Personal Correspondence: Incoming 1.8.112

TO: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Yaski Taruma; Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri; Korama 3-10 Ishukone Corporation Factory
AT: 09:12 1.8.112

Mr Night,

It has come to our attention that an unidentified party is investigating Commander Invelen's past activities and former associates. While we are still working to gather information, it would seem likely that the unidentified party is working on behalf of one or more of the subjects of our own inquiries. We are working to limit the Commander's exposure on this end, of course. Their investigations may extend beyond the scope of what we are able to contain, however. In particular with any current activities, and any incidents outside the borders of the State, our effectiveness will be limited.

While we are confident that the Commander has nothing to hide, and has done nothing that would compromise the integrity of the case, you will find a attached a list of recommended specialist 'information management' firms.

Yaski Taruma
Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri

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