Journal 11/12/12b

Lorrine Roth was - I'm not sure.

I was expecting her to be unpleasant, and she was. In a very fake-happy-hostess way.

I think the whole thing with her - with Lorraine, I mean - is worse than I'd thought. Cia was nearly catatonic, afterward, just being around her. Like when she has trouble, when she remembers the things that happened, kind of.

Charlie didn't seem to notice, or understand. Some kind of cop he is.

There was something about Lorraine that creeped me out, too. Something about her just seemed off, to me. Beyond the whole false over-enthusiasm, or the badly hidden digs at Cia about stupid shit like her weight.

How insistent she was about getting Cia alone, maybe. Maybe I'm just imagining things. I mean, it might be because this is the woman who married Jorion Roth and didn't seem to care what he was. I don't know. Just... something. Something wrong, hidden in there. Or maybe she's just an unpleasant woman who treats my sister poorly. I think I might increase the detail that keeps an eye on her, in any case.

At least the visit is behind us, and hopefully neither I nor Cia will need to deal with her again any time soon.

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