Journal 9/4/11

Cia invited Silver and I down to Debreth again. A welcome break, after all the work on the Awakening Ideal. We told Silver it was to 'see Debreth in the summertime' which was true enough as far as it went. It really is beautiful in summer down there.

The reason Cia and I wanted to get him down there at this specific time was because the officials in the city apparently got a little over-enthusiastic about his performance during the incident and decided to put up a statue of him! His face when he realized why he was a 'guest of honor' at the unveiling ceremony and who exactly the statue under that sheet was, it was just about as good as the time we set him and Ulf up.

We all got to walk around Debreth a bit afterward, it's always strange how much things change on planets, at different times of year. Debreth though, it's just a slightly different kind of pretty each time. In summer it's hot, but everything is green and everyone seems to be outside enjoying the weather. The food was delicious as always, dinner was some kind of little roast animal in a salad, and I helped Camille pick apples for a tart. She's quite a climber.

The day we had to leave, we went to see the statue of Fortune of Dawn church. For a month, during summer, at dawn, the light from the sun hits it, and the statue glows like it's lit from within. There is music too, like flutes playing. I thought it was a hidden speaker at first, but apparently it is done with little holes in the rock, and the air moving when it's heated makes the sound.

Cia didn't come into the church with us, I need to remember to ask her about it.

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