Journal 12/05/11

Went to the Rifter Hangar for the alliance thing. Cia was there and Ulf, CJ and Efrim, and Mata via holopresence. A number of other pilots too. Sarakai showed up, with a message.

Nari needs a geneticist. Most of the people we've got are normal medical staff or NHB folks - not much call for geneticists. Up till now though, they've managed, but trying to come up with a cure - a permanent cure - for Cia, they need a geneticist.

Best one in the region's a man named Tarak Agiani. He won't talk to us though. Won't talk to Nari. Only does academic work.

We don't have the time to cater to Agiani's quirks.

I had a talk with CJ while we were there - at the bar. She's going to help.

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