Personal Correspondence: Incoming 31.8.112

TO: Silver Night, Utopian Ideal
FROM: Yaski Taruma; Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri; Korama 3-10 Ishukone Corporation Factory
AT: 09:14 31.8.112

Mr Night,

We have sufficient evidence and support in the proper places to move forward.

As we move to official action on the part of the Corporation, there are concerns that by the time of any proceedings, the principal personnel involved may no longer be available. Unavoidably and involuntarily unavailable.

This sort of complaint actually being brought, with sufficient evidence that it can't be dismissed out of hand would likely trigger such unavailability.

That means that the window for other parties to take direct, alternate action may be closing.

We await your final authorization to proceed.

Yaski Taruma
Taruma, Okio, and Vataseri

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