Journal 9/11/11

Silver's been off doing something with a frigate for a few days - a stealth bomber, I think - so I've had a chance to run a lot of crew exercises in his absence, which is good. Need it with ships scattered half across the Republic these days. Far as I can tell, everyone is about ready for anything.

Got a chance to talk to Cia, at Fit to Fly. I guess she and some other alliance pilots went to The Athena, the podder bar in Gallente space, trying to build bridges and the like. Apparently it didn't quite work out that way, which I'm not real surprised over, once I heard Jonny Damordred - what with him supposedly running for President and his background and all. Cia seemed pretty disappointed.

Asked her about Fortune at Dawn, on Debreth. Why she didn't go in. She said that the, the priests, they said that podders have stepped outside of the 'river', away from fortune, by choosing not to die. I tried to convince her it wasn't so bad, but I don't know how much good it did.

We're born by Fortune's grace, and we, well, we die when the coin falls that way. Except me, and you, and the rest of us, capsuleers.

Sounds to me like the priests, the Parieurs she called them, are just scared of new things.

Helmi Alpassi was there too. She was Jadat's pick to help Cia with close protection, and I'm glad that Cia took his advice. I think she has the knack. Reminds me of myself at that age a bit, too, except she isn't a tubey. Awful young, but then, so is Cia I guess. When you really think about it.

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