Journal 3/6/12

Went to this EM get-together at the 'Gate. That pilot who shot that guard, BT, was there too. There was some kind of drama, but the auto-turrets didn't come out.

I'm trying to socialize with these Re-Aw people, like I should. Seems like there is a lot of complicated history though. I'll have to try and pick it up as I go.

Was good to catch up a little with CJ, Ulf and Gottii, though. Ruby showed up, too. Haven't seen her in ages.

I told Cia about Etay, about maybe talking with him.

Hopefully she can just tell him she doesn't remember shit. Best way to go, if you have to talk to the cops. I told her, cops are tricky. Hopefully she believes me, and she'll just tell him the minimum so he can go back where he came from.

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