Journal 6/15/11

After extensive questioning, Rask apparently knows virtually nothing about whoever contracted her to put TCMCs in my crew. Everything was set up through blind corporations - now dissolved of course - and even the chips were sent ready to be implanted. So, after all this, we run into a spirits-damned blank wall. I was about ready to tear Rask in half when she couldn't get us anything, but I discussed it with Sarakai and we decided to use her instead. Even if she can't give us anything on our mystery shithead, she can at least serve as a line into the local criminal community. Things like that can be handy I guess, but I'm still sitting here grinding my teeth little. At least Tragenne had a good time, and he is slightly insufferable still about the whole thing.

After the limbo that the investigation into the attack on Cia and Camille at their apartment fell into, I'm wondering if we are doig this thing wrong somehow?

Still we will keep people trying to track down who was behind these corporations, just like we still have people checking into anything unusual about the locations recovered from the computer core that was our last clue after the attack. Maybe something will break eventually. In one or both of the cases.

In other exciting news, the Festival of the Waters is coming up in Debreth in just a couple of weeks. It'll be nice to head down there again, it is a lovely town. I'm not sure what all the excitement is about more water in the river - I thought that is what rivers were for? - but a party is a party.

Journal 6/14/11

Now that the situation with Jorion Roth is handled, we have had our full attention on Rask. With Tragenne's position close to her, we had considered running raids on her entire organization at once. Just stamp them all down, remove all the pieces from play at once. Really though, I was curious why she did it. I mean, she had to know if it ever came back to her, it would get ugly. Ugly enough to be very bad for business at least. So, we had Tragenne get her away from most of her security, then scooped just her up. Made it look like a CONCORD job, so her cronies wouldn't come looking.

Have her down in the tank right now. With any luck, I can finally get this mess wrapped up too. At this rate, I won't have anything left to do.

Journal 6/12/11

A while back some of the software agents started raising alerts about someone searching for information about me. More intently than usual. We backtracked the queries to a certain FIO branch office. There are, I hope, not that many FIO agents with an interest in me. So, we put some very discreet - mostly signals - surveillance on the situation, and low and behold, up pops Jorion Roth. I had downgraded him to a very low priority. Honestly, I could have lived without ever finding him. I would have been happy, and I think in the end Cia would have been happy. Well, even given that, I couldn't very well ignore it when he hopped into my lap. Particularly when he apparently went beyond innocent curiosity - if he possesses such a thing - and purchased a ticket to Goinard.

Now, Goinard happens to be where I spend a great deal of free time. Verone runs quite a nice bar, and by nice I mean free. So, we set a trap for our intrepid secret agent, in case his interest wasn't in a quiet drink. It wasn't exactly a cake walk, he is a professional. But professionals tend to think the same. There is one best place, on that trip, to make a move. So he was a few steps behind me in the shuttle back to Ennur, hand on his pistol, when everyone else in the flight drew their weapons on him.

Quite aside from the fact that his situation is a hole he dug entirely for himself, I'm backed up. All he would have managed to do was inconvenience me. Particularly because I'm sure that it is hard to convince the cloning techs to carve parts off a perfectly good clone to fit it with prosthetics.

In the end, I inconvenienced him, and hopefully when he receives his own severed head in the mail, it will encourage him to back off, and move on.

Journal 6/10/11

Well, we are about ready to roll up this Rask thing. After turning Dr Rolasque, we used him as a way in, along with Rask's greed. We had the Doctor introduce Rask to 'Dante Trenes,' supposedly a freelance smuggler with connections in Phoenix - the Serps that is. Rask is mostly a local, service industry type. Protection, gambling, that sort of thing. She would, apparently, dearly love to break into imports. Specifically: weapons, narcotics, and boosters. Dante appears to be the answer to her wishes. In fact, 'Dante Trenes' is Dorne Tragenne, the Major in charge of the Ideal's fighter wing. Of course, he isn't a trained spook, but he volunteered, and in light of his... particular skillset and experience Sarakai and I felt he would be right for the job.

So, we make him a background, and send him in. No problem. He chats up Rask, closes a deal for guns and crash right off. Now, this is where we were a bit clever:

First deals like this are also tests. Rask ran background checks and all on 'Trenes' of course, but that just gets him in the door. When a contact actually delivers product it goes a hell of a way further to building trust. So, we arranged the shipment, delivered, and Tragenne was in.

Just about the first thing Rask (or Ollada as Maj. Tragenne was calling her at this point) did was take some of the guns and unpowered armor we sold her and use them to take out one of her rivals. Poor bastard hardly saw it coming. We gave her and her people high quality merchandise.

Apparently in the celebrations afterward, Maj. Tragenne took his assignment to get close to Rask very seriously indeed, which had Sarakai and I busting up, because Rask is a big gal. Not fat, but heavily built and tall, and Tragenne is shorter than I am. Sarakai tells me that some of the flight deck crew were already caught trying to sneak a full grown cow aboard, to leave in his quarters when he comes back. Spirits know how they even found out about the specifics of the operation.

In any case we're very well positioned. Just a little longer, we should have all the intel we need. We'll roll everything up and find out what the hell Rask was doing messing with my people. Our counter-intel operation is ticking along pretty well too.

Employee Records: Dorne Tragenne

Name: Tragenne, Dorne
Rank: Major
Position: CO, Fighter Wing, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Hangar, Office located in compartment number 3495H
EID: OFS738430
DOB: 4.12.71
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Orvolle, FAB Office Station
Citizenship: Federation (revoked), Syndicate
Age: 40
Height: 168cm
Mass: 75kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Bloodtype: O-
Augmentations: -
  • 89: Federal Navy Academy, Alparena
  • 92: Federal Piloting School, Adacyne
  • 94: Lieutenant, Pilot, Firlbog class fighters, Syndicate border command.
  • 100: MIA, patrol,Vey?
  • 101: Pilot, Cargo, Vallarne and Sons Importers, based: Y-W6GF Intaki Syndicate Bureau Station.
  • 105: Owner, Tregenne Hauling and Inventory Management
  • 110: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:
Performance satisfactory. Further investigation of employment history recommended.

Recommendation not in line with current priorities - AI.

Journal 6/1/11

Been a hell of a couple weeks. Afraid this is going to take more than one sit-down to set out. First off I've been out of touch with 'podder circles' most of this time, which has honestly been a relief. Not that I didn't miss my evenings in the Gate, talking to some of them, particularly Cia (who know what she's gotten up to since I haven't been keeping an eye on her), Hitome, Morwen, and oddly enough Math'ra (go figure). It's just where there are podders, there always seems to be all kinds of dramatic, upside-down, fucked up shit going on. If I ever decide sleeping with a podder is a good idea, I hope someone shoots me.

Still, to each their own, and it isn't any of my business. Maybe the problem is with me having trouble adjusting - I'm not enough of an infomorph, or posthuman, or whatever the current popular word is. Regardless, it was good to have a break - though considering what all went on with me while I was being a normal human again, I feel a little bit of a hypocrite complaining about other people having excessive dramatics. Lemme see where I left off last time, there is a lot to get through.

I think the last news of our little internal security problem was a couple weeks ago when we had planted a couple people to keep an eye on our Dr Rolasque. Well, things have progressed quite a bit further, since then.

Aboard the Ideal we have made a number of discoveries. We figured out which technician sold us out. We also - after something like 2 months of analysis - have made progress on the Ishugur Incident. What was left of his skull apparently had microscopic marks congruent with, wait for it: The insertion of a Transcrannial Microcontroller. So, our working theory is that he was implanted by the same people that got to our crewmen, then sent back to the ship. We think there was a malfunction - or maybe someone fucked up when the programmed him. So, he just keeps stealing food, over and over. Meanwhile our turncoat technician has to scramble to cover for Ishugurs ludicrous activities lest we catch Ishugur and unravel the whole thing.

None of this, unfortunately, tells us what Ishugur was supposed to be doing if his chip had worked correctly. All the things that could tell us, like Ishugur's brain and the chip itself, are in the bellies of fedos which are now infesting some blooder station in Delve. Further interrogation of our technician - one Thirshu Gazal - will turn up more information, I hope. We can't do anything permanent, because we are hoping to use him against his former employers. He has already provided a little useful information, and Lt. Aurilen is still working on him.

In wonderful news, we have managed to turn Dr Rolasque. It was actually relatively easy, his gambling problem was the obvious way in. The dealer we slipped into the casino let slip that if the doctor required, he might be able to loan him a little money. After that, he was ours. It is pretty apparent that is how his current bosses got their talons in, and they are a jealous bunch. Particularly because we made sure and gave him the impression we were a rival criminal group, so if he did let slip anything to his employers, they would know he had taken money from the 'other side' already - making them just as likely to slit his throat as pat him on the back.

He has told us some valuable things as well. He works for a local Angel boss, by the name of Ollada Rask. She operates mostly in Ennur, and vies for control (with varying degrees of intensity and violence) with a number of other Angels as well as miscellaneous other criminals. So far as our friend the doctor knows, Ollada is the one behind the entire operation against us. Nice to get a face on the enemy, I'll see if I have a surveillance photo somewhere around for my next entry. Anyway, information in hand, we started planning out next move.

First thing I did was move Sarakai off the Ideal in case we were under surveillance. She got to leave the ship in a crate, since it is probably known she is head of security. The rest of the team we plan on using filtered out with crew going on leave, and they have all moved over to the 8-6 station where this has all been going on. All this was about a week and a half ago. More next time.