Journal 1/31/13

Charlie's partner, Eli, really isn't wild about podders in general, and I don't think she much likes Cia specifically either. Given what must be in Cia's file, I guess I can see how she wouldn't be endorsing the idea entirely enthusiastically.

Maybe some of it's frustration with the job. I guess they've got some poor bastard who was beaten to death by a mob because of a rumor he was somehow involved with the Sanshas. The invasions have everyone on edge.

Cami and Cia even had a fight about it, apparently. The invasions, I mean. I talked to Cami, and tried to explain that trying to be positive when you're worried isn't the same as lying. I think she understood, though with Camille the lesson she takes away is often not the one you were trying to teach.

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