Journal 2/3/13b

Cia wanted to have the twins in Debreth. When she went into labor early, in Gulfonodi, apparently she was about ready to fly herself if she had to.

Silver got the Feather prepped in about record time, though, so that wasn't necessary. 22 jumps, but we made it in time.

We came clear across the cluster, and they tried to stop us when we got to the door of the birthing centre at Fortune on the Waters. One of them says, This is a place for children of the River. Like Cia's kids aren't.

Then when we got inside, thank the ancestors for Mathilde. None of the attendants would help us, but she knew what to do. We got Cia into the pool ourselves, me and Mathilde and Charlie and Dr Nabbobeh. Camille even helped, bringing things when we needed them.

It took hours. Jan was hard enough, but Madlen, poor little Madlen was the wrong way 'round. She was so long in coming out that even though they're twins, they'll have different birthdays. Dr. Nabbobeh did a hell of a job, since he had to do a lot of the job underwater.

They're so small, my niece and nephew. They made it, though. All three of them made it.

Jan and Madi. They're so beautiful. Perfect and tiny.

I'm an aunt. I never thought I would say that. I'm an aunt!

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