way to get the memories from the dead body copied into his current brain. I told him what our experts told me, that no, there isn't. Not sure I wouldn't have lied if there was. Guy is already fucked up enough without adding that to it.

Still, I guess if he wasn't beating himself up over it, he wouldn't be such a good CTO for Cia. I'm sure things'll get a lot better for him once we get her back.

Journal 6/24/11

The autopsies are done. The one that Nerila did was pretty much as expected: All 6 marines were shot. She found something weird though, so she sent us Alpassi's head. Now, Alpassi was the one who shot the other five before someone - we're pretty sure Jorion - killed her with a bullet to the head at point blank range. Old Takosha - that is, CMO Takosha Nari aboard the Ideal here, did a more thorough examination of what was in Alpassi's head. Turns out the poor girl had a TCMC in there. Spirits but I wouldn't want to be in her shoes when she wakes up. I hope she copes alright.

As far as the trail goes, it went cold. Or something. We weren't that far behind, but the possibilities multiplied. First there were ten ships they could have been on, then a hundred, then thousands. So, we're good and fucked on that front.

Fisk will be back in action a little later, I need to make sure and swing by, talk to him. Make sure he's doing alright. Guy deserves a medal already.

Journal 6/20/11

Spirits what a cluster fuck. This whole damn thing is my fault.

Cia and Camille are gone, kidnapped, and six of Cia's marines are dead. And it was that son of a bitch Jorion that did it. Fisk managed to get that out, before he died. Half his head all over the...

Jorion did it, and he managed to turn one of Cia's people to do it somehow, and now he has disappeared. Forensics says the woman that helped him - Alpassi - was shot in the head after she shot all her squad-mates. What a fucking mess. We had the station practically torn apart, but they must have been off already by the time we go there. I should have dealt with that bastard when I had him. Obviously the warning wasn't enough. We're trying to track down all the departures, but Ancestors help me, I don't know if it will be enough.

It doesn't matter, we'll get something.

I'm going to review the feed I stored when I was talking to Fisk again, see if there's something, anything. I don't know how that tough bastard was even still alive.

We'll save them, Cia and Cami both. We have to.

Journal 6/15/11

After extensive questioning, Rask apparently knows virtually nothing about whoever contracted her to put TCMCs in my crew. Everything was set up through blind corporations - now dissolved of course - and even the chips were sent ready to be implanted. So, after all this, we run into a spirits-damned blank wall. I was about ready to tear Rask in half when she couldn't get us anything, but I discussed it with Sarakai and we decided to use her instead. Even if she can't give us anything on our mystery shithead, she can at least serve as a line into the local criminal community. Things like that can be handy I guess, but I'm still sitting here grinding my teeth little. At least Tragenne had a good time, and he is slightly insufferable still about the whole thing.

After the limbo that the investigation into the attack on Cia and Camille at their apartment fell into, I'm wondering if we are doig this thing wrong somehow?

Still we will keep people trying to track down who was behind these corporations, just like we still have people checking into anything unusual about the locations recovered from the computer core that was our last clue after the attack. Maybe something will break eventually. In one or both of the cases.

In other exciting news, the Festival of the Waters is coming up in Debreth in just a couple of weeks. It'll be nice to head down there again, it is a lovely town. I'm not sure what all the excitement is about more water in the river - I thought that is what rivers were for? - but a party is a party.

Journal 6/14/11

Now that the situation with Jorion Roth is handled, we have had our full attention on Rask. With Tragenne's position close to her, we had considered running raids on her entire organization at once. Just stamp them all down, remove all the pieces from play at once. Really though, I was curious why she did it. I mean, she had to know if it ever came back to her, it would get ugly. Ugly enough to be very bad for business at least. So, we had Tragenne get her away from most of her security, then scooped just her up. Made it look like a CONCORD job, so her cronies wouldn't come looking.

Have her down in the tank right now. With any luck, I can finally get this mess wrapped up too. At this rate, I won't have anything left to do.

Journal 6/12/11

A while back some of the software agents started raising alerts about someone searching for information about me. More intently than usual. We backtracked the queries to a certain FIO branch office. There are, I hope, not that many FIO agents with an interest in me. So, we put some very discreet - mostly signals - surveillance on the situation, and low and behold, up pops Jorion Roth. I had downgraded him to a very low priority. Honestly, I could have lived without ever finding him. I would have been happy, and I think in the end Cia would have been happy. Well, even given that, I couldn't very well ignore it when he hopped into my lap. Particularly when he apparently went beyond innocent curiosity - if he possesses such a thing - and purchased a ticket to Goinard.

Now, Goinard happens to be where I spend a great deal of free time. Verone runs quite a nice bar, and by nice I mean free. So, we set a trap for our intrepid secret agent, in case his interest wasn't in a quiet drink. It wasn't exactly a cake walk, he is a professional. But professionals tend to think the same. There is one best place, on that trip, to make a move. So he was a few steps behind me in the shuttle back to Ennur, hand on his pistol, when everyone else in the flight drew their weapons on him.

Quite aside from the fact that his situation is a hole he dug entirely for himself, I'm backed up. All he would have managed to do was inconvenience me. Particularly because I'm sure that it is hard to convince the cloning techs to carve parts off a perfectly good clone to fit it with prosthetics.

In the end, I inconvenienced him, and hopefully when he receives his own severed head in the mail, it will encourage him to back off, and move on.

Journal 6/10/11

Well, we are about ready to roll up this Rask thing. After turning Dr Rolasque, we used him as a way in, along with Rask's greed. We had the Doctor introduce Rask to 'Dante Trenes,' supposedly a freelance smuggler with connections in Phoenix - the Serps that is. Rask is mostly a local, service industry type. Protection, gambling, that sort of thing. She would, apparently, dearly love to break into imports. Specifically: weapons, narcotics, and boosters. Dante appears to be the answer to her wishes. In fact, 'Dante Trenes' is Dorne Tragenne, the Major in charge of the Ideal's fighter wing. Of course, he isn't a trained spook, but he volunteered, and in light of his... particular skillset and experience Sarakai and I felt he would be right for the job.

So, we make him a background, and send him in. No problem. He chats up Rask, closes a deal for guns and crash right off. Now, this is where we were a bit clever:

First deals like this are also tests. Rask ran background checks and all on 'Trenes' of course, but that just gets him in the door. When a contact actually delivers product it goes a hell of a way further to building trust. So, we arranged the shipment, delivered, and Tragenne was in.

Just about the first thing Rask (or Ollada as Maj. Tragenne was calling her at this point) did was take some of the guns and unpowered armor we sold her and use them to take out one of her rivals. Poor bastard hardly saw it coming. We gave her and her people high quality merchandise.

Apparently in the celebrations afterward, Maj. Tragenne took his assignment to get close to Rask very seriously indeed, which had Sarakai and I busting up, because Rask is a big gal. Not fat, but heavily built and tall, and Tragenne is shorter than I am. Sarakai tells me that some of the flight deck crew were already caught trying to sneak a full grown cow aboard, to leave in his quarters when he comes back. Spirits know how they even found out about the specifics of the operation.

In any case we're very well positioned. Just a little longer, we should have all the intel we need. We'll roll everything up and find out what the hell Rask was doing messing with my people. Our counter-intel operation is ticking along pretty well too.

Employee Records: Dorne Tragenne

Name: Tragenne, Dorne
Rank: Major
Position: CO, Fighter Wing, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Hangar, Office located in compartment number 3495H
EID: OFS738430
DOB: 4.12.71
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Orvolle, FAB Office Station
Citizenship: Federation (revoked), Syndicate
Age: 40
Height: 168cm
Mass: 75kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Bloodtype: O-
Augmentations: -
  • 89: Federal Navy Academy, Alparena
  • 92: Federal Piloting School, Adacyne
  • 94: Lieutenant, Pilot, Firlbog class fighters, Syndicate border command.
  • 100: MIA, patrol,Vey?
  • 101: Pilot, Cargo, Vallarne and Sons Importers, based: Y-W6GF Intaki Syndicate Bureau Station.
  • 105: Owner, Tregenne Hauling and Inventory Management
  • 110: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:
Performance satisfactory. Further investigation of employment history recommended.

Recommendation not in line with current priorities - AI.

Journal 6/1/11

Been a hell of a couple weeks. Afraid this is going to take more than one sit-down to set out. First off I've been out of touch with 'podder circles' most of this time, which has honestly been a relief. Not that I didn't miss my evenings in the Gate, talking to some of them, particularly Cia (who know what she's gotten up to since I haven't been keeping an eye on her), Hitome, Morwen, and oddly enough Math'ra (go figure). It's just where there are podders, there always seems to be all kinds of dramatic, upside-down, fucked up shit going on. If I ever decide sleeping with a podder is a good idea, I hope someone shoots me.

Still, to each their own, and it isn't any of my business. Maybe the problem is with me having trouble adjusting - I'm not enough of an infomorph, or posthuman, or whatever the current popular word is. Regardless, it was good to have a break - though considering what all went on with me while I was being a normal human again, I feel a little bit of a hypocrite complaining about other people having excessive dramatics. Lemme see where I left off last time, there is a lot to get through.

I think the last news of our little internal security problem was a couple weeks ago when we had planted a couple people to keep an eye on our Dr Rolasque. Well, things have progressed quite a bit further, since then.

Aboard the Ideal we have made a number of discoveries. We figured out which technician sold us out. We also - after something like 2 months of analysis - have made progress on the Ishugur Incident. What was left of his skull apparently had microscopic marks congruent with, wait for it: The insertion of a Transcrannial Microcontroller. So, our working theory is that he was implanted by the same people that got to our crewmen, then sent back to the ship. We think there was a malfunction - or maybe someone fucked up when the programmed him. So, he just keeps stealing food, over and over. Meanwhile our turncoat technician has to scramble to cover for Ishugurs ludicrous activities lest we catch Ishugur and unravel the whole thing.

None of this, unfortunately, tells us what Ishugur was supposed to be doing if his chip had worked correctly. All the things that could tell us, like Ishugur's brain and the chip itself, are in the bellies of fedos which are now infesting some blooder station in Delve. Further interrogation of our technician - one Thirshu Gazal - will turn up more information, I hope. We can't do anything permanent, because we are hoping to use him against his former employers. He has already provided a little useful information, and Lt. Aurilen is still working on him.

In wonderful news, we have managed to turn Dr Rolasque. It was actually relatively easy, his gambling problem was the obvious way in. The dealer we slipped into the casino let slip that if the doctor required, he might be able to loan him a little money. After that, he was ours. It is pretty apparent that is how his current bosses got their talons in, and they are a jealous bunch. Particularly because we made sure and gave him the impression we were a rival criminal group, so if he did let slip anything to his employers, they would know he had taken money from the 'other side' already - making them just as likely to slit his throat as pat him on the back.

He has told us some valuable things as well. He works for a local Angel boss, by the name of Ollada Rask. She operates mostly in Ennur, and vies for control (with varying degrees of intensity and violence) with a number of other Angels as well as miscellaneous other criminals. So far as our friend the doctor knows, Ollada is the one behind the entire operation against us. Nice to get a face on the enemy, I'll see if I have a surveillance photo somewhere around for my next entry. Anyway, information in hand, we started planning out next move.

First thing I did was move Sarakai off the Ideal in case we were under surveillance. She got to leave the ship in a crate, since it is probably known she is head of security. The rest of the team we plan on using filtered out with crew going on leave, and they have all moved over to the 8-6 station where this has all been going on. All this was about a week and a half ago. More next time.