Journal 3/23/12

Cia and Cami came over for dinner earlier. Dinner was good - Silver's chefs are almost as good as Cia, I think - and I took Cami down to see the fighter bay. I think Silver wanted some private time with Cia.

Cami wanted to see everything of course. She was nearly squished by a munitions trolley, and she wanted to fly one of the fighters. I let her sit in one, and pester poor Maj Tragenne. She seemed to know what everything was, though, and the basics of flying them. Course, she's laser-sharp, shouldn't be surprised she's picked stuff up. Think she caught Tragenne on his back foot, a couple of times, even.

When we got back to the officer's mess, Cia seemed... something. I'm not sure. I need to ask Silver what they talked about.

Journal 3/20/12

I'll miss Sarakai. Maj. Sidreke seems to be alright with the CTO position for the time being. Sent the SCID the paperwork, so with any luck, that situation is handled.

Employee Records: Sarakai Voutelen (Deceased)

Note 3/24/12: Col Voutelen was KIA, aboard the Megathron-class Battleship Utopian Spring during action at a hostile structure 3/10/12, in Half. Due to the location, no remains could be recovered. No beneficiaries were listed for her benefits.

Name: Voutelen, Sarakai
Rank: Colonel
Position: Commander, Security, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Command, Office located in compartment number 2554D
EID: OSF573862
DOB: 9.21.58
Corporation of Birth: Ishukone
Place of Birth: Illsuen, South Navata, Tsuguwa III
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caldari (Deteis)(Standard, middle stage planetary colony, second generation)
Age: 52
Height: 153cm
Mass: 45.5kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Bloodtype: A+
Augmentations: Metabolic enhancements(minor), neural rewiring, muscular enhancements(minor), Optical Implant.
  • 75: Daras III - Ishukone Watch Station - Basic Training (Completed)
  • 77: Saranen 5-16 - Ishukone Watch Station - Special Operations and Tactics Course (Completed)
  • 81: Korama III - Ishukone Watch Station - OCS (Graduated)
  • 3 tours, Gallente Border Zone(75,81,86)
  • 76: Positive review following action against a covert Sansha's Nation base
  • 78: Commendation following operations against Guristas assets, including infiltration
  • 80: Recommended for officer training.
  • 81: Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 82: Commendation for bravery during a successful operation against a 'rogue' Gallente military presence
  • 85: Positive review following successful operations against ground and space assets of the Angel Cartel
  • 86-88: Promotion to Captain. Successful operations against Serpentis ground assets in the border zone. Injured in an assault on a Serpentis processing plant
  • 88-92: Assigned to the station security section, Ishukone Factory, Inghenges 5-13
  • 93 - 98: Promotion to Major. Executive officer, Anti-crime task force, based out of Ishukone factory, Hakonen 7-7. Successful operations against Guristas, Seprentis, and Angel assets
  • 99-102: Promotion to Lt Col. Garrison commander, Eranakko II Ishukone colony
  • 102: Official Reprimand following the inquiry regarding events surrounding separatist attacks, Eranakko II colony
  • 102: Recruited by the Guristas Organization
  • 106: Hired by Captain Silver Night
Additional Notes:
Col. Voutelen was recommended by XO Invelen upon the XO's own hiring. Excellent performance at all reviews. Col. Voutelen has made it to the finals in the yearly markmanship competitions the last 4 years running, though she has never won.

Journal 3/16/12

Silver sent a team down. they found some sort of lake, but it wasn't water. Black stuff, apparently. Said it scared them. Silver seems to think it fits stuff from Debreth folklore. He's had a talk with Hiri about it.

The other stuff is going fine. Had to bring in an outside team for PD reasons, rented out an off-ship clinic.

Journal 3/14/12

They found something, down under the tunnels, in Debreth. It showed up on the scans - anomalous they said. It might be the place that's bothering Cia so much.

Journal 3/12/12

We're going to Annelle soon. Silver wants to do scans. He's been poking around in old books, too. Muttering about 'Dark water, still water' and 'Who is 'he'? Who took her from the water?' when he doesn't think anyone is listening. He's sent off for some specialist, too.

Hopefully we can find a place and that will help Cia. Somehow. Silver's been talking with Hiri, and that's what they've come to, I guess.

It's probably good, him having something to throw himself into.

Journal 3/10/12

Silver lost a Megathron earlier today. The Utopian Spring. Some of the crew made it out. Some didn't. A lot of letters to send.

Journal 3/8/12b

Almost forgot, I saw that blooder that works for that Narath guy in the Bazaar. Was chasing her down when I literally ran into Etay - who was watching Cia, and then we went and had that whole talk.

Journal 3/8/12

So, the whole thing with Etay nearly went real, real bad. He talked to Cia, and that wasn't great. She told the truth, after he started in about that woman who died. Spirits, it isn't like Cia didn't make sure her kid'll be taken care of. Etay is a little inflexible. All truth and justice.

Anyway, after that he tried to convince her to turn herself in, of all things. It being Cia, I think she might have been half convinced too. Bullshit, since she just did what she should have. Sometimes there's collateral damage, but you live with it.

Well, she could have told me, too, but that's beside the point. I don't know that any team of mine could have done things more neatly than she did on her own.

Anyway, managed to get that over with, and then on his way out, he tries to arrest Sarakai. What're the chances? Probably my fault, I must have mentioned her name to him, and maybe he just has a really good memory. Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Murder. Anyway, she wasn't about to go with him, and he had pretty limited leverage, so he agreed to release her to my custody until the trial. I gave him the rimpon I promised him - hell, that kind of commitment to the job deserves something - and he went on his way.

So Sara will probably be spending the foreseeable future aboard the Ideal. Don't need her getting into it with cops or bounty hunters from the Fed. With the political situation and all, she'd probably be the catch of some district prosecutor's career, just now.

Really I probably did Etay a favor. I'd hate to see the kind of prison gang Sara could put together.

It wasn't fun explaining to Cia the kind of things Sara did, before I met her. I think she understands, though. Maybe too well. I probably shouldn't have compared Sara to podders. I didn't mean Cia, and I said that, but I think maybe it brought things back.

Still, things seemed ok during dinner. I'm sure it'll all work out.

Journal 3/7/12

Had a drink with Gottii. Guess the doctors are working on his head thing. Sounds like something is happening, at least.

We talked. Some places, it seemed like we were talking slightly different languages, translators or no. There's common ground though.

Old soldiers, and now we've got implants and underlings and all that shit. People bringing back memories, too. I guess it's part of what they're doing to help him. Remembering some of the shit I ate in the field, I can't say I blame him for not relishing waking up to the taste.

Journal 3/6/12

Went to this EM get-together at the 'Gate. That pilot who shot that guard, BT, was there too. There was some kind of drama, but the auto-turrets didn't come out.

I'm trying to socialize with these Re-Aw people, like I should. Seems like there is a lot of complicated history though. I'll have to try and pick it up as I go.

Was good to catch up a little with CJ, Ulf and Gottii, though. Ruby showed up, too. Haven't seen her in ages.

I told Cia about Etay, about maybe talking with him.

Hopefully she can just tell him she doesn't remember shit. Best way to go, if you have to talk to the cops. I told her, cops are tricky. Hopefully she believes me, and she'll just tell him the minimum so he can go back where he came from.

Journal 3/3/12

I talked to that cop, Charlie Etay. Stumbled on him near Cia's hangar, staking it out, I guess. He seems ok, for a badge.

I got him over to Lenfa's. Made it clear where I stand, but I'd rather not need to have anything permanent happen. He can't really do much anyway. Just don't want Cia to get hurt - she's not in the best place right now. Need to talk to her, figure out what the quickest way to put this Fed out of the way will be.

Journal 3/1/12

Silver commed me earlier. There was someone from the Fed - Supreme Court Investigative Division, hanging around the Bazaar. Seemed interested in Cia. Mentioned something about Eletta. I told Silver what I knew, and he said he would warn Cia.

I've alerted S&S already, and started looking into this investigator. Charles Etay. Shouldn't be much of a threat, but better safe than sorry. I'll make sure that Sarakai's people know, too, in case it requires direct action. It doesn't hurt to have a plan.

Journal 2/28/12

I helped Hiri with this... this thing she wanted to do. Her commitment to her job is... Well, I'm glad that Cia has someone like that, and it was for Cia of course, I just wish Hiri hadn't picked me to 'help' her. That she would have found someone else to trust. It was no fun, and I've seen my share of no-fun shit. I'm just glad it was so short.

Glad Hiri's okay too. At least, she seemed okay when I talked to her, after. If it was me... Well, it wouldn't be.

Think I need a shower.