Journal 1/21/14

Business Partners? Why didn't they just get married, so much less potentially messy.

Journal 1/19/14

Well, back in Gulf, back to normal, sort of. As normal as it gets.

Journal 1/14/14

Can't let Silver out of my sight, or he gets in all kinds of trouble.

It's been nice, being on Debreth, staying at Cia's family home, playing in the snow with Cami. Strange, a little, sometimes. When I think about it. But nice.

Journal 1/12/14

Nicolas Roth. Nick? Nico? I think it's a good name.

Journal 1/11/14

It's a boy!

Journal 1/9/14

Arrived in Debreth, and it's cold as a Serp's soul. Still, it's pretty, with the snow everywhere, and plenty warm everywhere that's in-doors. They do some amazing things with hot chocolate here.

Cia looks about ready to pop, and they say any day now. Silver seems like he might be more nervous than she is. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago that Charlie was showing up here 'on a case' and borrowing a coat, and now look at us.

Journal 1/5/14

We're heading back home. Dr Toin is out of her contract, though her situation aboard the Ideal hasn't been finalized.

Not a new contract, though. I can see why should wouldn't want one, and I don't blame her, not wanting to let someone new hold a leash she only just escaped.

I need to follow up, too. Make sure she's seeing a shrink, cause she seems like she's still a little jumpy. Don't blame her for that, either, and she seems comfortable enough aboard the ship, but still. Have to make sure she's okay.

Journal 1/4/14

Well, Silver and Dr Toin did have a nice, if apparently very tiring trip. Maybe Dr Toin isn't recovered entirely from her injuries, yet.

The negotiations over her contract is in the final stages, and should be wrapped up soon, and we can get back. Not that the State isn't lovely, but I find that after so long elsewhere, it's mostly just lovely to visit. It doesn't feel like the place I belong, anymore. Though the food just isn't the same anywhere else.

Journal 1/3/14

Silver and Dr Toin are off, some Mountain Wind temple on New Caldari. Maybe all the time on a KK station has gotten to him. I know he thought about being a priest, way back when. Only briefly, thank the spirits.

Not a big fan of priests, as a rule. I know the ones on Debreth best not give us any more shit. I do wonder how Nualla's doing.

Journal 1/2/14

Dr Toin seems to have mostly recovered. Apparently she and Silver are going to do some sort of tourist thing to New Caldari, which sounds excruciating, so I'm going to stay here and 'maintain crew readiness' - which is mostly making sure that we don't end up with anyone on shore leave in prison.

Journal 1/1/14

New Year, in the State. It's sort of nice, at least for a visit.

Silver seems to be doing a good job of burying that slug Uagata. Pretty easy, I suppose, when you're the one who picked and paid for his lawyer.