Journal 9/9/11

Ran into Cia and Agnes at the Bazaar again. We got to tell Agnes about the statue of Silver and we started planning a party too, which sounds fun, so that Cia and I will have an opportunity to wear the jewelry that Agnes has made for us. Cia's birthday and Dry Day being right around the same time. Which reminds me, I need to make sure and pick up Sarakai's birthday present.

Agnes has maybe found herself a guy, and it's Fisk! Small cluster, and all that. Said he's the silent type, which is pretty funny. Wish them both the best of luck from it, though I'm not sure Fisk...

Well, I'm not the one going out with him.

Talked about that Narath guy too, the one with the chaplain who's a Blooder. Cia talked to him, and apparently he not only knows, he doesn't care. What the hell is wrong with people? I mean, what the fuck?

I'm sure he'll change his tune when all his crew start disappearing. Course, if I run into her first, we'll just see.

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