Journal 9/26/11

Sara and I got dinner with some corp-mates last night. Cia and Camille were there, which was nice. Quite a bit was new too, like Ulf and Sara making eyes at each other across the table, and Helmi sitting next to Cia keeping an eye out.

Camille has some interests in playing the market it turns out. We all tried to convince Cia it was a good idea to give Cami a little seed money to play around with. I don't think we sold her on it. She might learn some things. I don't really see the harm, it isn't as if she would actually end up stealing a titan or anything.

Though it would be pretty impressive if she did.

I'm really looking forward to Cia's party. I'm going to have to force Sarakai to have a little get-together soonish too, since her birthday just went by. She and Ulf had tea, and I suspect it is a kind of thing with them.

Anyway, it was good to unwind a bit with friends. Not that I've been working that hard. The quiet won't last though, never does.

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