Journal 11/6/12

I got a chance to talk to Cami more. I still don't think she's, you know, thrilled about things. Course, neither am I, with how reckless she was. She's trying to buy her way out - A ship for Silver and a land car for me. Or maybe it's her way of saying sorry. I declined. Silver accepted the ship - a Fleet Stabber. Accepted it, but he's still going to make sure she meets his standards again before he'll teach her in the sim again.

I tried to explain, about being angry and upset because we were scared - all of us. I think she got it. Kind of.

She brought up that we do dangerous things, sometimes. Fuck my ancestors, she's right that I haven't exactly been model, for not doing some stupid, dangerous shit.

She really does seem to be trying hard, with the corporation and everything.

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