Journal 6/1/11

Been a hell of a couple weeks. Afraid this is going to take more than one sit-down to set out. First off I've been out of touch with 'podder circles' most of this time, which has honestly been a relief. Not that I didn't miss my evenings in the Gate, talking to some of them, particularly Cia (who know what she's gotten up to since I haven't been keeping an eye on her), Hitome, Morwen, and oddly enough Math'ra (go figure). It's just where there are podders, there always seems to be all kinds of dramatic, upside-down, fucked up shit going on. If I ever decide sleeping with a podder is a good idea, I hope someone shoots me.

Still, to each their own, and it isn't any of my business. Maybe the problem is with me having trouble adjusting - I'm not enough of an infomorph, or posthuman, or whatever the current popular word is. Regardless, it was good to have a break - though considering what all went on with me while I was being a normal human again, I feel a little bit of a hypocrite complaining about other people having excessive dramatics. Lemme see where I left off last time, there is a lot to get through.

I think the last news of our little internal security problem was a couple weeks ago when we had planted a couple people to keep an eye on our Dr Rolasque. Well, things have progressed quite a bit further, since then.

Aboard the Ideal we have made a number of discoveries. We figured out which technician sold us out. We also - after something like 2 months of analysis - have made progress on the Ishugur Incident. What was left of his skull apparently had microscopic marks congruent with, wait for it: The insertion of a Transcrannial Microcontroller. So, our working theory is that he was implanted by the same people that got to our crewmen, then sent back to the ship. We think there was a malfunction - or maybe someone fucked up when the programmed him. So, he just keeps stealing food, over and over. Meanwhile our turncoat technician has to scramble to cover for Ishugurs ludicrous activities lest we catch Ishugur and unravel the whole thing.

None of this, unfortunately, tells us what Ishugur was supposed to be doing if his chip had worked correctly. All the things that could tell us, like Ishugur's brain and the chip itself, are in the bellies of fedos which are now infesting some blooder station in Delve. Further interrogation of our technician - one Thirshu Gazal - will turn up more information, I hope. We can't do anything permanent, because we are hoping to use him against his former employers. He has already provided a little useful information, and Lt. Aurilen is still working on him.

In wonderful news, we have managed to turn Dr Rolasque. It was actually relatively easy, his gambling problem was the obvious way in. The dealer we slipped into the casino let slip that if the doctor required, he might be able to loan him a little money. After that, he was ours. It is pretty apparent that is how his current bosses got their talons in, and they are a jealous bunch. Particularly because we made sure and gave him the impression we were a rival criminal group, so if he did let slip anything to his employers, they would know he had taken money from the 'other side' already - making them just as likely to slit his throat as pat him on the back.

He has told us some valuable things as well. He works for a local Angel boss, by the name of Ollada Rask. She operates mostly in Ennur, and vies for control (with varying degrees of intensity and violence) with a number of other Angels as well as miscellaneous other criminals. So far as our friend the doctor knows, Ollada is the one behind the entire operation against us. Nice to get a face on the enemy, I'll see if I have a surveillance photo somewhere around for my next entry. Anyway, information in hand, we started planning out next move.

First thing I did was move Sarakai off the Ideal in case we were under surveillance. She got to leave the ship in a crate, since it is probably known she is head of security. The rest of the team we plan on using filtered out with crew going on leave, and they have all moved over to the 8-6 station where this has all been going on. All this was about a week and a half ago. More next time.

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