Journal 9/27/11

I ran into Cia at Fit to Fly, and good thing too. Silver had mentioned she was talking about feeling tired when they last flew together, and she was getting out of breath just on the treadmill at the gym. I got her to take a break and sit down. Anyway, long story short, she seemed woozy, nearly fainted when she went to get up, so we got her back to her ship and Nerila.

Apparently she was severely anemic. Nerila gave her some blood, so she would feel better, and said she would look for the underlying cause. I need to stop by and see how Cia is doing and find out if Nerila figured it out.

I had a talk with Helmi, she hasn't been close to Cia long enough to realize there was something unusual going on. Maybe if I'd made more time to see how Cia was doing I would have realized something was wrong sooner. I had my people run down what might have caused it and they came up long term exposure to radiation or toxins. I've sent the info to Nerila, but she was already checking into the same stuff. Just further confirmation she knows her shit.

I wish there was something else I could do.

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