Employee Records: Sarakai Voutelen (Deceased)

Note 3/24/12: Col Voutelen was KIA, aboard the Megathron-class Battleship Utopian Spring during action at a hostile structure 3/10/12, in Half. Due to the location, no remains could be recovered. No beneficiaries were listed for her benefits.

Name: Voutelen, Sarakai
Rank: Colonel
Position: Commander, Security, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Command, Office located in compartment number 2554D
EID: OSF573862
DOB: 9.21.58
Corporation of Birth: Ishukone
Place of Birth: Illsuen, South Navata, Tsuguwa III
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caldari (Deteis)(Standard, middle stage planetary colony, second generation)
Age: 52
Height: 153cm
Mass: 45.5kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Bloodtype: A+
Augmentations: Metabolic enhancements(minor), neural rewiring, muscular enhancements(minor), Optical Implant.
  • 75: Daras III - Ishukone Watch Station - Basic Training (Completed)
  • 77: Saranen 5-16 - Ishukone Watch Station - Special Operations and Tactics Course (Completed)
  • 81: Korama III - Ishukone Watch Station - OCS (Graduated)
  • 3 tours, Gallente Border Zone(75,81,86)
  • 76: Positive review following action against a covert Sansha's Nation base
  • 78: Commendation following operations against Guristas assets, including infiltration
  • 80: Recommended for officer training.
  • 81: Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 82: Commendation for bravery during a successful operation against a 'rogue' Gallente military presence
  • 85: Positive review following successful operations against ground and space assets of the Angel Cartel
  • 86-88: Promotion to Captain. Successful operations against Serpentis ground assets in the border zone. Injured in an assault on a Serpentis processing plant
  • 88-92: Assigned to the station security section, Ishukone Factory, Inghenges 5-13
  • 93 - 98: Promotion to Major. Executive officer, Anti-crime task force, based out of Ishukone factory, Hakonen 7-7. Successful operations against Guristas, Seprentis, and Angel assets
  • 99-102: Promotion to Lt Col. Garrison commander, Eranakko II Ishukone colony
  • 102: Official Reprimand following the inquiry regarding events surrounding separatist attacks, Eranakko II colony
  • 102: Recruited by the Guristas Organization
  • 106: Hired by Captain Silver Night
Additional Notes:
Col. Voutelen was recommended by XO Invelen upon the XO's own hiring. Excellent performance at all reviews. Col. Voutelen has made it to the finals in the yearly markmanship competitions the last 4 years running, though she has never won.

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