Journal 12/31/11

Finally finished with the yearly review of the flight crews. With around thirty fighters on two different ships now, it's a bit more of a challenge than it was in the past, but overall things seem to be in good shape.

Sarakai resolved the Jemadar situation successfully. I'll have to let Hiri know, look up where we 'moved him' to and all that.

I went to dinner at Cia's, which Cami made under Cia's supervision. Veggies and lamb chops, which were delicious, and cake for desert. I went and offered to have Cia and Cami over for my cooking sometime, once everything's worked out. I hope Cia realizes that I'm not much of a cook - though I'm sure she'll be very polite about it.

Cia's not in a great place, right now. Things aren't going the way they should. I'm going to go lean on that doctor,Tarak Agiani, make sure he understands that it isn't just Cia's life that's depending on his work. I'm sure he would rather still be able to worry about his ethics, once this is all done.

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