Ferault & Dulain Booksellers - Recent Order (23.9.12)

The following is confirmation of your order as of 23.9.12.
  • Primagravida, Gestation, and Parturition - Dr. Tominen, et al.; Zainou-Wiyrkomi College of Medicine Press
  • If She's Happy, Why Won't She Stop crying?: A Guide to Your Partner's Pregnancy - Dr. Jani Aylls
  • Best Baby Products, YC 112 - Luminaire Consumer Council Report
  • Baby's First Year - Aunas Silera and Dr. Uphan Eadirjun
  • Dr. Alken's Infant Care - Dr. Alken and Ikurdur Larmante
  • Causes and Management of Hyperemesis in the Human Gravida Female: A Dissertation - Saut Amlane
  • From Rivalry to Rapport: How to Help Your Older Child Adjust to a New Sibling - Peciete Natone
  • Sibling Relationships: A Longitudinal Study of Psychological and Emotional Outcomes in Mulitparity Households, YC 62 - 94, Caille by Professor Gaulierre, Dr Shinnoen, et al.
As always, Ferault & Dulain appreciates your business, Mr. Night.

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