Journal 12/17/13


I don't know why people want to be lawyers.

I was on calls a good portion of my day - a portion that could have been usefully spent yelling at the commander of the fighter squad for that rather spirits-damned creative practical joke they played on drone maintenance - a portion that would have been useful, or at least satisfying, talking to lawyers.

Silver wants things prepared for Dr Toin's presentation, so step one is making sure they don't scoop her up at the shuttle port and bundle her off to the padded room. Which means our representatives int he state - usually as much good as a very, very expensive set of matching, Hikati-suit-wearing paperweights need to do their job for once. I always worry I'm signing over perpetual rights to everything I own or something when I'm talking to those weasels, though.

Still, Silver seems to think something terrible will happen if all doesn't go well (perhaps Nolikka threatened to hold his hand?) so I suppose it must be done.

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