Journal 12/21/11

Saw Cia at the Bazaar. She was wearing gloves, looked thin. Something wrong with the transplant. I'm having Nari go take a look at her. At least CJ came through with that geneticist - Tarak Agiani - convinced him to come work with us. He has taken a little persuading, but I'm sure that between him and Nari's team, they'll come up with something soon. There isn't any other choice.

At least Cia seems to finally be getting a bit of a fighting spirit. Not about herself, exactly, but she lost a ship. Lost crew - Mitch, his clone didn't work or something, ancestors shelter him. It'll be rough on Nerila, if she ever turns up, though depending on how Cia does, that might be the least of Nerila's problems. Anyway, Cia is seeing how it feels to be able to do something, to take the fight to the enemy after they take something from you. It's a little strange, Cia enjoying combat, but it's a start. Just so she doesn't overdo it. It's easy to get addicted to something like that - to get drunk with it and stupid, or to start to need it.

But, I mean, it's Cia. I'm sure she'll be fine.

We talked about gardening a bit too. I've got a plant I can't identify, which I bought from a booth at the Bazaar I can no longer find. It's a succulent, and not from Pator or Rens, or any other Minmatar system that I've checked. I was thinking about it though, and I realized maybe it was from one of the Ammatar worlds. So I'm investigating that now. I'm worried if I can't figure it out, I won't know if it has any special nutrient or climate requirements. Everything else in the garden seems to be doing wonderfully.

I talked to Hiri too. She's been having problems, with that ex of hers Jemadar Abrastin. I convinced her to let me give her a hand, she doesn't need to be distracted from her job when Cia might need her - and bullshit lawsuits down on the planet by the shithead don't help with that. I told her we would convince him to move away and take up mining on an asteroid or something. I guess people believe what they want to believe. Spirits know, I do sometimes.

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