Journal 6/15/11

After extensive questioning, Rask apparently knows virtually nothing about whoever contracted her to put TCMCs in my crew. Everything was set up through blind corporations - now dissolved of course - and even the chips were sent ready to be implanted. So, after all this, we run into a spirits-damned blank wall. I was about ready to tear Rask in half when she couldn't get us anything, but I discussed it with Sarakai and we decided to use her instead. Even if she can't give us anything on our mystery shithead, she can at least serve as a line into the local criminal community. Things like that can be handy I guess, but I'm still sitting here grinding my teeth little. At least Tragenne had a good time, and he is slightly insufferable still about the whole thing.

After the limbo that the investigation into the attack on Cia and Camille at their apartment fell into, I'm wondering if we are doig this thing wrong somehow?

Still we will keep people trying to track down who was behind these corporations, just like we still have people checking into anything unusual about the locations recovered from the computer core that was our last clue after the attack. Maybe something will break eventually. In one or both of the cases.

In other exciting news, the Festival of the Waters is coming up in Debreth in just a couple of weeks. It'll be nice to head down there again, it is a lovely town. I'm not sure what all the excitement is about more water in the river - I thought that is what rivers were for? - but a party is a party.

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