Journal 8/28/11

Prep is just about complete for the Awakening Ideal, that's the new Thanatos. Have her fully crewed, all systems check out, just waiting on Silver being around to give her a try.

When most of that was finally done, I hit the Bazaar to do some window shopping and relax. Saw Hiri again, apparently she got the job with Cia, I'm real happy for her, and she seems like she might be good. I hope she is, I'm just not sure how to tell, with a shrink. She has some odd ideas, about soldiering and such, but then, I guess what I think about shrinks might seem odd to them.

Hiri and I grabbed a bite to eat, to celebrate her getting the job. We had a chance to talk a bit, about the things she might do, to help Cia. Help her crew, all that. Agnes showed up too, and she had finished the necklace I commissioned. Says I should show more skin to show it off. We'll see about that.

There was another lady that was there. Name of Malaneth Serir. Amarr, a priest she said. Didn't seem pushy about it though, friendly, but looking back she did seem the sneaky sort. Had a knife too. Cia told me that she had run into this Malaneth before. The woman is a fucking Blooder. She was sitting right there, across from me at a table, and I didn't realize. She's a chaplain for some podder named Narath. Cia said she knows who he is too, and she was going to send to warn him. Let him know what Malaneth is. Lying bitch, can't believe she tricked me. Can't believe they can pass for real people.

Journal 8/26/11

Silver lost a Hurricane on an op this morning. Not many survivors. Went down too fast. His fault, he says. Course, he'll probably hold it together in public, but he can't fool me. I can tell he's hurting a bit.

Not as much as he would be if he had known any of the crew as more than faces.

Journal 8/25/11

Managed to get away for a couple hours from prepping the new Thanatos for active duty, hit the Bazaar.

I was mostly just window shopping when I ran into that shrink, Hiri, again. Apparently, the captain whose ship she is trying to get a job on is Cia! Bit of a surprise. Small cluster, I guess. she was pretty down on her chances, but hell, I'm tempted to offer her a job if she doesn't get a berth with Cia.

Saw Agnes Dei too. She makes jewelry and hauls. Kinda an odd combination, but I managed to make a deal with her, so she would make me a piece for free if Silver hired her for a job, which he did. Now I just have to wait for my piece to be completed.

Anyway, the three of us grabbed some Kofte, then hit Lenfa's Place. I'm sorry I had to leave early to get back to the Thant.

Journal 8/23/11

So, Cia and I played a bit of a dirty trick. Some tabloid had made up a rumor that Silver was going out with Ulf of all people. So, Cia and I bought 2 huge bouquets of roses and cards. Then we sent them to Silver and Ulf, each with the other man's name and something about looking forward to a 'close working relationship' on the card. Of course, I can make it look like something is sent from Silver, and tricking Silver into thinking something is sent from whoever I'd like is simple enough.

Silver's face when he got those roses and read the card! I made sure I was there, and I think I will treasure that recording forever. First the look of confusion, then shock. He actually set the card down, looked at the flowers, then walked to the other side of the room and back. I think he was hoping the bouquet would disappear while his back is turned. Two dozen pink and red roses guaranteed, the flower shop clerk assured Cia and me, to retain their fresh look for at least a week. Then his mouth sort of moved but nothing came out. It has clearly been too long since I did something like this to him.

It gets even better! I convinced Silver that the thing to do was contact Ulf and ask to meet, so that he could discuss it. Of course, Silver didn't know that Ulf had gotten a similar token, and would think he was being asked out. I 'helped' Silver word the note so that Ulf wouldn't just turn it down, and lemme tell you, keeping a straight face was tough.

Cia and I hid in a booth at the Shackled Amarr for the 'date', and hearing Silver say, "Not that I'm not flattered, but I'm afraid I'm not interested."

And then Ulf's expression, which I peeked out to see, when he replied, "I... that was what I was going to say."


Cia and I spent the entire time trying not to give ourselves away by laughing too loud.

I talked with Silver, afterward, and apparently Ulf thought it was a setup by the tabloids. I'm a bit worried about what Silver might pull if he finds out it was me, though all the paperwork for this new Thant that is supposed to be coming in might be revenge enough, unwitting or not.

Journal 8/22/11

So, Ulf was nice enough to let Sarakai go down and use the firing range on his clan lands. Apparently she had a good time. It's just so damn difficult to find decent sized firing ranges except on planets.

So, I was busy most of the day, without my CTO, but I managed. Even managed to go to the social event - I think she called it a shopping op - Cia organized for the alliance at the Rens Bazaar.

Really, I had to go, so I could talk with Cia. She sent me a message, someone had been causing her trouble. I passed it up to Silver, but I wanted to talk with her about it. Make sure she knew, we were there for her. Of course, the shopping was ok too.

Commissioned a pendant for myself, something that should match my arms, I hope. Cia and Cami got stuff from the same jeweler, think the woman's name was Agnes. Apparently she does hauling too, might have to mention to Silver. Met some other members of the alliance, and Math and another woman showed up, which was awkward, him being Amarr. Still, on the balance, a success, I think. Hope Cia organizes more of them.

Journal 8/21/11

I was shopping at one of the malls off the Crystal Boulevard for some new cloths in case I go down-planet somewhere - I guess I'm getting into this decadent podder thing - and I ran into Cia. It's ironic, but it seems sometimes like we don't see each other as much now that we're in the same corporation, sometimes.

Anyway, it was really nice to catch up. We moved along our rather insidious plan, which was irresistible after the gossip. I got to try Jin-Mei food, and a new sort of tea that seems like it has spices in it or something. In any case, it was quite good.

I told her a little about when I joined the Guristas, how fucked up I was at first, what with everything. How Sarakai helped me. Little about Sarakai too, for all I don't know all the details myself.

Apparently Killjoy Desher was taking Camille on a tour of some kind of explosives factory or something. I am a little... nervous, about that. Still, I suppose he is an expert, and Camille is sharp, for all her enthusiasm.

We talked about family. I guess Silver explained to Cia, about what family means. I'm surprised she didn't know. Apparently the way he put it was that there is family and everyone else is dust. I think it upset Cia, a little, but that's not going to stop me from doing what needs to be done, whatever the situation.

Journal 8/19/11

Talked with Ulf at Lenfa's Place again. I'm beginning to value it, being able to get away, sit, have some snacks and talk to someone. He was worried, about the things podders do - the things he does - and how he felt about it. I tried to help him talk it out, I hope it helped.

Then we talks about hobbies, and about his clan lands. They sound great, at least to visit. Planets still aren't the kind places I would want to live. A bit about his clan, which is run by the 'Aunties' who are mostly the older women in the clan. He invited me to go sailing too, which I should take him up on.

I'm also starting to wonder if he's sweet on Sarakai. Would certainly be an entertaining couple, and I guess the things he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Speaking of Sarakai, she and Tanith have detained a suspect in Kasa's murder. One of the enlisted guys from engineering. Apparently he was reprimanded for harassing another crew-member and he took it out on Kasa. What a stupid fucking waste. Kasa wasn't backed up, for religious reasons. I lost a friend, and a valuable officer just because this asshole - Eleges Appaer - was pissed about a black mark on his record. Well, he is going to have a hell of a lot more than a black mark to worry about now.

Journal 8/16/11

Went to Camille's birthday party. She seemed happy, and Cia seemed to be doing well too. I hadn't seen either of them in a while, with this damn murder investigation and all. I got Cami a book on some of the Legion's battles, which I hope she'll enjoy. I felt a bit outdone by some of the other presents, like the lovely quilt Matariki got her. That's alright though, I guess it isn't a competition.

Bunch of alliance folks were there. Carinelle, Killjoy, Isobel. Camille threw up on Seriphyn after she had too many cupcakes. Edthin, who is a friend of Seriphyn's apparently. Ulf wasn't there, and I can understand why, though it's still too bad.

I did see Ulf at the Shackled Amarr. Sarakai showed up to tell me that she has a suspect, who is being tailed, and she stayed for drinks. Water, in her case. We chatted a bit, conversation turned to family and money. All Sarakai said was that her mother died when she was young. Understatement, that is Sarakai. I'm afraid the money bit might have dredged some things up for her, but she seemed fine.

Ulf's clan lands sound beautiful. He said that they used to send off most of the men to be soldiers, but not so much anymore. All the money coming in from him and Matariki, I guess. Must be good, knowing you can help your family like that.

Jack Madison showed up too. In the spirit of entrepreneurship and not taking orders, he has started doing wrecking and salvage, which seems very much his sort of line. He's been freelancing, I knew he had done a bit for Silver and also doing some work for Cia.

KJ, who's a director and was also at the birthday party, joined us a bit before I left. He seems nice enough, but I didn't have the time to get much of a read on him.

Anyway, lots of new people, interesting times.

Journal 8/12/11

Someone killed Kasa Adazai in his quarters. One of the crew found him when they were bringing him his meal. He'd been stabbed, it was messy.

Tukaya would be the prime suspect of course, except he has been confined to quarters too. Still, hell of a coincidence. I don't know why anyone else would go to this length. I mean, as the chief of engineering, he had to make unpopular decisions sometimes, but killing him? The forensics team from Safe and Sound just got here, I need to get make sure they are up to date.

Starting to wonder if this ship is cursed or something.

Journal 8/9/11

Well, Cia dumped Ulf, and I'm not sure if it was the right or wrong thing for her to do. Ultimately, I guess it's up to her, and if boyfriend trouble is her biggest problem, that's alright by me.

Things started alright. The four of us (Cia, Ulf, Cami and me) were grabbing a bite at Michell's. It's a kind of fancy burger joint. Anyway, everything seemed fine. Lots of Camille being Camille mostly. Mention of a certain rumor involving Silver and Ulf. I mean, a good time with friends and family.

Not even sure how it happened, but next thing I know Cia is crying and Ulf is leaving. He seemed like a good guy. Solid, pretty dependable, loyal, has a good family, from what I understand. Still, I guess all that doesn't mean he is the right guy.

I started trying to talk Cia out of it, but mostly stopped myself I think. I mean, it's her decision, she's the one who was with the guy, right? You support family.

Journal 8/8/11

Gave Adazai and Tukaya a good little talk and they are confined to their quarters until I decide on thier final disposition. Tempted to just kick both of them off. Would be looking worse if Tukaya had thrown the first punch, since Adazai is a superior officer. I suspect leaving two Khanid citizens in the middle of the Republic just now would be punishment enough, though.

All comes from before they were hired. Turns out one of my people found them both in this backwater Khanid system, Baratar. Apparently someone's family did something to someone else's family and the rest is sordid history. They are both sure that the other has it in for them, and equally sure they didn't start it. Typical, I guess. I'll let them stew for now. Wish they wouldn't both be a pain in the ass to replace.

I need a drink.

Journal 8/7/11b

Had a drink at the Shackled Amarr with Cia and Ulf. Seems like things are going really well with them. Cia seemed to be drinking a bit, and Ulf was a little worried it might have been something he did, though he wasn't specific beyond assuring me it wasn't something intentional. Still, they seemed to be getting along fine, made plans for him to help her practice with a new ship - a Helios.

It was nice, having a drink with friends, where everyone just seemed to be pretty, you know, normal. No podder bullshit, for all piloting was the topic of conversation.

Silver showed up, and about then was when I had to leave to take care of a crew issue. Hope he is having a good time, spirits know he could unwind a little more often.

For now I need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with Tukaya and Kasa. I mean, a fist fight? Between senior officers? This isn't an intra-system cargo barge wallowing around with a hold full of garbage, that kind of shit is unacceptable. It's a spirits-damned carrier and these assholes think professionalism is out the lock. Just because we're a private organization doesn't mean they can do whatever the damn well please. I think it is obvious I'm going to need to fix discipline, starting with making an example of them.

Employee Records: Kasa Adazai

Name: Adazai, Kasa (Deceased 8.10.11)
Rank: Colonel
Position: Formerly Chief Engineering Officer, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Engineering, Office located in compartment number 83RS
EID: OE975293
DOB: 9.25.49
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Baratar X M9, Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support
Citizenship: Khanid Kingdom
Age: 61
Height: 177cm
Mass: 72kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/Grey
Bloodtype: O-
Augmentations: Minor memory and processing augmentations
  • 70: Kingdom Naval Academy, (Ensign)
  • 74: Kingdom Technical School, PhD, Particle Physics/PhD, Starship Engineering
  • 76: Lieutenant/Journeyman Reactor Technician.
  • 70: Ensign/Apprentice Reactor Tech, Scourge of Heretics, Maller-class
  • 73: Ensign/Apprentice Reactor Tech, Divine Sun, Apocalypse-class
  • 76: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned as Reactor Technician First Class, Orthodoxy, Archon-class
  • 84: Promoted, Lieutenant-Commander, Deputy Engineering Officer, Siege of Halenenfal, Armageddon-class
  • 89: Chief of Engineering, Siege of Halenenfal, Armageddon-class
  • 93: Chief of Engineering, Kahmi's Stand, Apocalypse-class
  • 97: Deputy Director, Office of Engineering and Maintenance, Baratar X M9, Royal Khanid Navy Logistic Support
  • 103: Part-time Lecturer, Starship Engineering and Technology, Arani University
  • 105: Author, The Coming Age: How Caldari Technology and Khanid Know-How Will Change the Kingdom, Lai-Dai Press, 978-0553380958
  • 109: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:

Inter-personal conflict with Major Tukaya has been cause for concern. Performance otherwise exemplary.

Employee Records: Anzaki Tukaya

Name: Tukaya, Anzaki
Rank: Major
Position: Second Officer, Supply and Logistics, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Logistics, Office located in compartment number 2384G
EID: OSL975293
DOB: 5.13.64
Corporation of Birth: Tukaya and Associates
Place of Birth: Akunou, Tonana, Baratar IV
Citizenship: Khanid Kingdom
Age: 47
Height: 179cm
Mass: 75kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Bloodtype: O+
Augmentations: Memory and arithmetic processing augmentations
  • 86: Erava University, B.Sc Business
  • 86: Tukaya and Associates, Junior Partner
  • 88: Akunou Support, CEO
  • 92: Baratar Transport Inc., VP, Development
  • 100: Tukaya and Associates, CEO
  • 109: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:

Conflict with Col.. Adazai, apparently stemming from a family dispute, may become a problem. Record otherwise exemplary.

Journal 8/7/11

I met a shrink at the Bazaar. Hiri. Seemed nice enough, a little young. She manage to hold her own with Camille I think, which certainly says good things about her. Said she was on-station for an interview with a podder, to be on staff for their crew. Ancestors shelter the girl if she gets that job.

Thought about asking her about things, but, well. Need to find my own shrink, I guess. Sooner or later.

Silver's been out, flying combat with the new alliance. No real major engagements in the last couple days. He has been filling the time by buying ships left and right. I mean, honestly, I look at some of them and wonder why he needs them. He has five Hurricanes! Five!

He can only fly one spirits-damned ship at a time!

And of course each new ship has to be processed, checked for infestations, crewed, found a place in the hangar, added to a slot in the maintenance rotations.

Guess who has to do all that paperwork. I'll give you a hint: Not Silver!

Bit of irony, he got a set of those Sansha implants too, the ones that help a pilot interface with their armor systems? How about that, he waits until after leaving the Nation to get them. Still, anything that makes my crew a bit safer, I'm all for. Don't care if it comes with spikes.

Journal 8/4/11

Had dinner with Cia and Silver. Camille was staying over at a friend's house - it's great she is already making friends, I'll have to make sure that they have been properly vetted of course - so it was just the three of us.

The food was great as always, Cia's a great cook. Real chicken, too, though I can never tell the difference, though Silver claims he can. We had cake for dessert too.

We, well, we talked, about things. Cia had told Silver some things, and Silver had told Cia some things, and they wanted to talk to me about some things. I-

That they're there for me, it's something. I'm glad. I just don't think there is anything they can do.