Journal 3/8/12

So, the whole thing with Etay nearly went real, real bad. He talked to Cia, and that wasn't great. She told the truth, after he started in about that woman who died. Spirits, it isn't like Cia didn't make sure her kid'll be taken care of. Etay is a little inflexible. All truth and justice.

Anyway, after that he tried to convince her to turn herself in, of all things. It being Cia, I think she might have been half convinced too. Bullshit, since she just did what she should have. Sometimes there's collateral damage, but you live with it.

Well, she could have told me, too, but that's beside the point. I don't know that any team of mine could have done things more neatly than she did on her own.

Anyway, managed to get that over with, and then on his way out, he tries to arrest Sarakai. What're the chances? Probably my fault, I must have mentioned her name to him, and maybe he just has a really good memory. Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Murder. Anyway, she wasn't about to go with him, and he had pretty limited leverage, so he agreed to release her to my custody until the trial. I gave him the rimpon I promised him - hell, that kind of commitment to the job deserves something - and he went on his way.

So Sara will probably be spending the foreseeable future aboard the Ideal. Don't need her getting into it with cops or bounty hunters from the Fed. With the political situation and all, she'd probably be the catch of some district prosecutor's career, just now.

Really I probably did Etay a favor. I'd hate to see the kind of prison gang Sara could put together.

It wasn't fun explaining to Cia the kind of things Sara did, before I met her. I think she understands, though. Maybe too well. I probably shouldn't have compared Sara to podders. I didn't mean Cia, and I said that, but I think maybe it brought things back.

Still, things seemed ok during dinner. I'm sure it'll all work out.

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