Journal 10/16/12

Cia and Camille's birthday party was today. Quite a few podders showed up, from inside and outside Re-Aw. Apparently there was some tension, since Esna is in the Mary Militia now, but I didn't see what happened. I can see how it'd be awkward, I guess.

Speaking of awkward.

Charlie showed up, just as Camille yelled something about Cia sexing a policeman and getting pregnant.

So, that's how he found out.

Cami ran into the house, and CJ went in after her, so I stayed to help Cia with, well, whatever. Cami came back out a bit later and apologized. Whatever CJ said to her must have done the trick.

Anyway, Charlie is going to be here a bit longer, so I'm sure and Cia will work on working things out. Even if he found out in a less than ideal way, the point is that he knows now.

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