Journal 6/15/12b

Parasailing was awesome. I even tricked Cia into going, she thought that Silver wouldn't go, but I made her a deal she would if he did, then I went and convinced him, which wasn't that hard. He used to be a test pilot, so it wasn't like it's anything new. He probably used to do dangerous stuff all the time, and this isn't even dangerous it can just seem that way.

The parasailing, though. It was awesome. Could see practically everything in the dome from up there. Cami went with Silver, think she had a really good time. Cia I think maybe had her eyes closed the entire time, which sort of defeats the point, but what are you gonna do? I guess heights aren't entirely her thing.

We went to check out the little gliders after that, which was cool too. Almost time for dinner, I think someone said the restaurant is in a tree which hardly makes sense, I mean, how would that work? Trees don't, like, have thing in them. Well, little animals, I guess. Maybe it's more like a tree theme? I guess I'll see.

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