Journal 6/10/11

Well, we are about ready to roll up this Rask thing. After turning Dr Rolasque, we used him as a way in, along with Rask's greed. We had the Doctor introduce Rask to 'Dante Trenes,' supposedly a freelance smuggler with connections in Phoenix - the Serps that is. Rask is mostly a local, service industry type. Protection, gambling, that sort of thing. She would, apparently, dearly love to break into imports. Specifically: weapons, narcotics, and boosters. Dante appears to be the answer to her wishes. In fact, 'Dante Trenes' is Dorne Tragenne, the Major in charge of the Ideal's fighter wing. Of course, he isn't a trained spook, but he volunteered, and in light of his... particular skillset and experience Sarakai and I felt he would be right for the job.

So, we make him a background, and send him in. No problem. He chats up Rask, closes a deal for guns and crash right off. Now, this is where we were a bit clever:

First deals like this are also tests. Rask ran background checks and all on 'Trenes' of course, but that just gets him in the door. When a contact actually delivers product it goes a hell of a way further to building trust. So, we arranged the shipment, delivered, and Tragenne was in.

Just about the first thing Rask (or Ollada as Maj. Tragenne was calling her at this point) did was take some of the guns and unpowered armor we sold her and use them to take out one of her rivals. Poor bastard hardly saw it coming. We gave her and her people high quality merchandise.

Apparently in the celebrations afterward, Maj. Tragenne took his assignment to get close to Rask very seriously indeed, which had Sarakai and I busting up, because Rask is a big gal. Not fat, but heavily built and tall, and Tragenne is shorter than I am. Sarakai tells me that some of the flight deck crew were already caught trying to sneak a full grown cow aboard, to leave in his quarters when he comes back. Spirits know how they even found out about the specifics of the operation.

In any case we're very well positioned. Just a little longer, we should have all the intel we need. We'll roll everything up and find out what the hell Rask was doing messing with my people. Our counter-intel operation is ticking along pretty well too.

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