Journal 6/12/11

A while back some of the software agents started raising alerts about someone searching for information about me. More intently than usual. We backtracked the queries to a certain FIO branch office. There are, I hope, not that many FIO agents with an interest in me. So, we put some very discreet - mostly signals - surveillance on the situation, and low and behold, up pops Jorion Roth. I had downgraded him to a very low priority. Honestly, I could have lived without ever finding him. I would have been happy, and I think in the end Cia would have been happy. Well, even given that, I couldn't very well ignore it when he hopped into my lap. Particularly when he apparently went beyond innocent curiosity - if he possesses such a thing - and purchased a ticket to Goinard.

Now, Goinard happens to be where I spend a great deal of free time. Verone runs quite a nice bar, and by nice I mean free. So, we set a trap for our intrepid secret agent, in case his interest wasn't in a quiet drink. It wasn't exactly a cake walk, he is a professional. But professionals tend to think the same. There is one best place, on that trip, to make a move. So he was a few steps behind me in the shuttle back to Ennur, hand on his pistol, when everyone else in the flight drew their weapons on him.

Quite aside from the fact that his situation is a hole he dug entirely for himself, I'm backed up. All he would have managed to do was inconvenience me. Particularly because I'm sure that it is hard to convince the cloning techs to carve parts off a perfectly good clone to fit it with prosthetics.

In the end, I inconvenienced him, and hopefully when he receives his own severed head in the mail, it will encourage him to back off, and move on.

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