Personal Correspondence: Incoming 30.7.112

TO: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Yaski Taruma; Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri; Korama 3-10 Ishukone Corporation Factory
AT: 11:32 29.7.112

Mr Night,

Progress continues. Official preparation has begun. Evidence is being complied, with certain organizations acting on our behalf to assist authorities and keep the activities suitably modest.

On the subject of evidence: A third party contractor has passed on a request for certain information (see attached) to assist their research. Anything that you might be able to share would be of assistance. The contractor in question is a known quantity, and the firm vouches for them. The scope of the information would be tailored to satisfy their specific requirements before being passed on. Should you be in any way dissatisfied, the firm would of course assume responsibility for rectifying the situation.

I will notify you personally of any further developments.

Yaski Taruma
Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri

(See Attachment?)

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