Journal 11/19/12

Met with Cia's new CMO, Dr Nabobeh. Seems better than the last guy, at least. Very enthusiastic. Gets a bit carried away with the 'that's interesting' side of it, maybe. He says Cia's doing well. Healthy, her and the babies.

Apparently there might be a little issue with him and Hiri. Noone's fault, really, but as he put it, he's not the first Ni-Kunni doctor that Hiri might have run into. Hopefully it won't be a problem, because I think it's pretty important that they are able to work well together. I needed to have a talk with Hiri soon anyway, so I'll bring it up.

After that, back to my stack of employee evaluations. Joy to the fucking ancestors. Why can't I just get shot at for a living instead?

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