Journal 12/27/13

Even in combat armor, radiation is no fun. It's a bit, you know, creepy.

Still, we saved over half the crew - really Dr Toin did, since she got the shields down so we could access the ship. Got a little dose herself, nothing too drastic. That jackass that was running the test got fried up pretty good. He'll live, which is good I suppose. After all, you can't watch your career implode if you're dead.

Journal 12/26/13

Well, it wasn't just a broken com.

Journal 12/25/13

Dr Toin activated her personal alarm, and she isn't responding on her comm. The people we sent with her say that she was in a restricted section of the station where the serious research is conducted, and they weren't permitted to enter when she went in. I've convinced Silver to hold off on trying to invade Ishukone, and we'll try something a bit more measured first.

Hopefully it's something that the lawyers can sort out, or it's nothing at all and he com is just broken or something.

Journal 12/22/13

Got word that Dr Toin arrived safe and sound in the State. Hopefully that'll calm Silver down.

Journal 12/20/13

Well, Silver is nearly intolerable with his worries over Dr Toin in the State. It's times like this that the image of the steely-eyed podder ruling over the fate of fleets and nations makes me want to giggle. And drink.

Speaking of, now that the Awakening Ideal is essentially up to operating requirements, I think it might be a good excuse to have a party. Nearly the new year, too, so I suppose the timing is auspicious. I think the crew could use it, and I know I could.

Journal 12/17/13


I don't know why people want to be lawyers.

I was on calls a good portion of my day - a portion that could have been usefully spent yelling at the commander of the fighter squad for that rather spirits-damned creative practical joke they played on drone maintenance - a portion that would have been useful, or at least satisfying, talking to lawyers.

Silver wants things prepared for Dr Toin's presentation, so step one is making sure they don't scoop her up at the shuttle port and bundle her off to the padded room. Which means our representatives int he state - usually as much good as a very, very expensive set of matching, Hikati-suit-wearing paperweights need to do their job for once. I always worry I'm signing over perpetual rights to everything I own or something when I'm talking to those weasels, though.

Still, Silver seems to think something terrible will happen if all doesn't go well (perhaps Nolikka threatened to hold his hand?) so I suppose it must be done.

Journal 12/15/13

First names! Well. He used her first name. Once.

Still, that's progress.

Journal 12/14/13

Some pains in the ass never seem to want to go away.

Journal 11/11/13

Silver and Dr Toin have had their heads together an awful lot, lately. Collaborating Silver says. The sad part is, he's probably telling the truth.

At least he seems to be having a good time.

Cia is really growing into the CEOing thing. There was an urgent situation last week and she FCed for, like, a day straight until everything was sorted out. Even in her condition and all. She did forget to clone jump first, but all's well that ends well, I guess.

The Awakening Ideal is nearly finished with it's refurb. Finally. Feddie piece of... Well. Nearly done. That's the main thing.

Journal 9/14/13

I think Dr Toin had a good time. An alright time.

Well, it wasn't a disaster.

And they're going to go on a date. Even if Cia pretty much had to order Silver to do it - neither of them seem too resistant to the idea.

Journal 9/2/13

Talked to Dr. Toin. It probably was a little unkind to be so casual about inviting her to the dinner. She does seem nice, but I'd almost forgotten how, well. Sort of how things can be, for most corporate citizens.

She wants to work, to help out. I'll have to see what I can find for her to do.

Journal 8/30/13

We're all having dinner soon. I see a lot of potential for disaster.

Of course, that's to the degree Silver dying of embarrassment or Cia and Dr Toin having an awkward cross-cultural mis-communication is a disaster.

Those are really the sorts of disasters I can live with.

Journal 8/11/13

Well, Dr. Toin is safely ensconced in one of the labs. Silver's popped off to Gulf, and told me to 'make sure she feels welcome'. Great.

Journal 8/10/13

He brought her back with him.

Journal 8/8/13

Fedos, always the spirits-damned Fedos around here.

Plus, someone has apparently been bypassing internal sensors and stealing superconducting conduit from a few of the ships that haven't undocked in a while. Of course if they did undock, they'd be completely fucked sideways. I'm going to find whoever did it and have a chat with them.

On top of that, they tell me that a full broadside from the Utopian River would have had about a thirty percent chance of killing everyone in the number two battery room, and the whole things going to need a full tear-down.

This might take a little while.

Journal 8/6/13

Silver at that conference. Maybe they'll get drunk and stuff will get really crazy - first names and smiles or something.

Not betting on it, because Silver is Silver, and from what I saw Dr Toin probably isn't much better, but I guess there's always hope.

Going to take the chance while he's gone to get some over-due maintenance done, since the ships don't have to be on semi-ready status for a few days.

Journal 7/24/13

I think that went pretty well. It was good, going out. We haven't done that as much, lately. I guess things do start to change a bit.

All went according to plan, too. I'm sure that the conference will go very well, and much of value will be learned and so-on. About, you know. Shields.

Silver did need to be lead by the nose to it, a bit. Actually, it was a little easier than I expected. Of course, Cia and I do make a pretty killer team and I didn't expect anything short of success.

Journal 7/22/13

I went and talked with Cia about the [i]Dr. Toin[/i] situation.

We have a [i]plan[/i].

Journal 7/13/13

I went and saw Hiri. Her sister, Tani, plugged into the pod a while back and, well.

It takes people different ways, sometimes.

I haven't been seeing Hiri as much, lately, but then I look at other people, like her sister, and figure I don't need it as much as some people.

We're going to help, if we can, of course. Hiri's ReAw, and she's a friend.

Journal 7/5/13

Silver's just hopeless sometimes. Talking around and around things.

So he wants someone to check on his scientist friend. He could just say that.

Anyway, now to sift through the crew and find someone. Someone who can find stuff out, and pass on an Ishukone station, and who knows the right sorts of questions and what the answers mean. Maybe even someone who wouldn't mind a trip.

NEOCOM SYSTEMS FILE: Passive Monitoring, Security: Drone Bay 3 4.7.113




SILVER NIGHT: It looks like you've made a start here.
AMIETA INVELEN: Well, it'll be a while before it's anything like my garden on the Ideal, but it'll do.
SILVER NIGHT: The drone techs...
AMIETA INVELEN: The drone techs have another dozen bays to work with. Anyway, what's up? I'm sure you didn't just come down to admire the site of my future garden here.
SILVER NIGHT: I was on my way out, actually, but I thought I would stop in and see. I did want to ask you if you have that renovation schedule and the estimates back for the Awakening Ideal yet?
AMIETA INVELEN: No, but I'll find out whose ass I need to kick to get it. It's a big job, but nothing exotic. They should have had it ready by now.
SILVER NIGHT: Thank you. Oh, there was one other thing.
AMIETA INVELEN: [inaudible]
SILVER NIGHT: I was just thinking, it might not be a bad idea to have someone - one of ours - go check on how things are going with the ex-prisoners. The Caldari ones, I mean. That Mr Erquilenne was holding.
AMIETA INVELEN: I know which one - ones, that is, you mean.
SILVER NIGHT: Yes, well. Just a little discreet inquiry.
AMIETA INVELEN: Sure. If they'd issued me a middle name, it woulda been discreet.
SILVER NIGHT: The garden really looks like it will turn out beautifully.
SILVER NIGHT: I've every confidence.





.]NEOCOM: SEARCH FIELD {Ishukone Corporation Records: WITHIN:
Vuorrassi V – Moon 13 – Ishukone Corporation Factory} AND {Date range: 20.6.113 - 30.6.113}
.] QUERY: {Toin, Doctor Nolikka} OR {Research Project I-V-SH 43} OR {Research Faculity I-V-13-B32H}
.] Results: 5
.] Further details: Y/N? Y
.]1: STATION SECURITY CALL RECORD: FROM: Kiomi Susilakko AT: 14:23 29.6.113 LOC: Research Faculity I-V-13-B32H NATURE: Request Security Team Attendance
.]2: STATION SECURITY CALL RECORD: FROM Sgt Osie Dyodo AT: 14: 35 29.6.113 LOC: Research Faculity I-V-13-B32H NATURE: Request EMT Attendance
.]3: STATION MEDICAL ADMITTANCE RECORD: Toin, Nolikka AT: 14 :53 29.6.113 CAUSE: Psychiatric, non-voluntary
.]4: STATION MAINTENANCE RECORD: FOR: Research Faculity I-V-13-B32H BILLING: Research Project I-V-SH 43 NATURE: Repairs
.]5: STATION MEDICAL DISCHARGE RECORD: Toin, Nolikka AT: 09:18 2.7.113
.]Records Retrieved, File TEMPDHNS776345

Personal Correspondence: Incoming 2.7.113

TO: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Dr Nolikka Toin
AT: 09:38 2.7.113
STATUS: Recieved

Captain Night,

Thank you for taking the time to let me know the outcome, and I apologize for the tardiness of my response, which has been delayed by factors beyond my control.

While the sentence is not one I would have expected the corporation to agree to, I am sure all relevant factors have been taken into account and a decision made in the corporate interest.

I have enclosed a preliminary analysis of our team's latest work. I believe you will find the proposed solution to the transition to the Mondmuggar equivalences interesting, although it is purely theoretical at this point. I would be glad to receive any suggestions you might have on the topic.


Dr Nolikka Toin

Personal Correspondence: Incoming 1.7.113

TO: Captain Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Hyoma Iwahari, Research Division, Ishukone, Vuorrassi V – Moon 13 – Ishukone Corporation Factory
AT: 09:08 1.7.113
STATUS: Received

Captain Night,

A small disturbance occurred at the lab facilities, which of course station gossip has blown out of all proportion. I can assure you that despite some of the more outlandish stories in circulation, damage to equipment was minimal and Dr Toin is expected to return to work shortly. I am informed her physicians are confident of a full recovery.


Hyoma Iwahari

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 30.6.13

TO: Hyoma Iwahari, Research Division, Ishukone, Vuorrassi V – Moon 13 – Ishukone Corporation Factory
FROM: Captain Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
AT: 20:32 30.6.113

Mr Iwahari,

Which recent incident were you referring to in your earlier message?


Silver Night

Personal Correspondence: Incoming 30.6.13

TO: Captain Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Hyoma Iwahari, Research Division, Ishukone, Vuorrassi V – Moon 13 – Ishukone Corporation Factory
AT: 14:26 30.6.113

Captain Night,

I wish to assure you that Research Project I-V-SH 43 continues on track and the recent incident has caused no significant disruption to projected delivery time.


Hyoma Iwahari

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 28.6.13

TO: Dr Nolikka Toin
FROM: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
AT: 15:49 29.6.113

Dr. Toin,

I wanted to ensure that you were notified as promptly as possible. Those involved in your abduction have been sentenced to three years in a Federal prison. While that sentence is less than might be hoped, prison is an unpleasant place, and it is impossible to predict what the future might bring. Please contact me if there is anything I might do to help.

Captain Silver Night

Journal 6/15/13

I've seen the value of constant training first hand, but it does start to drive you crazy. I'm starting to consider having our own holidays. We employ enough people - but they're all from different places, so there aren't really any of the old ones that everyone has in common.

I'll see what Silver thinks when he gets back from the State. Maybe there's something in one of his old books or something we could co-opt.

There's a rumor someone went and uploaded themselves to a ship. Hope it was a nice ship, not like a Probe or something.

Personal Correspondence: Incoming 13.06.113

TO: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Dr Nolikka Toin
AT: 11:12 13.6.113
STATUS: Recieved

Captain Night,

Thank you for your kind wishes. The corporation has been very supportive of us all during this transition. As my own security clearance has not yet been re-established after my absence, none of my work is currently classed at higher than 'restricted'. You would be most welcome to see what is, I must admit, not a great deal of progress as yet.


Dr Nolikka Toin

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 13.6.13

TO: Dr Nolikka Toin
FROM: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
AT: 09:34 13.6.113

Dr. Toin,

I trust that this message finds you well and that you are receiving everything you need from the corporation as you settle back in. My business may take me to the State soon, and if I'm in the area, I would like very much to see how your work is progressing - if it is not too sensitive, of course. I hope that the others are also doing well.

Captain Silver Night

Journal 6/10/11

Had dinner - Cia said it was something simple, but it seemed pretty damn good to me. Chicken, roasted, and with, I don't know. Some sort of stuff on it.

Charlie seems to be largely recovered, Cia seemed a little tired. Not too tired to suggest Silver might see that Dr Toin is properly supported by the corporation on her return.

And Silver has discovered he simply *must* check on a couple of his business interests in the State for a day or two. Coincidentally.

Journal 6/7/13

All the ex-slaves are in the process of leaving. Mostly they'll be heading back to their corporations - Ishukone, for about half of them, including Dr. Toin.

She probably has a lot of catching up to do. With her family and with her work. Silver offered her a position here, but I guess that pull - family and corporation - won out.

I wonder just what's happening to the scum that was holding them all. Perhaps it's time to check up on him.

Journal 5/31/11

I try to imagine what it would be like - two years - and I just can't.

Journal 5/28/11

We got them all out. Noone who didn't have it coming got killed.

There were some injuries. Now I need to tell Cia. Why couldn't I have just been shot.

Journal 5/20/13

Everything went fine, which is a relief. We even got a little more than we'd hoped for. I think Silver might be in love.

Need to stop by and tell Cia about it, and see the twins and Cami.

Journal 5/9/13

I was worried about Saer and Charlie... getting along, but it seemed to go alright.

I can see a lot of ways things could go pear-shaped. Hopefully noone gets killed.

Well. None of us, anyway.

Journal 5/1/13

We're an independent corporation. It's strange to think that me and Silver have been with ReAw as long as we have, and with EM that long too. Strange how you get used to things.

Everything seems, I don't know. Lighter, now.

Hopefully it'll mean less paperwork.

Journal 4/18/13

They sent the shrub along. I have it set up on my desk.

Let's see if anyone can bring themselves to asking the XO about talking to her plants.

Journal 4/14/13

They surprised me for my birthday. Silver said there was a new factory we needed to look at. I should have been suspicious when Cami and Cia and the twins came along. I guess I'm getting complacent, in my old age.

It was a planet where they grow things - like a whole planet that's a garden. Or a bunch of gardens, I suppose. They have plants that don't exist anywhere else, anymore.

Flowers that bloom when you breath on them, and plants that need an atmosphere toxic to humans that look like a Gallente party city with all the colors, and plants that talk to eachother, and carnivorous plants big enough to eat a cow.

It was incredible.

Cami had an allergic reaction, and we had to leave early. Cia was a bit worried, but it all got sorted out alright.

I think I'm going to get one of the intelligent shrubs for my desk.

Journal 4/13/13

Went to the Daredevil's Lounge, met up with Jude and a couple of newer corporation members: Laria Raven and Iurnan Mileghere.

I like the new folks in the corp recently, least the ones I've met.

Journal 4/11/13

Silver wants me to go with him to inspect yet another factory he might buy. Something in Eygfe, I think.

Don't we have enough factories, already?

Journal 3/28/13b

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now it doesn't, and it won't last, even if it was.

Journal 3/28/13

Had dinner with Cia, Camille, and Silver. It was nice. I mean, we all see each other around the office, but I guess it's different. Plus the food was really good.

Would have been nicer if I didn't have to take a call from Saer in the middle of it.

SYSTEM FILE: Memo: CTO Saernal Teirild

To: XO Amieta Invelen
From: CTO Saernal Teirild

A supplier issue has arisen with requisition JR-38464A. I recommend we reassess the contract as per the contingency we discussed.

Journal 3/16/13

Madlen's surgery went well. Perfectly, Dr Gephi said. Madi even smiled at me, her first smile Cia says, afterward. I guess she's like her aunt - happy about eating properly.

Cia - and Charlie - interviewed the candidates for nanny. I guess Cia really doesn't have to pick just one.

Personal Correspondence: Outgoing 113.03.13

Hey Cia, here's that shortlist of potential candidates. They all have good records, which is to say that the people they were responsible for stayed alive and didn't get kidnapped:

Avi Kasonen

Place of Birth: Cat 6-12 NOH Corp. Dev. Studio
DOB: 72.07.14
  • Internal Security Combat Training 89-101
  • Graduate of the Internal Security Intensive CPP Training Course 97-98
  • RN, NOH University Josameto 102
  • Bachelor of Science in Child Development, NOH University Josameto 104
  • Internal Security 89-97
  • NOH Executive Protection Detail 97-101
  • Team 3 Leader, Wyrasen Security 101-113

Supposed to be great with kids, and he was raised in the Federation. Word is he's pretty good for an ISec guy. Reportedly he once killed three kidnappers with nothing but a ballpoint pen and a shoelace. Seemed to know his shit when I talked with him. Speaks Caldari and Gallente fluently.

Iddulf Vilmark

Place of Birth: Baviasi III
DOB: 64.02.21
  • Graduate, personal guard training, Imperial Academy 73
  • RN, Davit Medical College, Tash-Murkon Prime 77
  • Personal bodyguard for the Holder Bakan and family 78-105
  • RSS, Personal Security, 106-112

Iddulf was selected at an early age to protect the children of the Bakan family. She successfully raised the better part of two generations, even with some major feuds going on, then promptly engineered the escape of herself and a number of other slaves. She's a bodyguard with RSS, but says she'd like to work with kids again. A little reserved.

Jayenne Avacort

Place of Birth: Intaki Prime
DOB: 79.09.26
  • Master's in Biomedical Science, Seyron University, Intaki Prime 100
  • Mordu's Legion CPP Course Graduate 101
  • Mordu's Legion Combat Training 101-113
  • MD PhD, Intaki Syndicate Academy Medical School, 5-FGQI 5-13 108
  • Mordu's Legion 101-113

Went into the Legion after she graduated, and ended up doing CPP work for them, mostly in and around Syndicate. They put her through medical school - she specialized in helping kids. She's just recently mustered out. Kinda young, and comes across a touch bubbly, but she has an impressive track record. Just a heads up, the scars stand out a lot more in person. I'm sure the kids would get used to them, though. She got them protecting her clients from a whole mess of trouble.

Sing Teolu

Place of Birth: Thukker Ship Vestri
DOB: 67.11.06
  • Certified Medical Tech, Serpentis Corporation, 88
  • See Notes
  • Private Security 86-111

Sing has relatively little formal training, but she served the role of nanny for the children of several ranking members of the Angel Cartel, and it's a very results-oriented business. She made enough to retire, but found not working wasn't her style. Comes across a little unprofessional, but I'm confident that's just a cover.

Touhn Cienc

Place of Birth: Lirsautton III
DOB: 57.04.17
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Chakaux University 79
  • Masters in Child Development, Chakaux University 93
  • Certified Nurse Practitioner, Pediatrics, Chakaux University Medical School, 100
  • Chakaux Planetary Police, 79-85
  • Personal Retainer, Anzoel Family (Sang Do) 85-112

Ran out of kids to raise for the Anzoel family. A touch light on direct security experience, but seems solid overall. What I can find on the kids he's supervised speaks well of him.

Journal 3/12/13

It seems like time flies, sometimes. It doesn't seem like so long ago Silver and I were leaving Naqam for ReAw. Hell, it seems it wasn't long ago that that Cia was entirely new to the pod.

At least, until I think of all the things that have happened. then it seems like it couldn't possibly have been such a short amount of time.

Journal 3/7/13

Talked to Cia about, business stuff mostly. Also, need to see to getting her a shortlist for nannies.

Journal 3/2/13

I'm setting up some planetary factories of my own. Just stuff for the corp, mostly. Plus making some of my own spare parts, so I don't have to special order them.

Had to bail out half of the fighter wing this morning. They had an eventful night. Time to double up on drills for a little while.

Journal 2/28/13

Silver is going to start producing some kind of computers. Luckily not in Gulf, since some of the components are the kind of things that recall our time in Naqam.

Journal 2/25/13

Spent most of today smoothing things out between Logistics and Maintenance. Logistics always thinks Maintenance spends too much, and Maintenance always thinks Logistics are tightwads.

Journal 2/23/13

Cia and the twins seem to be adjusting to being back in Gulf. Word is that everything turned out okay in Debreth, too, thank the Ancestors.

I've got a bit of work piled up, I best get to it.

Journal 2/21/13

The Nation showed up in Annelle. They haven't been hitting planets lately, but it was still a tense few minutes, getting everyone out and on the shuttle and up to the Feather. Verin Hakatain had people there too. It's good to know that there will be someone looking after Debreth until it's over. I can't say I minded the escort either, whatever the current Sansha MO.

Jan and Madi didn't like the trip up one bit, and I don't think they were entirely happy with things once we were on the Feather either - I guess it wasn't an ideal way for them to experience their first off-world trip.

I didn't know being an aunt would involve quite so much worrying. Even about things I can't do a thing about.

Journal 2/15/13

They seem stronger every day. Madi is eating without a tube, now. They're still very, very small, but they're strong.

Journal 2/11/13

We're back home. Cia's house, I mean. The DeGrace Residence they call it in Debreth.

They've got the babies' room made up like a hospital. Well, a very nice hospital. There's all the medical personnel hanging around too.

Even with all that, getting back here though, back home, really makes it feel like we made it - like they made it. It was hard to feel like they were out of the woods when we were at the Birthing Centre.

Silver's been running back and forth. I think he likes spending time with Jan and Madi, even if they do something baby like and he suddenly needs to be elsewhere for a little while. He's trying.

Journal 2/3/13d

I talked to Nualla this afternoon. She was gardening.

Hopefully she'll have a word with anyone else who feels like fucking with Cia over their religious hangups. Nualla is what a priest should be, so I'm going to give the people she shares a church with this one last chance.

I might question Nualla later about gardening in winter in Debreth. See if there are any tricks she'd like to share.

Journal 2/3/13c

The food at the birthing center is terrible. Will send someone to Alain's to get something decent.

Journal 2/3/13b

Cia wanted to have the twins in Debreth. When she went into labor early, in Gulfonodi, apparently she was about ready to fly herself if she had to.

Silver got the Feather prepped in about record time, though, so that wasn't necessary. 22 jumps, but we made it in time.

We came clear across the cluster, and they tried to stop us when we got to the door of the birthing centre at Fortune on the Waters. One of them says, This is a place for children of the River. Like Cia's kids aren't.

Then when we got inside, thank the ancestors for Mathilde. None of the attendants would help us, but she knew what to do. We got Cia into the pool ourselves, me and Mathilde and Charlie and Dr Nabbobeh. Camille even helped, bringing things when we needed them.

It took hours. Jan was hard enough, but Madlen, poor little Madlen was the wrong way 'round. She was so long in coming out that even though they're twins, they'll have different birthdays. Dr. Nabbobeh did a hell of a job, since he had to do a lot of the job underwater.

They're so small, my niece and nephew. They made it, though. All three of them made it.

Jan and Madi. They're so beautiful. Perfect and tiny.

I'm an aunt. I never thought I would say that. I'm an aunt!

Journal 2/3/13

It was a long night. Cia - It's hard, hard work. A lot harder than I think I ever realized.

Jan and Madlen are beautiful.

Journal 1/31/13

Charlie's partner, Eli, really isn't wild about podders in general, and I don't think she much likes Cia specifically either. Given what must be in Cia's file, I guess I can see how she wouldn't be endorsing the idea entirely enthusiastically.

Maybe some of it's frustration with the job. I guess they've got some poor bastard who was beaten to death by a mob because of a rumor he was somehow involved with the Sanshas. The invasions have everyone on edge.

Cami and Cia even had a fight about it, apparently. The invasions, I mean. I talked to Cami, and tried to explain that trying to be positive when you're worried isn't the same as lying. I think she understood, though with Camille the lesson she takes away is often not the one you were trying to teach.

Journal 1/27/13

Had that talk with Charlie. I think it help - hope it helped.

I guess I'll see. I don't know if it's really something he has any control over.

Journal 1/24/13

Some crazy shit going on with the Sanshas. Heard they cracked the DED station in Yulai in half like an egg.

Journal 1/23/13

Visited Cia. She wants to go home - to Debreth - for when the babies are born. I think it's a pretty good idea, if it's okay medically.

I don't think I've seen her as sure about much of anything as she is about being a mom.

Oh, and I need to have a word with Charlie.

Journal 1/17/13

Cia had some trouble. We were having dinner, and- I don't know. The doctor says she needs bed rest. Strict bed rest. Silver and I are going to take it in shifts. I'm going to head back over there when I get off duty, he's over there now.

The doctor didn't seem too worried. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Journal 1/16/13

Cia gave Silver a present. She even worked on it herself. On the com he sounded like a little kid who'd just found a big bag of candy. Except, you know. Very serious about it.

Journal 1/12/13

I met Tani, Hiri's sister, today at the Rens Bazaar. She seemed excited to be off-planet for the first time. Reminded me of Camille in a way, with the enthusiasm. I'm afraid she sort of became a little more withdrawn when she found out I was - technically - a podder.

I guess I'm used to people who interact with podders more frequently. Still, Tani will have time to get used to the idea. She's probably going to have to wait for all the people involved to get put away before she can go back home.

Anyway, she got Saer a 'thank you' present. That'll probably be a new one for Saer.

Journal 1/11/13b

I talked to Saer. I think she'll be a bit more careful about how she deals with Tani, and Hiri for that matter. I think she might have already realized.

She knows that there aren't that many second chances.

Journal 1/11/13

Saer said, Someone roughed Hiri up a bit, while we were looking for her sister.

I went to visit Hiri, and it turns out 'roughed up a bit' translates into 'got the crap kicked out of her'. I'd bet on cracked ribs, at least.

They brought her sister back with them, too. I guess the situation on the planet needs time to settle down some.

Hiri said Saer has been advising her sister. I don't imagine that the kind of advice Saer has would be the kind that a teenager needs, so much - in fact I suspect that it had something to do with Tani ending up in the situation in the first place. I'll talk to Saer about it.

Journal 1/9/13

Saer commed me to let me know she was taking a couple of days. Going to go and help a friend. To help Hiri.

I feel a little bad, like I should have warned Hiri or something, when they became friends. I mean, they're both - well. Saer isn't exactly a friend. Or maybe she is. She something, anyway. More than a colleague, and I owe her. She really does seem to be trying, too.

Plus, it's not like there's much of it I really could tell Hiri.

Anyway, I'm sure whatever this trouble is - something about Hiri's sister and some man - it will get worked out, and worked out efficiently.

Journal 1/5/13

Silver going to start giving Cami lessons in the Sim again. I think it'll be good for both of them. Even if Silver did say something about 'Safety drills until she's forty.'

Journal 1/4/13

I went shopping for spare parts at the Bazaar today. Ran into Camille. She was there shopping, helping out Cia. Camille seems to be taking this responsibility thing pretty seriously. I told her I'd talk to Silver for her, about maybe resuming lessons on the Sim sometime soon.

Cami invited me over, and I'm not one to pass up some dinner. I guess you don't really realize it, being there the whole time, but Cia's getting really pretty far along. Cami and I helped out with dinner, and it turned out good, of course. Cia just seems to have that touch.

Journal 1/1/13

Seems like the year passed awfully quick. They say that they feel like that, as you get older. Maybe that's all it is.

I feel like I'm coming out of the last year better than I went into it. I guess that's all you can really hope for. I'm looking forward to this year, though. The year where I'll be an aunt, ancestors willing.

Journal 12/31/12

Visited Cia. It was nice, being in Debreth again. Well, it's almost always nice in Debreth, that's the kind of place it is. Cia seemed, I dunno, happier or more relaxed, maybe.

The food at Alain's is even better, when it's so cold out, too.

Journal 12/30/12

Cia's taking a break, visiting Debreth. I think it's good, she could use the time off and the office can run without her for a couple days. Silver and I going to go down and visit, tomorrow maybe.

Journal 12/28/12

I wrapped things up on the Ideal and headed back to Gulf today. Mostly just paperwork stuff, and a few disciplinary matters. One crew member drunk on duty, couple cases of petty theft, and one case of assault on duty. That last is pretty serious, and none of it is a lot of fun to deal with, of course.

It's important to maintain discipline, though. Particularly on a ship like the Ideal where months of inactivity can be interrupted by a few hours where everyone has to do their job perfectly or put the whole ship in danger.

Sometimes I do feel like the town magistrate in one of those Frontiers holos.

Journal 12/27/12

I checked on the garden, on the Ideal. It's the first time in a while. It seems to have been doing alright without me. It was good to get my own hands dirty though, taking care of it. Saer - Col. Teirild - has been looking in on it for me, from time to time, while I've been busy.

She still has that little animal, the brpbrp, Lucky. I think having him is helping her image with the crew. She can come off a bit cold, and I know there were some rumors. Not like she can really discuss her past a lot, and her getting the position, so suddenly, when noone had heard of her, it was bound to make conspiracy theories pop up. Anyway, I'm glad she's dealing with it.

Journal 12/26/12

The manufacturing I've started helping with seems to be going well. It's the first time I've felt at all like a podder, implants or no. It isn't just the piloting, it's the rest of it that really makes podders. The big resources and huge factories.

Journal 12/25/12

I went over for dinner at Cia's. The food was good.

She's still working on that thing for Hiri. The story.

It's hard for her. Spirits, I have some idea how hard it can be. She's doing it though. Getting it down the way it was, instead of the way- She'd getting it put down the right way.