Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 28.6.13

TO: Dr Nolikka Toin
FROM: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
AT: 15:49 29.6.113

Dr. Toin,

I wanted to ensure that you were notified as promptly as possible. Those involved in your abduction have been sentenced to three years in a Federal prison. While that sentence is less than might be hoped, prison is an unpleasant place, and it is impossible to predict what the future might bring. Please contact me if there is anything I might do to help.

Captain Silver Night

Journal 6/15/13

I've seen the value of constant training first hand, but it does start to drive you crazy. I'm starting to consider having our own holidays. We employ enough people - but they're all from different places, so there aren't really any of the old ones that everyone has in common.

I'll see what Silver thinks when he gets back from the State. Maybe there's something in one of his old books or something we could co-opt.

There's a rumor someone went and uploaded themselves to a ship. Hope it was a nice ship, not like a Probe or something.

Personal Correspondence: Incoming 13.06.113

TO: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Dr Nolikka Toin
AT: 11:12 13.6.113
STATUS: Recieved

Captain Night,

Thank you for your kind wishes. The corporation has been very supportive of us all during this transition. As my own security clearance has not yet been re-established after my absence, none of my work is currently classed at higher than 'restricted'. You would be most welcome to see what is, I must admit, not a great deal of progress as yet.


Dr Nolikka Toin

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 13.6.13

TO: Dr Nolikka Toin
FROM: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
AT: 09:34 13.6.113

Dr. Toin,

I trust that this message finds you well and that you are receiving everything you need from the corporation as you settle back in. My business may take me to the State soon, and if I'm in the area, I would like very much to see how your work is progressing - if it is not too sensitive, of course. I hope that the others are also doing well.

Captain Silver Night

Journal 6/10/11

Had dinner - Cia said it was something simple, but it seemed pretty damn good to me. Chicken, roasted, and with, I don't know. Some sort of stuff on it.

Charlie seems to be largely recovered, Cia seemed a little tired. Not too tired to suggest Silver might see that Dr Toin is properly supported by the corporation on her return.

And Silver has discovered he simply *must* check on a couple of his business interests in the State for a day or two. Coincidentally.

Journal 6/7/13

All the ex-slaves are in the process of leaving. Mostly they'll be heading back to their corporations - Ishukone, for about half of them, including Dr. Toin.

She probably has a lot of catching up to do. With her family and with her work. Silver offered her a position here, but I guess that pull - family and corporation - won out.

I wonder just what's happening to the scum that was holding them all. Perhaps it's time to check up on him.

Journal 5/31/11

I try to imagine what it would be like - two years - and I just can't.

Journal 5/28/11

We got them all out. Noone who didn't have it coming got killed.

There were some injuries. Now I need to tell Cia. Why couldn't I have just been shot.