Journal 12/15/12c

I went to check on Cia's clone, and see the babies. They have a monitor set up, and you can actually see them. They're far enough along that they look like babies now, more than weird fish or something. The medical people say they're doing well.

The Dr. Nabbobeh says that they can hear, now - they react to sound. I stayed and talked to them for a little while, and I think they could hear me. At least, I think they could tell someone was talking.

He - the doctor - seems to be taking good care of all three of them. This clone had some scratches too, but he assured me it was in good health. He wanted to know about how Cia is doing. I told him what I knew, and assured him that I would get him on the permitted list, like Hiri.

I'm sure Jude's people are very good, but I will certainly feel more comfortable when she is back in the hands of her own staff.

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