Journal 12/12/11

Silver and I went to Cia's celebration - she's been up here a year, now. Hardly seems like just a year. It was a good year, though, I think.

It was quite a production, and as usual Cia's table didn't disappoint. There were a number of other people from the alliance there, too. Kj, Ken, CJ, Ulf, and Treyvn - that sort of strange fella from the Dry Day party.

Even Sara made it for a bit.

We had a sort of tomato dish, and then the duck, and dessert was chocolate mousse. It was all delicious!

Cia didn't eat enough, but she never does.

Talked to Ken - he wants to do the operation soon.

It was good - I think EM is good; Re-Aw is good. I think they might know something about what a corporation is supposed to be.

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