Journal 12/8/12

I went and saw Hiri. We talked about things. Family, now that she knows about Silver. How it was before, and how it was after we found each-other again. Jan, and Cia, and Cami.

We talked about Cia's problem. Someone's going to watch Cia, make sure she doesn't get into trouble sleep-walking. And I'm going to hang around more. Hiri said it will help, me being around.

I read the story Hiri had Cia write, about what's happened. Hiri says Cia takes responsibility, because it would mean she had some control. Like it was for me, and what happened to my platoon when I was captured.

She thinks we should talk about what happened in the tunnels, too. Me and Cia, with her there. To help Cia start getting a handle on it. I mean, Cia saved me. The whole thing was Jorion's fault, For being a crazy asshole.

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