Employee Records: Dorne Tragenne

Name: Tragenne, Dorne
Rank: Major
Position: CO, Fighter Wing, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Hangar, Office located in compartment number 3495H
EID: OFS738430
DOB: 4.12.71
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: Orvolle, FAB Office Station
Citizenship: Federation (revoked), Syndicate
Age: 40
Height: 168cm
Mass: 75kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Bloodtype: O-
Augmentations: -
  • 89: Federal Navy Academy, Alparena
  • 92: Federal Piloting School, Adacyne
  • 94: Lieutenant, Pilot, Firlbog class fighters, Syndicate border command.
  • 100: MIA, patrol,Vey?
  • 101: Pilot, Cargo, Vallarne and Sons Importers, based: Y-W6GF Intaki Syndicate Bureau Station.
  • 105: Owner, Tregenne Hauling and Inventory Management
  • 110: Hired, Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:
Performance satisfactory. Further investigation of employment history recommended.

Recommendation not in line with current priorities - AI.

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