Journal 11/20/12

I went to talk to Cia about what's happened. We were talking and she just sort of drifted off on me. Playing hostess and acting real... I don't know, vague. I'd have thought she was drugged if I didn't know better.

She says she gets lost. I can guess where.

I was trying to explain to her, how things do get better, and Hiri can help her. After that, though, I'm not sure Hiri realizes how serious it is. Well, hopefully she'll realize now.

Journal 11/19/12b

Saw Hiri. She was mostly pretty evasive about, well, most of what I wanted to talk to her about. Don't really blame her, tough position to be in.

On the topic of Dr Nabobeh, I let her know that I had concerns. She gave me a lot of answers that didn't exactly answer anything. I didn't push her too hard. She's the shrink. She should have the chance to sort it out herself.

On what's happening with Cia, she was a little more forthcoming. Sort of. She was real careful to speak in generalities. About symptoms and triggers and root causes without mentioning anyone or thing specifically.

But Silver increased surveillance on Lorraine Roth after the incident where he called Hiri. So I didn't really need Hiri to provide some of those specifics.

Journal 11/19/12

Met with Cia's new CMO, Dr Nabobeh. Seems better than the last guy, at least. Very enthusiastic. Gets a bit carried away with the 'that's interesting' side of it, maybe. He says Cia's doing well. Healthy, her and the babies.

Apparently there might be a little issue with him and Hiri. Noone's fault, really, but as he put it, he's not the first Ni-Kunni doctor that Hiri might have run into. Hopefully it won't be a problem, because I think it's pretty important that they are able to work well together. I needed to have a talk with Hiri soon anyway, so I'll bring it up.

After that, back to my stack of employee evaluations. Joy to the fucking ancestors. Why can't I just get shot at for a living instead?

Journal 11/16/12

It seems like Cia has been avoiding me, and now Silver tells me that he had to call Hiri to help her. He doesn't seem to want to discuss specifics. Says that it should wait for Hiri to figure out what's best, shink-wise.

He has ordered the security watching Lorraine Roth increased, though.

Journal 11/14/12

Silver's still doing manufacturing and research. Cia too, I guess. I haven't really seen her since the trip.

Journal 11/12/12c

I did manage to politly call Lorraine old a few times. So that was ok.

Journal 11/12/12b

Lorrine Roth was - I'm not sure.

I was expecting her to be unpleasant, and she was. In a very fake-happy-hostess way.

I think the whole thing with her - with Lorraine, I mean - is worse than I'd thought. Cia was nearly catatonic, afterward, just being around her. Like when she has trouble, when she remembers the things that happened, kind of.

Charlie didn't seem to notice, or understand. Some kind of cop he is.

There was something about Lorraine that creeped me out, too. Something about her just seemed off, to me. Beyond the whole false over-enthusiasm, or the badly hidden digs at Cia about stupid shit like her weight.

How insistent she was about getting Cia alone, maybe. Maybe I'm just imagining things. I mean, it might be because this is the woman who married Jorion Roth and didn't seem to care what he was. I don't know. Just... something. Something wrong, hidden in there. Or maybe she's just an unpleasant woman who treats my sister poorly. I think I might increase the detail that keeps an eye on her, in any case.

At least the visit is behind us, and hopefully neither I nor Cia will need to deal with her again any time soon.

Journal 11/12/12

Charlie's family seemed nice. The orchard reminded me of home, all those plants. Bigger of course, it was a good sized building, and the hydro-bay on the station wasn't nearly so large. Still.

Really good pastries, too. Apple, of course.

Cia's mother...

Journal 11/11/12

Charlie wants Cia to meet his family. His parents. He wants to meet hers, too. Well. Her mother, obviously. Jorion is unavailable, and he knows that.

I don't think Cia is thrilled. Maybe she's just nervous. I'm kinda looking forward to meeting Charlie's family. They have an orchard. I do like apples.

Cia's mother...

From what Cia has - not so much said, but from what I kind of guess, she's the kind of parent that makes me glad I was grown in a tube.

Journal 11/9/12

Silver's started doing industrial stuff again. He's also started talking about getting me to oversee some of it. We'll see.

Then again, that would be a good example, for Cami. Something a bit safer. Responsible. All that shit.

Journal 11/6/12b

Talked to Charlie about what happened to Cia. Why she has some... Some concerns about someone in a father role. Or, well, I think it's why, I guess it's why. It makes sense. It seems like if I knew, there should be something I could do about it, though. Shit, I don't know. This is why she hired Hiri.

I told Charlie to wait. More.

I don't know of anything I can do to help. I mean, Jorion's gone. She has family around her. What else can I do. Get both of them to talk to a shrink. Make sure Charlie goes away, if it comes to that. If it doesn't get better for her.

Hopefully it will, and she'll be happy. Or at least she'll get so she doesn't run into those things in her mind that make her remember shit she shouldn't have to remember.

Journal 11/6/12

I got a chance to talk to Cami more. I still don't think she's, you know, thrilled about things. Course, neither am I, with how reckless she was. She's trying to buy her way out - A ship for Silver and a land car for me. Or maybe it's her way of saying sorry. I declined. Silver accepted the ship - a Fleet Stabber. Accepted it, but he's still going to make sure she meets his standards again before he'll teach her in the sim again.

I tried to explain, about being angry and upset because we were scared - all of us. I think she got it. Kind of.

She brought up that we do dangerous things, sometimes. Fuck my ancestors, she's right that I haven't exactly been model, for not doing some stupid, dangerous shit.

She really does seem to be trying hard, with the corporation and everything.

Journal 11/1/12

Went to the Last Gate. Haven't been going out much, what with everything, but it was Verin Hakatain's birthday party and Cia went, so I thought it would be nice to go out.

It was. I'm glad it wasn't too hectic or anything, just Cia and Verin and I - at least by the time I got there. A couple drinks and a bite to eat, with friends. It's been a long time since I've seen Verin, and apparently quite a bit has happened, so I guess it might have been good for him too.

Kinda feels like things are getting back to normal.